My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 111

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟏: 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐁𝐨𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐫 (2)

In the past, a human being left behind these words:

When the day comes that both sides’ armies can annihilate each other in a second, every civilized nation will abandon war and disband their armies.

In the past, it took centuries for a war to break out and end. In the more recent past, there were a few years of war, and the weapons that grew stronger day by day and the advanced means of transportation inevitably shortened the duration of the war.

Today’s wars end in a few months at the longest, and sometimes in just a few weeks.

The speed at which they destroy each other has increased that much.

The duration of the suffering caused by war has been greatly reduced, but the madness of the destruction brought by war has become even more horrific. This is the reality of today.

It is relatively numb to kill with a gun than with a knife, and it is numb to kill with a gun than with a bomb, and it is even more numb to erase enemies with today’s powerful firearms.

That’s why the madness of destruction today is not real even if you see it with your eyes.

That is, unless you experience it yourself.


Everywhere in the Hecartra star system became a battlefield.

The Nanozator fleet succeeded in landing troops on each planet while fighting a fleet battle with the Chimeraz fleet.

The Vehlpciaarct’s powder-like landing method was too tricky for the Chimeraz to intercept, and the large-scale fleet battle could not suppress the battle taking place on the planet.

“They landed. . . . There is no direction in expanding the front lines. . . . I expected them to advance to this colony if they succeeded in landing. . . .”

“The Vehlpciaarct are fighting indiscriminately. We have no choice but to respond indiscriminately.”

“Mind Repeater, Mind Advocate were caught up in the fleet battle. . . . As a result, the connection with the leaders was cut off. . . .”

“Leave the fleet battle to me. Take a defensive stance centered on bio-planet. Even if they fight a fleet battle from all directions, we have no choice but to fight in the area we have led them to.”

“Yes. . . . We will defend the bio-planet and the planets first. . . .”

“I’ll take care of the children of this planet.”

Kreion received control of all the Chimeraz on the 4th planet from Ludwig. And he gave control of the fleet to Ludwig.

“If we drive out the Vehlpciaarct that entered this planet, they will send more troops to this planet. Then, a gap in their troops will occur in the fleet battle, and we will be able to gain an overall advantage.”

“I see. . . .”

The Vehlpciaarct keep falling from the sky. They prepared such a landing method to penetrate the Chimeraz’s orbital defense system and the ground-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons.

The Vehlpciaarct ships are bombing the surface of the planet and the Euryale and Lemegeton are sending the Chimeraz down to the surface with Organic Pipes.

In that situation, the Vehlpciaarct aircraft attacked the Organic Pipes that had landed on the ground, and the Chimeraz aircraft intercepted those Vehlpciaarct.

Kiriririk! Kiririk!

The machines hovering near the ground fought their own battles. The Chimeraz waited with Hounz, Cust, and Kabana in the front lines and Tritula, Grounsecter, and Mindrocker in the rear, while the Vehlpciaarct fought, ignoring or bypassing such lines.

Some Vehlpciaarct infected with bio-bombs rolled on the ground and self-destructed, becoming spheres. Whenever that happened, the Chimeraz fired all at once to prevent their self-destruction or protruded the underground Skeletunnel.

In the midst of fighting back and forth like that, the total number of Vehlpciaarct steadily decreased.

The Vehlpciaarct can become a ship or a ground force if they gather members. Their fleet attacked the planet and invested fleet members, which led to numerical losses.

However, the Chimeraz side also accumulated significant losses in numbers.

If the Vehlpciaarct had only carried out fleet battles, the Chimeraz would have been able to return to each planet’s colony and replenish their forces steadily.

The problem was that the Vehlpciaarct also knew the Chimeraz’s advantage.

They forced ground battles along with fleet battles, destroying many colony structures. Naturally, such damage had a negative impact on the Chimeraz’s troop replenishment speed.

Moreover, the Vehlpciaarct is a race of inorganic machines. Even if the Chimeraz destroyed them, the resources they could obtain on the battlefield were not many.

‘Mindrockers take refuge inside the structures.’

‘Produce Cresecter and Grounsecter as a top priority.’

‘Xenotera, spread bio-bombs to the enemies whenever you have a chance.’

The legion that began to be ruled by Kreion fought with maximum efficiency.

Anyway, the distinction between all battlefields and fronts has disappeared. Thanks to that, the Vehlpciaarct, which has no distinction between arms, has more means to use.

However, as their means increased, Kreion also gained means to use.

When the ground battle was pushed back, the Vehlpciaarct would drop additional troops or have ships appear in the atmosphere and openly bombard them. Kreion also sent the Chimeraz fleet into the atmosphere and returned fire.

More Organic Pipes lead to the ground and Drop Cysts fall endlessly. The Organic Accelerator Cannons used in the atmosphere were pushed by the Vehlpciaarct’s firepower, causing a larger thermonuclear explosion.

The colony structures beneath it were indirectly, and sometimes directly, exposed to the firepower, but Kreion supplied energy and resources to the structures to promote recovery.

The Chimeraz that died fighting on the ground and the flesh that fell from the sky were covered with Xenotera and became resources. As many died, as many were born.

Such battles were repeated, and in the end, the Vehlpciaarct, whose numbers were continuously decreasing, was the one that was eventually defeated. This was a strategy that maximized the advantage of the Chimeraz being the main base here.

However, it was impossible for the Vehlpciaarct not to have prepared countermeasures for their disadvantageous position now.

【Calculation result. The Chimeraz on the 4th planet are showing higher combat efficiency than before.】

【This makes it clear that Kreion is on the 4th planet.】

【Therefore, the most advanced colony on the 4th planet is changed to the top priority target.】

Saaaahhhh. . . .

Suddenly, the Vehlpciaarct that had been fighting within the 4th planet moved all at once.

They gather like powder at a point in the sky above. They are recombining into some kind of weapon.

Kreion caught their suspicious movement.

‘All the Vehlpciaarct on this planet are gathering at that location.’

The Vehlpciaarct on the ground and in the air are giving up the battle they had been fighting until now and are all gathering. Some are gathering in the form of powder, and others are gathering as they are in the form of aircraft, disassembling and centering on one point.

Saaaahhhh. . . .

‘They are trying to form something huge in our sky.’

Kreion doesn’t know what they are trying to form, but he couldn’t just watch them kindly until they complete something.

The Chimeraz aircraft in the sky, who had lost their opponent to fight for a moment, also gather to destroy them. Euryale and Lemegeton fire Organic Accelerator Cannons as if they are going to blow up the atmosphere, and Cresecter adds firepower to the explosion.

Grounsecter on the ground fires plasma into the sky, and Crepitus, who came down from space, attempts self-destruction.

The Vehlpciaarct, who attempted to gather all at once, and the Chimeraz who interfered with their recombination.

The clouds at that location had already flown away a long time ago, and the air was pushed away with the explosion, so it was virtually close to a vacuum.

Air rushed back into the sky, which was close to a vacuum, causing a heat storm.

However, even in the midst of such a fierce explosion in the sky, the Vehlpciaarct persistently combined and succeeded in creating some form.

‘Ship. . . ?’

It is hard to tell exactly what it is because only the skeleton is barely formed. However, if we assume that it is a ship for the time being and estimate its beam, it seems to be over 13km.

A huge ship’s skeleton is being created under the red sky that is always sunset.

Its shadow cast like a window on the ground, and the Chimeraz touched by its shadow instinctively scattered.

‘If they recombine so forcibly, they won’t be able to complete it properly. . . . ‘

The skeleton is being built and destroyed repeatedly. The Chimeraz are attacking and preventing it while the Vehlpciaarct are trying to create something by disassembling and recombining.

Now, a fleet battle is taking place in the sky. The Vehlpciaarct fleet that was in space came down to help build the huge ship, and the Chimeraz fleet followed the Vehlpciaarct fleet.

So, the two fleets fought a fleet battle centered on the huge ship’s skeleton, and the huge ship, caught in the firepower in the process, had its skeleton constantly broken.

‘We are seeing huge gains in troop exchange.’

Vehlpciaarct members cannot fight while recombining. Therefore, the number of members of the Vehlpciaarct invested in the construction of a huge ship is lost in power, and the Chimeraz is benefiting enormously.

Even so, Kreion does not let go of the tension.

‘It seems like they are trying to complete it somehow, even if they suffer huge losses.’

It seems like they are trying to build a ship of the size of a ‘mothership’ in the atmosphere.

However, the construction of the mothership will fail.

Because the speed at which it is being built in its original form is much faster than the speed at which the Chimeraz is destroying it.

‘Destroy it and drop it before it’s complete.’

The Vehlpciaarct aircraft exploded and the skeleton of the mothership collapsed even faster. With that alone, the Vehlpciaarct are suffering huge damage to their troop numbers and stored energy.

In this way, the fleet battle between the Vehlpciaarct, who tried to build the mothership, and the Chimeraz, who tried to destroy the mothership so that it could not be built, continued in the sky.

In the end, the skeleton of the mothership collapsed to the point that its shape could not be recognized, and the supremacy of the sky seemed to pass to the Chimeraz.

【Stellar energy reactor. Construction complete.】

Their weapons are their members.

【Antimatter element. Construction complete.】

So, if they have members, they can make anything from the blueprint.

【Gravitational field accelerator. Construction complete.】

【Magnetic field accelerator. Construction complete.】

Vehlpciaarct members can create anything and can replace the role of anything.

【Circuit connection. Success.】

The applicability and extensibility that the members of the race have are their greatest strengths.

【Target lock. Success.】

When creating something in an environment where there is limited space, it can perform its function as long as it has the minimum internal structure necessary for its operation.

【Essential components for the operation of the main gun. Construction complete.】

The main gun of the mothership and the organs that allow the main gun to be operated even once were completed between the skeletons.

It looks like only the intricately connected parts are floating in the air.

” . . . !”

Kreion felt a powerful energy flow concentrated on one point from it.

‘Destroy that cannon!’

Immediately, the surrounding Chimeraz fighter rushed in and attacked the part that was presumed to be the gun barrel.

However, the main gun had already been activated.

A flash that seemed to burn the pupils.

There was a roar that seemed to burst the eardrums, but I couldn’t hear it.

The moment the flash was witnessed, the sensory organs that heard the sound were damaged.

A brighter beam of light than the flash hit Kreion’s colony directly, and an explosion occurred along the trajectory of the beam of light in less than a second.

“Master. . . . What happened just now. . . .”

The colony, which had been established for the first time since coming to the Hecartra star system, complained of severe pain.

When he looked for the source of the pain, the colony’s mezzanine had a round semicircular cross-section.

Blood evaporates and blood vessels are pressed so that blood does not even come out.

. . . Kwaguagwagwagwang!!

As if it were a giant tree cut in half at the waist, the upper part of the colony fell backwards and collapsed.

Despite the Xenotera spread on the ground, thick dust rose up.

The upper part, which had collapsed hundreds of meters high, was completely carbonized, losing all moisture.

From the lower part, where the circumference became thicker as it went down, the colony structure barely withstood the attack of the main gun from the mezzanine.

On the other hand, the upper part could not withstand it.

And Kreion, Ludwig, and Gats, who were in the room of the mezzanine throne, thought of the same thing at the same time.

“We lost the human resources. . . !”

In the upper part of the colony were the egg cell of the flying creature, the brain containing the consciousness of the colony, the huge Mind Repeater, and human resources contained in the pod.



“Check if they are alive inside the upper part.”

Immediately, Gats and the Elite Honor Guard ran out of the throne room in one breath.

It’s a cold thought, but human resources are not important right now.


“Yes. . . .”

“Just now, those guys built only the main gun part of a powerful ship and fired it.”

Ludwig also changed the direction of his thoughts following Kreion.

“It is possible that they will use this strategy in other places. . . . We must quickly regain orbit of this planet, float the Mind Repeater, and connect it to the huge Mind Repeater on the bio-planet to restore the wave network. . . .”

“I’ll let you know when the wave network is restored. You focus on the fleet battle.”

This was the first colony built after entering this unknown red dwarf star system, the center where the colony land began, and the spiritual home where many leaders since Nazar were born.

The Vehlpciaarct blew away the upper part of such a colony in one blow.

‘Did you think we were such a dangerous race in your eyes?’

For the time being, the colony did not die.

It is a colony that boasts extreme sturdiness with a bio-friendly new material exoskeleton. Kreion’s colony has a remarkable recovery power as a structure where the greatest energy & material metabolism is concentrated here.

‘The firepower that the Vehlpciaarct just showed was suitable for use during a fleet battle in the vacuum of space.’

‘They must have suffered a numerical loss because they  forcibly built the main gun.’

‘Furthermore, many Vehlpciaarct crashed due to the electromagnetic pulse generated by the aftermath of the single blow just now.’

Kreion then intuited.

That single blow just now was nothing more than to kill ‘himself’.

‘The fact that I am alive is their failure.’

As a result, the number of Vehlpciaarct on this planet has been greatly reduced. Of course, even at this moment, Vehlpciaarct ships are trying to enter this planet.

“The exploration is over. We will forcibly create a front line around here.”

“Is there a way. . .?”

“I came up with the best number.”

Ludwig looked into what Kreion had come up with.

“Ah. . . . Can you open the sky. . .?”

“Yes. Now it’s our turn to push.”

Now that the battlefield has temporarily stabilized,

Now that many Chimeraz individuals and structures are dead,

There was something that could only be done on the ground covered with the corpses of the Chimeraz.

【The number of living things on the 4th planet is skyrocketing.】

The clouds of the planet have all turned black.

It was not the color of a level that could be called a thundercloud. It seemed as if the atmosphere of the entire planet was polluted with darkness.

【Lead Core. Kreion is not dead. Tiny Chimeraz covered the 4th planet. Now it’s his turn.】

【Is it because they are targeting the Vehlpciaarct that invaded the 4th planet?】

【Yes. It seems that they are trying to execute a new strategy right after gaining temporary superiority in planetary defense.】

Lead Core watched the changes on the 4th planet.

And realized.

【. . . . . It’s not a new strategy.】


The bio-barrier that covered the planet left the planet as it was and was now intruding into the nearby fleet battle.

【They are imitating our tactics.】

The extensive bio-barrier flowing out of the 4th planet is engulfing the nearby fleet battle in units of space.

The bio-barrier itself was a means of recovering the debris scattered in the fleet battle, a means of transporting resources to the Chimeraz fleet, and a siege network to prevent the disassembly and recombination of the Vehlpciaarct ships.

And it was a tactic made possible by Kreion’s Legion dominance.

【That is a threat to our race members.】

The Vehlpciaarct started to get pushed back in the fleet battle near the 4th planet. It was not the size of the bio-barrier they knew before.

As if to counter the scale of the fleet that the Vehlpciaarct had shown, the bio-barrier alone was capable of conducting a fleet battle.

How much is it born by eating the death of living things? It is so extensive that it makes the battlefield of the universe a favorable environment for the Chimeraz.

Soon, the Vehlpciaarct on the 4th planet were annihilated, and the Vehlpciaarct fleet that was trying to invade nearby was engulfed by the bio-barrier and lost communication.

【But why didn’t they use such tactics if they were possible?】

【If they had deployed that tactic before we executed the planetary invasion, they would have been able to gain a much more advantageous position than they are now. Don’t you think so? Lead Core.】

【The answer to that question is simple.】

Lead Core’s thinking power came up with a terrible answer.

【The Chimeraz created that tactic ‘just now’.】

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