Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 9

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With a beautiful, yet chilling smile, Lumina said.

“Your Highness, in time, the lady of your dreams will appear. Please wait until you are eighteen before deciding on a fiancee.”

When she rejected the offer, Stephan wrinkled his brow and said,

“The lady of my dreams? What do you mean? I just asked you to be my fiancée, didn’t I?”

“Therefore, I am not your destined lady, Your Highness.”

“What a destined lady? Do you think royalty is guided by romantic feelings?”

The next moment, Lumina stood up and slammed the desk, causing Stephan and Sharon to roll their eyes at her rising anger.

“Your Highness,…Please shut your mouth.”

Lumina was hurling a string of invectives at them in her mind.

——Who the one said that?

——Did you take it for granted? With which mouth do you think a royal family member moves with romantic feelings?


——It’s you!

——You left your fiancée for love, and now you’re telling me royalty is not guided by romantic feelings?”

——And breaking my engagement?!

Sharon rushes to Lumina’s side and gently pats her on the back.

Her face is flushed with rage as she notices the noise in her head becoming louder.

“H-Hey, are you okay? Your face is turning red. Take your time, you know, breathe slowly, don’t push yourself too hard.”

Sharon’s calm voice made Lumina feel a little calmer.

Sharon then gave a cup of tea to Lumina, who was starting to calm down.

“Take a sip. I’ve also prepared some sweets for you, Miss Lumina.”

Sharon ordered the maidservant to prepare the sweets, then smiled and said,

“You like sweets, don’t you? Come on, take your time, let’s have a little rest.”

Lumina held back the tears that were threatening to well up in her eyes at the sound of his gentle voice.

——I’m not going to cry here.

She would never cry in front of Stephan.

She bit her lip and held it in, then put the cookie in her mouth and chewed it slowly as if savoring it.

The sweetness spreads in her mouth and gradually calms her down.

“How is it? Isn’t it delicious?I really like the sweets here.”

“Yes, they are very delicious.”

Sharon smiled happily and ate the pastries with him.

“Fufu… Sharon-sama has a sweet tooth too. I never knew that before.”

“Ah… I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone. My father says that since I’m going to be the next prime minister, I should learn to be expressionless!”

“Eh? Fufu. So that’s what this is all about…”

Lumina smiled, relieved that Sharon was here, and turned to Stephan.

“I’ve shown you something embarrassing. I’m sorry, your Highness.”

“…No, it’s okay.”

Lumina’s look may have made it difficult for him to say anything about fiancee related subjects.

He never talked about it after that.

“Miss Lumina…”


Stephan called Lumina’s name one last time, as if stalling, then turned his head and shook it.

“No, it’s nothing.”

After a short conversation, the meeting was over, and Lumina was taken home in the bumpy carriage.

After coming home, she fell into bed, exhaled heavily, and fell asleep like mud.

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