My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 110

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟎: 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐁𝐨𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐫 (1)

Anima left the defense of the Large Magellanic Cloud practically abandoned and went to conquer the capital of the Vehlpciaarct.

Each of the leaders faced the Vehlpciaarct in their own territories.

Meanwhile, the Vehlpciaarct did not appear in the Hecartra star system. However, if troops were sent to support other star systems from this star system, they would be taken by surprise by the Vehlpciaarct, who would seize the opportunity.

Being a mechanical race, they must be calculating even the smallest chance of victory.

Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant so that there is no approaching mass or energy from outside the Hecartra star system.

The girl with faded blonde hair, mercury-like eyes, and dark circles under her eyes is quietly looking up at the sky.

Looking at the sky like this on a planet with no atmosphere, a static landscape of wide-open space enters the entire field of vision.

However, what the girl was looking at was definitely not a static landscape.

She observes all the subtle shaking due to the revolution of the stars, the changes in luminosity due to the mass passing in front of the stars, and even the movement of small asteroids and comets. She sees everything by combining her own eyes and the eyes of the Chimeraz into one brain.

If Gnox assists Jiannettera, Yiel assists Nazar.

Yiel has not eaten or slept for days as she gazes into space. She hadn’t closed her eyes once since the Vehlpciaarct declared war on the Parahtoria.

The tiny creature perched on Yiel’s thin shoulder looks like a shrunken version of Nazar. And this tiny creature, resembling Nazar, can utter Nazar’s voice connected by waves.

“You don’t have to worry about Gnox-nim.”

“Isn’t Jiannettera’s colony in a dangerous situation?”

“It is the area with the most bio-planets. In a way, it can be said to be the second most defensively sound place after Hecartra.”

Still, Yiel was worried about Gnox.

“Vatory and Addmoon, the colleagues who are not yet awake are all here, but only Gnox is out there alone.”

In the upper part of Kreion’s colony, human resources who have completed the brain download are sleeping in pods.

The reason why they were not awakened even though they could have been awakened before was because of the variables.

According to Lopez’s memory, Gnox was a figure who became a plot device planted on the Chimeraz side, and Vatory also became a device that slightly intervened in the scenario.

Therefore, if other human resources were also devices that contained Lopez’s intention, it would be better to refrain from waking them up in the order in which the brain download was completed, as they had been doing so far.

In the end, Kreion put the remaining human resources on hold for the time being. It was decided to wake them up all at once when the race called the Chimeraz became strong enough and the situation stabilized.

“Are you really okay? Gnox seems to be isolated and alone, wouldn’t it be better to send some support, even if it’s small, if Gnox is of great help to our race. . . .”


Nazar spoke only the cold truth.

“Even if Jiannettera dies and Gnox-nim is in danger, it can’t be helped. Because the lives on this side are several times more important than the lives on that side.”

“However. . .”

“This is war. And it’s a strategy not to support this side’s forces in other leaders’ territories. It’s not strange at all that someone dies.”

“Wait a minute, Nazar.”

“I’m sorry to say such cold things, and I’m not proud of saying this, but emotions must be excluded in the war of the races.”

“Wait a minute, just a minute!”

At that moment, Yiel pointed his finger at the sky.

In the space where a considerable number of stars were floating, suddenly, about half of the stars seemed to have disappeared.

The number of stars seemed to have decreased by about half.

“They’re here. . .!”

Nazar shared the field of vision with her and asked.

“Where exactly are they approaching from? It’s hard to see clearly because the phase is opaque.”

“Aaah. . . .”

Yiel, who realized it before Nazar, trembled in fear. She moved her trembling legs and entered any structure with a ceiling. She said as she entered.

“E-Everywhere. . . .”

At that time, Kreion received Nazar’s urgent waves.

➖Master! It’s all directions!

➖The Vehlpciaarct are rapidly approaching from all directions in the Hecartra star system!


【Force Core. What is the size of the enemy fleet in the Hecartra star system?】

【About 790 fleets. However, due to the characteristics of the Chimeraz race, there is an element called colony, so the actual size will be larger than 790 fleets.】

【Haven’t they reproduced too much in such a short time?】

【That’s the Chimeraz.】

【1 star. 14 planets. 10 satellites. There are 3 living dwarf planet-class masses as satellites.】

【Where is the main colony located?】

【It is a barren planet in the 4th orbit.】

【The Chimeraz are excellent at responding to their opponents. Predictable methods will not work.】

【The Chimeraz have noticed our presence.】

【I will try to communicate.】

At that moment, Nazar caught the radio waves sent from the Nanozator side.

Just then, Kreion’s voice came into Nazar’s head.

➖Nazar. Do not respond to the Vehlpciaarct’s communication.

‘Isn’t there something you can find out?’

➖On the contrary.

➖They intend to confirm my presence here through communication.

Soon, the Vehlpciaarct realized that the Chimeraz side had no intention of responding to the communication at all.

【It seems that they have seen through our intentions. No radio waves are being received.】

【That’s enough.】

【That, in turn, gives credence to the possibility that Kreion is in this star system.】

【They already know.】

【That things have become irreversible in terms of being resolved through communication.】


It is a fleet battle that has never happened before.

There is no such thing as a formation, they enter from all directions. It’s as if countless mechanical ships are like a ball of round powder, enveloping the entire Hecartra star system like a shell.

If they continue to enter like that, the gap between the Vehlpciaarct ships will decrease. When the overall fleet gap narrows, then the color will be visible, and it will be realized that the mechanical fleet is approaching from all directions.

【Commence attack.】

The Nanozator fleets all approached at the same speed and all started engaging at similar moments.

Fighting as if besieging from all directions, the Nanozator fleet confronted all the Chimeraz fleets in the Hecartra star system.

Kreion was momentarily dizzy at the magnificent and simultaneous collision.

“. . . How many enemies are there?”

Ludwig didn’t answer right away.

He is still counting the number of enemies.


“Ah. . . . Enemies are now. . . .”

The Vehlpciaarct.

The all-out war of surpassing machinery was like that.

Who can easily utter the words that they are risking everything for the race?

The words that they are risking everything for the race.

It was possible because the Vehlpciaarct were the ones who truly realized it.

That’s what it meant to really risk everything.

Ludwig spoke slowly and steadily.

“It is estimated to be 2048 fleets. . . .”

Kreion heard those words and directly connected the waves to look at the entire star system.

That was true.

2048 fleets are far too small a number to surround an entire star system. However, the Vehlpciaarct were not an ordinary fleet with 2048 fleets, in which 2048 were the main forces.

One ship was the mothership of the aircraft, and a number of aircraft were also the motherships of small Vehlpciaarct members.

That’s why it surrounds the star system like metal powder. It is estimated that when that is summed up as full power, it is approximately 2048 fleets.

Kreion, who understood the situation, tells everyone.

“Don’t be afraid.”

He was not overwhelmed even after seeing the size of the machines.

“Consider the characteristics of the Vehlpciaarct race. That is not the pure fleet power of the Vehlpciaarct. Ground forces will also be mixed in that fleet.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the crimson streaks of light characteristic of the Vehlpciaarct rushed from the outside toward the inside.

Now the war of 790 vs 2048 begins.

“Fire antimatter pulses.”

The three bio-planets that were satellites of the 4th planet of the Hecartra star system protruded strange barrels.

Before long, they unleashed the ultimate firepower of the Chimeraz.


A flash several times brighter than a star exploded.

Three gaps appeared in the encirclement of the Nanozator fleet approaching from all directions.

“It looks like about 300 fleets were erased. . . .”

The power that could destroy a planet wiped out a national-level fleet.

Still, there are many. The Nanozator fleet and the Chimeraz fleet clashed in all areas of Hecartra.

While the Chimeraz bio-planets recharged their antimatter pulses, the Nanozator fleet launched countless missiles.

The antimatter sub-light-speed missiles for the Chimeraz that exploded in space each exploded with flashes of light, erasing the Chimeraz fighter.

In the meantime, the Chimeraz naturally tried to fight a close-range fleet battle to take advantage of the race aircraft. However, the Nanozator fleet showed a movement that he had not expected.

‘What are they thinking?’

On the contrary, the Nanozator fleet rushed in first and induced a close-range fleet battle.

Kiririririk. . .!

The Vehlpciaarct ships, which were relatively in the forefront, were finely decomposed and recombined, and their roles were subdivided to the size of small ships or spacecraft.

The Cresecter group engaged with the Vehlpciaarct aircraft and fought their own battles. In between, self-destructing Crepitus targeted the Vehlpciaarct aircraft and showed a more powerful explosion than before.

Asotus, which was deployed into fleet power, filled their bodies with bio-barriers, biological bombs, and black liquids, and hurriedly moved around the battlefield of space.

Following them, the Shockphonia and Fleetcupper groups, which performed close combat, directly targeted the Vehlpciaarct ships. When the Fleetcupper fired a bluish-green arc trajectory with the biomagnetic accelerator gun, the Vehlpciaarct ships hit by the trajectory exploded violently.

The Fleetcupper group, which had consumed that much energy, approached the Vehlpciaarct ships even more. The purpose is to inject tungsten lifeforms so that physical projectiles can be effective.

‘Make the mechanical ships decompose even more.’

The Fleetcupper group, which had approached close enough, continuously injected tungsten lifeforms from 11 sub-cannons. The tungsten lifeforms infected with biological bombs reached across space and arrived in front of the Vehlpciaarct ships.


Then, the Vehlpciaarct ships, instead of intercepting the Fleetcupper group, disassembled the ships themselves to avoid the tungsten lifeforms.

However, this is intended by the Chimeraz. The Vehlpciaarct ships that were decomposed in this way could only reduce the total amount of energy that could be handled compared to the large ships.

‘Now is the time.’

Just then, the Shockphonia group charged, and the Vehlpciaarct ships, which had become smaller, lacked the energy to exert momentary maneuverability.

So, the Vehlpciaarct ships, judging that they could not avoid the approaching Shockphonia group, burned all their remaining energy. It is to fire more gunboats with crimson streaks of light forward.

The Shockphonia group, anticipating this, surrounded their bodies with bio-barriers to minimize damage.

Kwaang! Kwaang! Kaboom!

In the end, the Vehlpciaarct ships were defeated by the Shockphonia group. They were enveloped in bio-barriers, unable to exert their decomposition and recombination abilities, and could not avoid the fate of becoming scrap metal in the dark clouds.

Kwaaah! Kwaaah!!

Euryale and Lemegeton fire purple plasma streamers with the Organic Accelerator Cannon. The Vehlpciaarct ships hit by it embroidered endless spherical explosions in space.

The Vehlpciaarct ships, which were large enough to perform the role of the main force, fired crimson streaks of light in a straight line.

In response, Euryale and Lemegeton deployed a wide range of bio-barriers. Of course, that didn’t mean they could perfectly defend against the Vehlpciaarct’s advanced particle weapons.

【Deplete the Chimeraz gunboat resources.】

In that way, the fleet battle of dying, exploding, and destroying was repeated. There was no area in the Hecartra star system where there was no fighting.

In addition, the Vehlpciaarct, which approached from all directions, continued to dig deeper into the star system even as the fleet battle intensified.

➖They’re after the planet! Stop them!

➖Damn machines. . .!

➖Prepare for engagement!

It was extraordinary.

It is a common procedure to first fight a fleet battle, stabilize the situation in space and orbit to some extent, and then aim for a celestial body. This is because the fleet’s power must be used to push away the celestial body’s orbital defenses and deploy troops on the surface.

Then, with the support of orbital bombardment, the ground front is expanded to occupy the celestial body. That’s today’s war.

【Land on the colony.】

However, the Vehlpciaarct broke that common procedure.

The fleet battle is getting more and more intense, and in the meantime, they are aiming for the planet.

➖Those are. . . .

➖It’s a landing method that can’t be stopped. . . .

The Vehlpciaarct fleet and aircraft tried to approach the planet and land.

The Mind Advocates in geostationary orbit fired Lonsdaleite lifeforms with the Organic Smooth-bore Cannon, but most of them did not hit.

【Force Core. Attack each planet’s colony to limit the Chimeraz’s troop replenishment.】

【Acknowledged. Lead Core.】

The Vehlpciaarct aircraft disassembled all at once before entering the planet’s atmosphere.

The Vehlpciaarct, which was finely decomposed and almost transformed into metal powder, ignored the attacks of the Mind Advocates.


The Vehlpciaarct members passed through the Mind Advocates’ defenses and entered the atmosphere. It is a descending figure as if a fiery shower is falling.

Some of the Chimeraz structures on the surface were anti-aircraft Organic Accelerator Cannons. They fired plasma streamers, plasmaizing the surrounding air in a straight trajectory.

The falling Vehlpciaarct members and the rising flames interlocked with each other, tearing apart the location where the clouds were with hot explosions.

Kwaaahhhhhhhh. . .!

The sky above is like a firestorm sweeping through.

The leader guarding this place felt a sense of crisis with a huge brain resembling Berne.

‘The sky have opened!’

The Vehlpciaarct recombined in the flames raging above the sky. It is a sight of each of them becoming a bomber and a multi-purpose aircraft and descending to the ground.

Soon, it became possible to see the Vehlpciaarct that had fallen on each continent of the planet fighting with the Chimeraz on the ground.

‘Berne-nim! The machines have landed! I think I should focus on the engagement here for a while!’

Then, the experienced Berne calmly informed him.

➖The meaning of the fleet battle has faded. There is no front, rear, or line in the fleet battle, and engagements have begun on all planets at the same time.

‘All planets? In that case, the master’s planet. . . .’


The Vehlpciaarct, which succeeded in landing, are flying over the ground at supersonic speeds, causing explosions everywhere. The uncontrollable force of those machines faded the meaning of the front lines, following the fleet battle.

It seems that they are destroying everything with the Chimeraz in their firing range. It purifies individuals capable of fighting, structures with roles, and even Xenotera on the surface.


Every time a crimson particle weapon is used in the atmosphere, explosions continue. The Vehlpciaarct calculate the maximum efficiency even if their allies are killed by their own firepower, somehow killing more Chimeraz.

Space, orbit, sky, ground.

Now, the distinction of the battlefield has disappeared everywhere. Everywhere was a battlefield.

The Vehlpciaarct drove the opponent into a corner by driving themselves into a corner.

➖Ground warfare has begun where the master is.

➖Now there is no safe place in this star system.

And the Mind Repeaters of the Hecartra star system were swept away by the fleet battle and died, and the waves connected between each planet were cut off one by one.

【Purge the race of destruction.】

【We are saving this universe.】

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