Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 8

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“Stop, please.”

At Stephan’s words, Lumina leaned her head slightly and saw Stephan kneeling on the spot and turning pale.

Sharon was beside him, also pale and on his knees.

“Well, it’s still the Queen’s Education, “Posture,” Volume 2, Chapter 1. This will continue in Chapter 10.”

Stephan looked up at Lumina as if he were looking at a monster and shook his head repeatedly.

“By posture alone… I can’t believe that the posture of drinking tea, or the posture of dancing, or the posture of being in a posture, has lasted for ten chapters… Impossible.”

“No, this is just the basic posture, and there are more volumes to come, until the fifth.”

“No! No way…”

“Your Highness, This is about the basic attitude up to the fifth volume. And I intend to continue with my lessons.”

“Wait. “Wait a minute.”

“But… we haven’t even gotten a tenth of what the queen’s education is all about.”

At the swift white flag, Lumina exhaled deeply—deeply disappointedly, urging Stephan and Sharon to sit in their chairs and asking the maid to make them tea.

They both took a sip of tea, and their complexions returned a little.

It has been less than four hours since they talked about the queen’s education, and they both seem glum.

Lumina sighed helplessly, took a sip of tea, and said quietly.

“In other words, there are different types of the queen’s education: the queen’s education, posture, manners, speech, movements, and languages are based on more than five languages, as well as ceremonial manners, formal dress, and other details in the neighboring countries. In addition, at each ceremony, the palace decor and menu are reviewed, and instructions are given for preparing balls and tea parties, dealing with the nobles, and exchanging information. I only know the training of the queen’s education in this kingdom, but I believe that if His Majesty the King is the protector of the country, the Queen is the link between the castle and the nobility.”

Stephan exhaled as he admired Lumina, who drank tea beautifully in good posture while talking.

“You are… amazing.”


“No, I thought I was trying my best to become the crown prince, but… I guess I was wrong. I’ll admit that I underestimated the queen’s education and apologize here. Thank you, Miss Lumina, for making me realize.”

Lumina felt a tingle in her chest as Stephan looked her straight in the eye.

For the very first time

For the first time, Stephan recognized her.

That made Lumina happy.

But not what Stephan said next.

“You are the right lady to be my fiancée. Please be my fiancée.”

“…I would refuse to do so unless His Majesty the King ordered me to.”

Stephan and Sharon’s eyes were wide open in surprise.

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