My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 112

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟐: 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐁𝐨𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐫 (3)

From the fields of the fallen corpses of the brethren, the bio-barrier that had bloomed vigorously surpassed the atmosphere and encroached upon the space battle.

Euryale and Lemegeton, who were fighting the Nanozator fleet, opened their mouths wide open to welcome the bio-barrier.

‘Fill your stomachs with that. Replenish your resources and energy.’

Euryale and Lemegeton, who had colony sites in their bodies, decomposed the bio-barrier. They rapidly recharged the energy that had been depleted during the battle, and allowed abundant resources to circulate in the blood vessels of the colony site that had changed ominously in order to produce the Chimeraz airship.

The Chimeraz fleet, whose numbers had dwindled, produced additional fighter in space.

‘Drive away the enemies around this planet first.’

Cresecter, Crepitus, Fleetcupper, Shockphonia, and Asotus were newly born and put into the fleet battle.

While those who could fight were fighting, Asotus wandered around under the protection of the bio-barrier. It was to swallow the wreckage of a dead ship one by one.

The Chimeraz’s resources, which were recycled with high efficiency in space, made it possible to take advantage of the fleet battle situation.

Thanks to this, the Chimeraz took the lead in the geostationary orbit of the 4th planet where Kreion was located and the surrounding space.

And the bio-planet, which had been receiving attacks from the Nanozator fleet, succeeded in defending by receiving support from additional Chimeraz airships.

Now, if the Vehlpciaarct were to attack this area again, they would have no choice but to accept the damage in order to break through the reorganized Chimeraz’s defense network.

This status of the fleet battle is expressed as stabilized.

“Ludwig. The orbit and bio-planet have been stabilized.”

The new Mind Repeaters floated in geostationary orbit like mines in the abyss. The waves that started from Kreion passed through the Mind Repeaters and reached the bio-planet, which acted as a satellite.

Then, the bio-planet played the role of a giant Mind Repeater and spread waves throughout the Hecartra star system.

“I’ve recovered the wave network. Check the status of each colony site and the leaders.”

“Yes. . . .”

Ludwig separated his mind. One mind continued to focus on the fleet battle as ordered by Kreion, and the other sent waves to the leaders of each colony site.

After a while, Ludwig transmitted what he had found to Kreion’s head as it was.

➖Except for the 4th planet, the other 13 colony sites are defending against the Vehlpciaarct’s invasion. . . .

The lava planet in the 3rd orbit is defended by Phlegeth, the wasteland planet in the 4th orbit is defended by Kreion, and the rocky planet in the 5th orbit is defended by Berne.

Other than that, there are the 1st, 2nd, and 6th to 14th planets, and those planets are the territories that each of the 11 mass-produced leaders under Berne rule.

➖The leaders from the relatively outer 11th planet to the 14th planet are dead. . . .

The strategy that the Vehlpciaarct had shown a while ago, of building a main gun in the sky and firing it, killed four leaders.

So the four colony sites that lost their leaders are at the mercy of the Vehlpciaarct.

➖Even now, the Vehlpciaarct is attempting to recombine the main guns in the sky of each planet. . . .

‘Let the leaders know so that they don’t fall for the same thing.’

If they recombine something in the sky, destroy it with the highest priority.

The leaders who understood the meaning had to use their wits.

Mass-produced leaders like Berne, who have the shape of a huge brain, focused their minds on the sky. Some leaders tried to protect the colony with a bio-barrier, while others tried to collapse the ground beneath the colony and take refuge underground.

Another leader abandoned the fleet battle in orbit and responded by causing the Chimeraz fleet to descend into the planet’s atmosphere.

The mass-produced leaders tried their best to adapt to their situation.

➖The leader of the 8th and 9th orbits is hit. . . .

Two more died. It was unfortunate that the two dead leaders were not in a good situation.

Still, the other leaders succeeded in responding to the Vehlpciaarct’s strategy. The leaders who survived like that immediately took the lead in the battle on the planet and went back to the fleet battle.

➖What will you do with the colony site areas that have lost their leaders. . .?

‘Give up. We don’t have the resources to invest additional legion dominance.’

➖Then. . . . I will give the children who have lost their leaders a final order to resist as much as possible. . . .

Since they have lost 6 leaders, they expect to lose 6 more colony site areas.

However, the Vehlpciaarct also suffered significant damage in killing 6 of the Chimeraz leaders, and will suffer more damage to push the 6 colony site areas.

Kreion thus bought time by giving up 6 colony site areas. This was because stable production in the colony site was necessary to narrow the numerical gap of the fleet.

At that time, Gats, Kreion’s chief guard, was searching the upper part of the colony site with the Elite group.

The inside of the upper part, which had collapsed like charred meat, was a space contaminated with cooked inner walls and dead blood. Several surviving Gloworms dimly lit the dark space.

The smell of burning and the smell of blood mixed together to produce a bad smell.

Thud. . . .

Every time he walks, he steps on something sticky. The color is too red and vivid to be called Xenotera.

Gats pointed to the pile of bones and flesh that had collapsed.

“It’s in front of me.”

Then, the two Elites under his rule cut the pile with cutters resembling swords.


Like this, you have to break through the wall and find a passage. The original skeleton was crushed and the flesh collapsed, blocking the normal path.

Crack! Crack!

Bones are cut and blood gushes out. Dryly burnt flesh flows down, revealing its soft insides.

A round passage like a beast’s throat appeared. It seems that the skeleton resembling the spine is embedded in the flesh toward the ceiling.

In fact, the pile that was just cut off was the ‘tongue’ of the upper part of the colony.

It was an organ that allowed you to go up and down the middle and upper floors like an elevator. That’s why the passage that Gats and the Elite guards are walking through is laid down differently than usual.

Did you walk like that for 10 seconds?

Gats stopped in place and looked at the wall on the right.

There was a toothy snout there.

It’s like the ‘door’ of a Chimeraz structure.

Kuuuuuk. . .!

Gats opened it up and down.

At that moment, a red sunset light entered the gap between the snouts that had opened and lit up the space.

“Oh. . . .”

The ceiling and walls here and there are so badly burnt that they seem to crumble at the slightest touch. The sunset light came in because the flesh that filled the space between the bones had been burnt and disappeared.

And there were three artificial human pods.

Some were charred black, pierced by the colony’s bones, and some were broken in places, revealing the ribs of something inside.


The Elites rushed over and examined the pods one by one.

There was no need to look closely.

Creul. . . . Creuk. . .!

The human resources in the pods were dead to the point that they could not be revived.

The Vehlpciaarct’s main gun, that powerful particle weapon, destroyed not only the genes in the human resources’ bodies, but also their brains and the contents of the pods.


Gats punched the hated wall.

“The Vehlpciaarct. . . .”

Who would have known it would turn out like this?

The capital of the Chimeraz race, the Hecartra star system, the 4th planet, which has the strongest defense in the star system, and the first colony among the colony site structures on the 4th planet, suffered damage like this.

The Vehlpciaarct said that in order to inflict such a blow, they had to accept significant troop losses in the 4th planet’s planetary battle and the nearby fleet battle.

‘Why do you want to kill us so much. . .!’


Then one Elite called Gats.

“. . .?”

Gats approached the pod pointed by Elite.

“How. . . .”

This pod was also charred black, but there was a survivor who miraculously survived inside.

The skin was all burnt and several arms and fingers were cut off, making it look miserable.

However, he is clearly exhaling a faint breath.

“Move to the evolution room quickly!”


Phlegeth suffered burns all over his lips. His cells, which were resistant to heat, constantly radiated hot plasma that even burned his cells.

“Creukreuk. . . . Grooooow. . . .”

The vents on Phlegeth’s back spew hot gas like a geyser.

“I’m going to burn them all and trample them!”

The Chimeraz legion under Phlegeth fought, spewing out a hellish scream. Vehlpciaarct troops flying at all altitudes and in all locations are scorching the colony site with particle weapons.

Blood and flesh burst into the air. The Chimeraz structure collapses and violent firepower rages. Even so, Phlegeth’s group did not spare their lives at all.


Even wild animals in the lava lake accepted Phlegeth’s rule. The wild animals radiated flames like dragons in mythology.

In the hot air where it seemed like their lungs would burn if they breathed, the Vehlpciaarct and the Chimeraz died together.

Phlegeth, the leader fighting directly on the battlefield, looked up at the sky with his glaring eyes.

“Destroy that first!”

It is the strategy that Ludwig warned all the leaders about a while ago.

The Vehlpciaarct, who were fighting inside the planet, suddenly gathered at one point in the sky.

At the same time, the Vehlpciaarct fleet outside the atmosphere enters the planet, purposely receiving attacks from the Chimeraz aircraft.

“They’re trying to make a main gun and kill me!”

Phlegeth’s colony site is a lava planet. Therefore, the surface-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons here always carry a relatively high energy than those in other colony sites.

Those surface-to-air Organic Accelerator Cannons fired high-efficiency plasma rods at once. A large amount of air was swept away like a storm, causing plasma to explode, and that explosion rose into the sky like a chain of flames.


In the explosion that seemed to detonate a nuclear weapon, the Vehlpciaarct members lost the skeleton they were trying to create.

But it wasn’t enough.

Part of the main gun was still there.

“Grooooow. . .!”

At the moment Phlegeth felt a sense of crisis, someone shouted in waves.

➖Phlegeth! I’ll do it!

He was someone who could demonstrate very powerful abilities in intraplanetary battles. That’s why he was saving his strength even in the midst of such a fierce battle.

‘Addmoon-nim is the maximum power of this planet. It’s better to come out when a bigger crisis comes. . . .’

➖If you die, it’s a crisis for our race!

There was one Euryale on the plain adjacent to Phlegeth’s colony.

This is a situation where even one Euryale must be deployed in a fleet battle. However, this one Euryale was an exception, waiting quietly on the plain with its belly spread out.

➖Get the children out of my way!

Euryale is an individual capable of containing a fully grown colony site in its body.

Jijijik. . .! Koojeojeojeojeok!!!

Euryale’s body collapses in an instant.

The sturdy exoskeleton and tough skin melt from the inside and collapse. Black liquid mixed with blood and smoke pours down like a waterfall. It boils like that.

Koojeojeok. . .!

Immediately after Euryale’s death, it looked like a scene of birth.

As if a full-grown fetus in its mother’s womb tore its flesh and came out with a round head, a giant of violent size appeared in the heat and blood flow.


The giant let out a great cry and stretched his neck strangely. The head, which soared into the sky, poured a waterfall of black liquid and blood drops to the ground.


The giant’s lower jaw opened at an abnormal angle and pressed against his throat. A dark throat that spewed smoke like a chimney pointed at one point in the sky.


Black liquid boils in the throat.

“Groooooooow. . .!!!!”

It is released and sprayed.

The black liquid created by Addmoon’s ability hit the main gun that was recombining in the sky. At the same time as the hit, the Vehlpciaarct members melted and the complex structure that made up the main gun became something very simple and blunt, falling powerlessly.

The unlucky Vehlpciaarct aircraft and Chimeraz aircraft underneath were caught up in death, and the Chimeraz structures on the ground below them were instantly flattened.


Kreion’s colony did not repair the upper part and concentrated only on reinforcing the middle part.

That’s why several layers of pointed exoskeletons and flesh covered the middle layer. Its appearance resembles the longing appearance of the early colony, the mother experimental body, which it showed in the past.

Meanwhile, Gats returned to Kreion’s side.

“Only one survived?”

“Yes. The other two pods were in a state where I couldn’t touch them.”

There were a total of 7 human resources recovered from the Darwin Foundation’s Apoptology. Among them, Gnox, Vatory, Addmoon, and Yiel woke up in the order in which the brain download was completed.

The remaining three were on hold. This was because it was judged that it was foolish to choose to wake them up in order at set times.

However, looking at the situation now, it was right to wake them all up, although it was a result.

Because he was in a pod without any resistance and was attacked by the Vehlpciaarct.

“Who is the one who survived?”

“The data in the pod was damaged, so it is difficult to identify the person until the body is fully healed. I think master can check the memories in the genes or brains directly. . . .”

There is no time for that.

“First of all, I think there are more urgent matters. Anyway, he will wake up after receiving treatment in the evolution room, so we can check it then.”

“. . .All right.”

Three of the same people who were able to act as their own race died. Because of my choice in the past.

Thinking about it, a complicated feeling wells up from deep in his heart.

But he doesn’t want to know what it is now. Even a speck of psychic power should be focused on the war.

And it’s the same for other human-born people. In this kind of war, you don’t suddenly become stronger because you’re angry or sad.

So now, you have to give this kind of order out of your mouth.

“Don’t tell Vatory, Addmoon, and Yiel about that fact yet.”

“I will do as you command.”

And then it’s war again.

A huge number of Chimeraz died, and the Vehlpciaarct also suffered significant damage.

Even so, the Vehlpciaarct still remains large. How many enemy fleets are left, about 1500?

There were three bio-planets, and two of them were successfully stabilized, so we need to hurry up and load the antimatter.

‘Of course, the Vehlpciaarct, who have experienced the power of the bio-planet from the beginning, will not just stand by and watch.’

Therefore, if this situation continues, the survival of the race will depend on how many more times the bio-planet can be used in the future fleet battle.

He was thinking that way.


Suddenly, a heterogeneous wave came in.

‘Is it the Ririm?’

➖It is a one-way transmission, so a reply is not possible. We are the Ririm information network. We transmit news faster than Anima’s waves.

It feels like it’s being cut off because it’s a wave that came through many obstacles from afar.

➖The capital of the Vehlpciaarct.

➖An old star.

➖The old star was off. And the Vehlpciaarct wasn’t there.

That was the end of the information sent by the Ririm.

However, that short information allowed Kreion to consider many things.

‘The fact that the star is off means that the energy of the star will be used in the war.’

The larger the fleet, the more energy it consumes to move.

‘2048 fleets came here.’

Kreion calculates.

‘Adding up the fleets that appeared in each leader’s solar system, it was 670 fleets.’

Then, let’s add up the scale of the Vehlpciaarct fleet that has appeared so far.

‘A total of 2718 fleets.’

2718 fleets move from the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation to the human galaxy and carry out the war.

Such a series of activities certainly require enormous energy.

But is that really enough for the energy of one star?

‘. . .It’s being saved.’

The Vehlpciaarct has not used that much energy yet.

‘They’re saving something.’

The fact that the Ririm is sharing an information network with the Chimeraz is something that the Vehlpciaarct will also know to some extent. This is because it is a well-known fact that the Chimeraz and the Ririm are in an alliance.

The star in the capital of the Vehlpciaarct is off and the Vehlpciaarct is not there. The Vehlpciaarct will also know that the Chimeraz can know that fact.

And one of the main powers of the Chimeraz, Anima and Gorgo’s Star, have not yet participated in the battle. Therefore, the Vehlpciaarct can guess one more thing.

That Anima and Gorgo’s Star were deployed in the ‘attack’. That’s why they are not there to defend that area.

If her group had confirmed their capital, they would have come right back. And if her group returned, the odds would be in favor of the Chimeraz.

If you think about it that way, time is on the Chimeraz’s side, but somehow the Vehlpciaarct is conserving ‘a huge amount of energy’.

This is a sense of crisis that Kreion is familiar with.

‘I have to push them harder.’

It’s not a fight to endure, it’s a fight to really drive them away.

Only then can they get out of the board they planned.

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