My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 127

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟕: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐬 𝐔𝐬 (3)

In the Local Group of Galaxies, the third largest galaxy after the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way is the ‘Triangulum Galaxy’.

It is the third heaviest and largest galaxy among the galaxies belonging to the Local Group.

The Lomro-or species, who were born and evolved there, have shown a different character from humans, where civilization is not biased toward one side. They have advanced various fields of science and maintained a social system that is very similar to democracy and capitalism.

However, if there is a difference between the Lomro-or and humans, it is that while the Milky Way has no species to compete with humans, there were many species in the Triangulum Galaxy that competed with the Lomro-or.

Therefore, the Triangulum Galaxy has been embroiled in the primitive strife of space civilizations for the past several centuries, and the Lomro-or were the ones who emerged as the ruling species during that process.

The Lomro-or, who became the ruling species, actively appeased the defeated species and accepted them as members of their own species, saying that they should forget the past.

Thus, the ‘Le-orantarum Federation’ was established with the Lomro-or species as its main axis.

After hearing the news of the establishment of the Hive Alliance, they left the Triangulum Galaxy and approached numerous species in the vast Andromeda Galaxy. And they went around the Andromeda Galaxy inviting them to join their federation.

The Andromeda Galaxy was the largest galaxy in the Local Group, and like the Triangulum Galaxy in the past, it was a galaxy where primitive strife was frequent.

For the primitive species living in such a huge galaxy, the introduction of a new power called the Le-orantarum Federation was something that was good to idolize. Thanks to this, the strife over control of the Andromeda Galaxy subsided, and the Le-orantarum Federation was able to expand its power even further.

The Le-orantarum Federation basically had a radical function that recognized all species belonging to the federation as ‘members of the Lomro-or species’. Of course, once they join the federation, the political organization of that species becomes subordinate to the Lomro-or.

Still, from the standpoint of weak species vulnerable to war, the invitation of the Lomro-or, who had shown a very rational appearance, standing shoulder to shoulder with humans, must have been very welcome.

However, all the appearances that the Lomro-or had shown until now were all plays to open a new era.

【Thank you again. Liorums Federation Diplomat.】

The Crolr’s Carrd Monarch is sitting with the Lomro-or species’ Federation Diplomat.

The political organization of the Lomro-or species is the ‘Supreme Council’.

And the organization that has the ultimate decision-making power of the Le-orantarum Federation is the Supreme Council of the Lomro-or species. The Supreme Council is an integrated political organization that simultaneously carries out internal affairs and federal affairs as one organization.

Therefore, there is a ‘Federation Chief Justice’ who is the leader of the Lomro-or species and the supreme decision-maker of the Supreme Council, and the ambassador who assists the Federal Chief Justice with federal affairs is this ‘Federation Diplomat’.

【You kept your promise to extract a pretext. Monarch Carrd.】

When speaking of the Monarch of the Crolr, it is called ‘Grand Monarch’. The fact that the Liorums Federation Diplomat called Carrd ‘Monarch’ instead of Grand Monarch seemed to indicate an undeniable superior-subordinate relationship.

【We all have the spirit of a warrior. We always want to keep our word. As we have been emphasizing all along, we will end the weaponization of stars before it starts in earnest.】

【Okay. Our Federation Chief Justice also highly appreciates the Monarch’s sincere attitude and has decided to be lenient with this mistake.】

【Thank you.】

【So please delay Dracatarr’s execution for a while. It may be needed as additional evidence for the pretext.】

The Liorums Federation Diplomat was able to express gestures like a human with three very long fingers.

【If you cooperate with our intentions until the end, we will recognize the Crolr as a species that has played an active role in glorious wars in the future, and allow them to enter the Le-orantarum Federation as an executive species.】

【What is an executive species?】

【The commander-in-chief who commands all the military forces of our species and the federation is the Federation Executive. Under the Federation Executive, there are armies with various roles and races, and the commanders who command each army are called Executives.】

Only the titles of the commander-in-chief and the commander have changed, but the military system was an ordinary one composed of multiple races.

【If the Crolr becomes an executive species, you can have executives from the Crolr in the federation. Then, you will be able to carry out war activities under our federation. As an executive species called the Crolr, backed by the Le-orantarum Federation.】

【Then is there an existing executive species?】

【No. The executive species is a position devised to realize the federation’s Local Group rule. That’s why we were looking for a species that excels in war activities in Gorgo, and this time we chose the Crolr as the strong candidate.】

【It is an honor for our species to be chosen. When it comes to war, we are confident. We will definitely become the executive species of the federation.】

Carrd decided to bet his species’ future on this.

‘We, the Crolr, will rise again. We will succeed in revenge and regain our past glory. And in the distant future, we will swallow even the Lomro-or and put the Local Group in our hands.’

Carrd dreamed of his ambition inside. Meanwhile, the Liorums Federation Diplomat begins to talk about the detailed plan.

【So, Monarch. The Chimeraz of the Hive Alliance has been identified as the mastermind behind this coup.】


【The Monarch should inform the Local Group of this fact and emphasize the ugly back of the Chimeraz. You must create as much fear and aversion to the Hive Alliance as possible.】

【Is the position of Lomro-or okay?】

【What position are you talking about?】

【We prevented the Chimeraz’s atrocities thanks to Lomro-or, but isn’t it true that Lomro-or fought unauthorized battles in the Chimeraz’s territory, the Large Magellanic Cloud?】

【That’s what you said.】

【On the contrary, the Chimeraz may be able to pursue Lomro-or.】

【The Federation will take care of that part. When you receive our instructions, you just need to execute a surprise attack on the Hive Alliance without a declaration of war. That’s why we provided you with the blueprint for weaponizing the star.】

【But the Hive Alliance is strong.】

【Then the Federation will fight together. Don’t be afraid.】

Then Carrd opened his eyes wide and said.

【I’m not afraid at all. We are a species that knows no fear.】

【Weren’t you afraid when Gorgo’s Star approached the capital structure?】

【. . .?】

【Have some proper fear. If you want to become the executive species of the Le-orantarum Federation and raise the Crolr again.】

At that time, Carrd had no choice but to affirm with silence.


Creating a good public opinion was very difficult, but changing public opinion to bad was just a moment.

May 2, 2621.

The news spread that the Chimeraz had led a coup within the Crolr. It was said that about 80,000 innocent Crolr were sacrificed due to the coup, and that the Carrd Monarch, who had been quietly staying after the defeat, was attacked in a manner close to retaliation.

It was enough to interpret that the Chimeraz pushed the Crolr, who had already been defeated once by the Chimeraz and driven to the corner of the Large Magellanic Cloud, again.

In a word, the Chimeraz committed excessive evil acts against the Crolr. It was said that they led the coup from behind and tried to replace the head of the Crolr to the liking of the Chimeraz.

As a result, negative perceptions of the Hive Alliance, led by the Chimeraz, spread.

‘Shall I kill them?’

In such a situation, the Lomro-or Federation Diplomat visited Kreion. Kreion suppressed his hostility with great effort, wondering how he could show his face like this.

Liorums, who introduced himself as a Federation Diplomat, spoke the human language fluently.

“The Crolr is a species that was being evaluated for joining the Le-orantarum Federation. I apologize that the coup led by the Chimeraz unintentionally failed.”

“I didn’t say anything about the Chimeraz leading the coup with my own mouth. You don’t have to apologize.”

“Of course you would. I’m just saying that it looks like that to the Federation.”

A murderous atmosphere descended on the conference room on the upper floor of the colony.

Kreion’s eyes and Liorums’ eyes seem to collide in the air.

“What is your purpose in coming this far?”

“Where is Rundalt?”

“I don’t know, he’s a child under the Anima herd.”

“Are you saying that the Chimeraz, the collective consciousness representing the transcendence of life, does not know the location of its members?”

“I don’t think I have the obligation to tell you even if I know. If you’re going to keep pursuing like this, I’ll get up.”

“Ruler, listen.”

Kreion concentrated on getting to know Liorums’s inside, even a little.

“I sincerely apologize for the fact that we fought without permission in the Chimeraz’s territory, the Large Magellanic Cloud. I have nothing to say about that. You can hold us responsible for that.”

‘Why are you lowering your position from the beginning?’

It’s suspicious. What is clear here is that the Lomro-or species is up to something.

“I’m listening.”

“The Chimeraz. Isn’t it a species that has overcome numerous trials and tribulations with only the strengths created by humans in the human galaxy? There was no other species among the many species of the Local Group that achieved such rapid growth and made a name for itself in such a short period of time.”

‘No way. . .’

“We’ve been watching the Chimeraz closely all along. The Chimeraz declared war on such a powerful human and conquered many galaxies. In addition, they received surrender from the notorious Crolr and even harmed the Vehlpciaarct, the pinnacle of mechanical transcendence. How superior and ruthless is this species?”

“I didn’t do those things because I wanted to. Don’t make us war mongers.”

“Regardless of the reason and pretext, the Chimeraz established the Hive Alliance by incorporating even the blunt Ririm. have made the Hyraguroa, a powerhouse of new substances, and the Parahtoria, a weak species that was oppressed and suffered, as allies. Now the Chimeraz has become the object of fear and aspiration for many species.”

“I’m warning you, do it in moderation.”

“. . . I’ve been talking too much.”

The Liorums Federation Diplomat showed his intention to stop here by showing his two palms.

“If you have experience working in human society, you might know about strategy simulation games.”

“I know.”

“Many space races grow their civilizations in their own way. Some races choose diplomacy, some trade, some science, and some war.”

The creations of humans are similar to the present, so they are easy to use as examples.

“However, the best way to ultimately win in such a game is to invest all your efforts in all areas except war, and then cause a great war at the last decisive moment.”

“You can’t apply it to reality. Where in the world is the concept of victory and game over?”

“It can be a reference. Our Lomro-or species has been suppressing war itself for centuries. I guess Ruler must also be worried about creating a sense of fear of war.”

“So you’re going to start war activities that you’ve been enduring all this time in earnest?”

“Everything is ready. The Le-orantarum Federation has grown and our species’ civilization has become strong enough. Now it’s time to gradually take over the entire Local Group one by one.”

Crazy guys.

The words came up to his throat and went back down.

‘I need to stop denying it and look into their insides.’

Kreion asks cleverly.

“I understand the purpose and process. So why are you telling me this story now?”

“As I said earlier, the Chimeraz is strong. They will be very strong in the future. That’s why we want to make the Chimeraz a strong ally.”

“Are you suggesting that we start a war together?”

“If you want, I can help you get revenge on the humans. Don’t you have a grudge against humans who have clashed with the Chimeraz the most?”

“It’s a difficult question to answer.”

“The point is, if the Hive Alliance and the Le-orantarum Federation join forces, no force in the Local Group will be a match for them.”

‘Crazy talk. At the end of the collapse of all forces, you will fight against us.’

It is a race that claimed to take over the entire Local Group a while ago. Then, these guys must join hands with the Chimeraz right away, clean up the tolerable races, and eventually aim for the Chimeraz.

“If our federation starts a war, humans will definitely try to stop us. They are a species that advocates order and peace and is brainwashed with meaningless moral values. Besides, humans are quite powerful and there are many species that look up to humans as their ancestors, so they will be the biggest stumbling block to our plans in the future.”

It meant that if the Chimeraz gave them strength, they could get rid of the big stumbling block called humans.

“If you join us, we will give the Chimeraz the position of the executive species of the Le-orantarum Federation.”

“What is that?”

“It is a position that befits a species that is best at war activities.”

Perhaps Kreion may have come to a crossroads.

“Why don’t you try to take over the entire Local Group with us?”

Two futures are divided into crossroads.

If you join hands with the Lomro-or species.

If you refuse to join hands with the Lomro-or species.

No matter which way you choose, the result will be an unprecedented great war. The great war, in which dozens or hundreds of species participated, would burn the entire Local Group.

If there is a way for the Chimeraz to survive in the midst of that great fire and continue to exist in the future, what would it be?

What is the best choice?

The correct answer is to create your own choices.

“Give me a few days to think about it.”

“It’s not something you can decide right now. I see. But if possible, I’d appreciate it if you could do it quickly.”

“I’ll give you an answer within 7 days of the solar calendar.”

“Okay. Then we’ll go back for now, and we’ll be waiting for the Chimeraz’s answer.”


Kreion, who was left alone in the conference room, leaned his elbows on the table and looked troubled.

Swoosh. . . .

Ludwig came up behind him.

“Master. . . .”

” . . . .”

“I know. . . . In fact, it seems like Master has already made a decision inside. . . . You’re just thinking about your future course of action. . . .”

” . . . . . It’s disgusting.”

“Yes. . . .”

On the table, dolls of numerous races were horribly broken.

“Do you mean that intelligent beings really can’t live without fighting? I just can’t sympathize with situations like this.”

the Believer are not coming to this situation either.

There must be a black hole in the Triangulum Galaxy as well, so the Believer must know that Lomro-or and its huge federation are preparing for a great war.

You’d wonder if what we call a great war is just one event in the existence of an eon for them. Since they warned us not to visit the sanctuary anymore, we can’t ask them for help or advice.

Besides, the Believer are completely neutral. They may take the position of not intervening whether Lomro-or and its federation win or lose.

No, perhaps they want Lomro-or and its federation to take over the entire Local Group.

Because after one great war, a true era of peace may come under the Le-orantarum Federation.


“It’s hard. Everything.”

“Master has always found a way. . . . And led us through the raging fire. . . . It’s the same this time. . .”

This world itself seems like hell, and demons are overflowing everywhere.

It is not who, which race, or which force is a demon, but all kinds of incidents and situations that they create while living seem to converge on ‘evil’.

“The leaders are listening. . . . No matter what choice Master makes, we will follow. . . .”

A sick war.

An endless fight.

Destruction, violence, death, madness. Tragedy.

In order to correct a world stained with such things, the reality is that one’s own body must be defiled with such things.

Not even once, not even for a moment, has there been no such thing.

“I want to change the world.”

“Yes. . . . Master. . . .”

“I want to break it all down and change the world myself.”

“Just give the order. . . .”

The broken dolls on the table were all restored to their original forms.

“Prepare the minimum number of herds that can have a ring formation.”

“Are you going somewhere. . .?”

“I’m going to the Drake Star Nation.”

As time went by, the feeling of hatred became opaque, and as the ruler of the species, the rational brain considered many things and came up with the best answer on its own.

Still, I didn’t want to ask him for help, I didn’t want to ask him for advice, I didn’t want to discuss with him, I didn’t want to see his face again, I didn’t want to mix a word with him again, and above all, I hated the fact that I had to go to him first because of necessity. ,

You have to get rid of all those stubborn thoughts.

At least this time.

In order to change the world, you have to change your mental state first, and you have to grow yourself along with the growth of the species.

So maybe, really maybe, like I did with Curator Darwin, sincerely.

The future with him. . . .

Can’t you find any shining possibilities?


“I have to meet him.”

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