Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 7

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As she is being rocked in the carriage on the way to the royal castle, she is reminded of what the queen’s education is all about.

In the Kingdom of Ringdon, the Queen is supposed to be noble, virtuous, and a symbol of womanhood.

Although she does not know about the kinds of education in neighboring countries, Lumina has been educated as a queen in dozens of loops and has mastered it so well that there is nothing that she does not already know.

That’s why she was annoyed that Stephan didn’t understand the queen’s education properly.

She can’t help thinking that he had no idea what he was talking about when he said that Sophie could do it at a later age in life.

——Then I would tell you.

Lumina was burning with the desire to instill in his soul the kind of things that go on in the queen’s education.

Once at the castle, the butler showed Lumina the way, and she entered the library, where she had been told to go.

The smell of books is in the air, and Lumina exhales heavily as she bows over to Stephan and Sharon on the sofa.

“Thank you for inviting me today.”

“Oh, today is the appointed day. Miss Lumina will teach us about the Queen’s education. Oh, and please allow me to have a maid of honor with me today so she can judge whether the education you claim is correct.”

With that, the woman in her late thirties who had been standing beside Stephan took a step forward.

“I am Alma, the queen’s handmaiden. It is my honor to be here today to observe.”

Lumina held back her eyes from widening for a moment and smiled gracefully.

“Thank you for coming despite your busy schedule. I look forward to working with you today.”

Alma appears to be a quiet handmaiden. But she was the handmaiden who was at Stephen’s mother, Cynthia,’s, disposal when she received her Queen’s training. She is an extremely capable individual who is aware of the most gruesome details and is able to air her grievances to her.

Surely, Alma would know every detail of the Queen’s education.

This would leave no way for Stephan to escape.

Lumina smiles happily and, with the help of a few maidservants, pulls out a stack of books from the bookshelf and piles them up in front of her.

“H-Hey. What’s going on all of a sudden?”

Lumina replied with a smile.

“I thought I’d show you the Queen’s education books that are only enough to fit on the desk.”


“It’s easier to understand if you see it in quantity. Fufu, it’s not even a tenth of what we have here.”

The long desk in front of Stephan already has a pile of books.

Both Stephan and Sharon were staring at this scene with their mouths wide open.

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