My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 125

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟓: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐬 𝐔𝐬 (1)

Alexsia Demitnick.

He was a forty-two-year-old former human resources officer, who was reborn in the colony’s evolution chamber as a Chimeraz, with the memories and appearance of his past life.

With slick black hair slicked back, revealing his forehead, and hazel-colored eyes half-opened as if he was still sleepy. 

He was wearing a black coat that complemented his 188-centimeter height and muscular build. The coat was said to be part of the Chimeraz’s living tissue and assisted his unique abilities.

“So, our comrades are either dead or scattered?”

“They’re split in half. Half are in the human domain, and the other half were here when the enemy’s main gun struck the upper levels of the colony during the last war. . . .”

Currently, Demitnick was in the evolution chamber with Addmoon and Yiel.

“Gnox and Vatory are alive? Where did they go?”

“They’re with Jiannettera in another star system. They were ordered to come up with a countermeasure for the phase-assault.”


“That’s the name of the sequence-21 leader. She’s on good terms with Gnox, so they’ve been discussing nonstop for days.”

“Gnox is good at making anything, but I can’t figure out why Vatory went there.”

“She just tagged along because she had nothing to do.”

“Oh, dear. . . .”

Demitnick sighed deeply and habitually rummaged through the insides of his coat.



“Got a cigarette?”

“That’s the first thing you want to put in your mouth after waking up?”

“It doesn’t matter. What was it, the one that looked like a rattlesnake and sounded like an old lady?”

“Ludwig. He’s the sequence-2 leader. You should remember that.”

“He told me that since I was reborn as a Chimeraz, I don’t need to sleep, eat, or worry about my lifespan. He also said that the memories I have are implants from the humans. . . . Does this mean we were all just puppets?”

At that, Yiel, who had been quietly listening, spoke up.

“We are respected here. We are Chimeraz.”

“Is this really okay? Didn’t you feel even a tinge of rejection?”

Yiel shook her head slightly.

Demitnick then turned his gaze to Addmoon.

“What about you?”

“You know me. You know how I’ve been treated as a mercenary.”

“Because of the implanted memories?”

“The ones who implanted those fake memories are human. Whether it was real or not doesn’t matter.”

“Haaah. . . . .”

Demitnick already looked exhausted with his half-closed eyes. With the sigh, wrinkles appeared on his forehead, making him look like an office worker on the verge of collapse from overwork.

“To think that Asher died at the hands of this race. . . . I can’t seem to accept it.”

“But the other comrades on the human side are probably still alive. The fighting between the Chimeraz and the humans ended a long time ago, so if we try to find them later, we’ll be able to.”

“There will come a day when we can all gather together. Uncle Demitnick.”

“. . . .”

Demitnick glanced at Addmoon and Yiel before patting the back of his neck a couple of times.

“My head’s not working right. What was the new ability I got when I became a Chimeraz?”


“I used to be a bio-weapon developer, and now I’ve become a bio-weapon myself.”

“Yes. Isn’t it wonderful?”


It was a natural thing for Addmoon to say, but it was far from natural for Demitnick.

“Yes, it’s wonderful.”

“Who is?”

“You, Uncle.”

“Wonderful my foot! My body is bacteria and viruses!”

“No! That’s what’s great about it!”

Demitnick kept hitting Addmoon’s back, and Addmoon dodged Demitnick’s attacks.

“What’s so great about it!”

Demitnick chased after Addmoon, trying to hit him again.

“The Parahtoria! I think it’s great that Uncle can create a bio-weapon like the Parahtoria!”

“What’s a Parahtoria, you punk!”

“A symbiotic species. . . !”

“What’s that, you punk!”


Meanwhile, Yiel watched the two fools and quietly smiled to herself.


The ships facing each other resembled the bodies of the Crolr, which walked on all fours.

➖Warrior Dracatarr! We have never given an army of that size to your special forces!

About 150 fleets, the fleet of Monarch Carrd.

And about 110 fleets facing these fleets, the fleet of Dracatarr’s special forces.

After the defeat, the Crolr race, which had been restricted in its conquest activities, had its existing conquest army disbanded and only the main force, the monarch’s fleet, remained in minimal numbers.

Dracatarr’s special forces were also members of the Crolr race and had been under the surveillance of the Ririm and the Aooa.

However, it seemed that Dracatarr had increased his army despite being caught by the Aooa, with the backing of the Hive Alliance.

And of course, the reason why he was able to gather enough forces to face the monarch’s fleet in such a short period of time was because he had the coordinates of the abundant star systems prepared by the Chimeraz.

‘Monarch Carrd does not know what lies ahead of him or behind me.’

Monarch Carrd’s fleet and Dracatarr’s fleet spread out in a wide formation in space.

It was a tense situation. If one side started firing, a fierce civil war would break out due to the Crolr’s unique powerful weapons.

➖I ask you! Do you dare challenge the authority of the Great Monarch Carrd?

The one communicating with Dracatarr was Commander Racliaa.

Commander Racliaa of the conquering army fleet, who had become the commander of the Monarch’s fleet after Commander Clorta died and the conquering army fleet was disbanded after the defeat, was now a warrior of the ruling class.

Dracatarr strongly stated to him, who was of the same warrior class.

➖Commander Racliaa! You are being deceived by the ruling class!

➖If you continue with such insolent remarks! I shall have you and your special forces executed!

➖The current ruling class of Monarch Carrd has been preparing for war without the knowledge of us warriors!

➖Dracatarr! Preparing for war is the foundation of the Crolr!

➖I am saying that the ruling class of Carrd is converting our stars into weapons! If that is completed in the near future, our race will face ruin in the flames of war!

➖Expecting defeat before even fighting is something only the weak would think!

➖Please open your eyes! Such misguided thoughts have brought our race to this state today!

The moment Dracatarr shouted that, Racliaa stopped talking.

➖Today, our appearance! Our methods prove that we are wrong! Warriors!

➖. . .What are you thinking?

➖This is a challenge to the current Monarch Carrd. I will overthrow Carrd and take his place. And our race! We will guide it in the right direction from now on!

➖The driving force behind your challenge. Is it not your ambition or your desire for conquest, but your self-sacrifice for our race?

➖If you understand, step aside! I do not want any more warriors to die unnecessarily! We must drive out Monarch Carrd and the ruling class that follows him, and let our warriors lead the new era!

➖Then prove that you are worthy of it.

Racliaa would not give up the mission he had been entrusted with.

➖If you succeed in defeating the Monarch’s fleet and challenging him, I will gladly serve you then. So claim it and prove it yourself.

➖Racliaa! Our quarrel will cause the warriors to shed blood!

➖Come! Warriors of Dracatarr’s special forces!

The Monarch’s fleet launched a preemptive attack.

High-powered energy streaks across the vast space, drawing lines of light. At the same time, the ships in the front lines accelerated and released numerous space bombers.

And the last communication was the different wills of the current Crolr race, conveyed from warrior to warrior.

➖Carrdrarrk Crola!

“Dracatarrk Crola!”

The fleets trying to head towards the capital structure clashed fiercely with the fleets trying to stop them.


“Grrr. . . !”

The Monarch Carrd in the headquarters of the capital structure was seething with anger.

【To challenge me at such a vulnerable time! How could this be possible! Damn special forces! They should be obediently defending their territories in the countryside!】

The ruling class gathered in front of the Monarch Carrd, each glancing at each other.

【Who appointed the commander of Dracatarr! Come forward at once!】

At that, one of the Crolr among the ruling class slowly stepped forward in front of Carrd.

【Is it you?!】

【I-I did appoint him, but at that time, Dracatarr had pledged his allegiance to Monarch Carrd. . .】


Carrd shot the Crolr in the head.

The fallen giant spilled a large amount of flesh and blood.

【Our race’s army is under the watch of those moronic whales and primitive plants! How could the commander of a mere special forces unit prepare an army necessary for a challenge in this situation!】

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He fired three more shots at the fallen giant.

【Damn it! I gathered you all here so you could come up with a conclusion! You incompetent fools!】

At that, the ruling class began to exchange words while trembling at Carrd’s roar.

Originally, the ruling class had gathered for this purpose.

【Dracatarr bribed the Aooa and the Ririm. That’s why they turned a blind eye even though Dracatarr was increasing his army.】

【I don’t think that’s right. Bribes don’t work on races that have chosen transcendence. I think it was the Aooa, not Dracatarr, who made the first offer.】

【I think so too. Those whales hold a deep grudge against the Crolr. They intend to use Dracatarr to overthrow the Crolr ruling class that has been tormenting them.】

【The Aooa doesn’t have the ability to do that.】

【If not them, then the Ririm.】

【No. It’s the Chimeraz. The dominant race of the Large Magellanic Cloud is the Chimeraz. And the Ririm are in the Hive Alliance and allies of the Chimeraz. Therefore, the most likely force that planned and carried out all this is the Chimeraz.】

【But why would those monsters do such a thing? Our race is no longer a threat to them.】

【That’s right. And the Chimeraz wouldn’t feel vengeful towards the Monarch Carrd like the Aooa. Rather, they can grow as much as they want without doing such unstable things.】

【It’s something the Chimeraz could do, but there’s no reason for them to do it.】

【Great Monarch. We have a few speculations, but we can’t seem to. . .】

【Get out! I said get out!】

Thump, thump, thump!

As if they had been waiting for that order, the giants rushed out.

Now alone, Carrd watched the hologram showing the current state of the fleet battle.

‘Dracatarr. . . . I know that someone from the Hive Alliance is behind you. . . .’

150 fleets versus 110 fleets would be about the right number.

And if he had managed to gather that number of troops without the Monarch knowing, Dracatarr’s challenge would be more than 70% successful.

The purpose of the fleet battle was not to win and attack or neutralize the target celestial body, but to carry out a coup d’état to drive out the ruling class.

If the purpose is a coup d’état, there is no need to win the fleet battle or to suppress all the troops in the capital. All they have to do is kill the Monarch and make the ruling class below him surrender. That is the challenge of the Crolr.

‘I guess he thought he could do it. It seems that he would be able to do it if he had prepared that much of an army, even from my perspective.’

‘But, Dracatarr. You’re not the only one with backers.’

Carrd removed the hologram showing the fleet battle and displayed another hologram.

It was a picture of the Crolr’s straightforward script and a fierce one-eyed figure.

Carrd spoke to the hologram.

【One of the warriors is trying to rebel against me.】

The voice that Monarch Carrd uttered was converted into data and transmitted far into space.

【If it was an ordinary level of rebellion, we would be able to handle it ourselves, but it seems that he has the power of the ‘Hive Alliance’ behind him.】

That’s why it’s called a rebellion, not a challenge.

【It is disgraceful to ask for help when the star renovation you ordered has not even been completed. However, at this rate, I think I will die and the current ruling class of the Crolr will be replaced.】

【If you save me, I will swear my continued loyalty and lead the way to a new era of glorious war.】

The message was transmitted beyond the Large Magellanic Cloud through the gravitational field distorted by several Crolr ships.

And it reached a giant mushroom-shaped ship waiting in the void outside the galaxy.

【Help our race, who will be in awe of you. Lomro-or.】

Those who received the message were a race belonging to the frontrunners who had achieved mechanical transcendence, biological transcendence, and physical transcendence, hiding their true colors until now.

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