Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 3

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The gleaming ladies are gathered in the hall.

Even though they are all around ten years old, they act as if they are adults and try their best to chat with each other.

Lumina looks at them with a smile, then grabs a piece of the pastry on the table.

This tea party, which has been repeated dozens of times, has always been in Lumina’s mind.

All the sweets and cakes on the table must be delicious.

But Lumina, who had worked so hard to win over Stephan, could not afford to be distracted by the sweets and cakes.

Even though she is a strong fiancee candidate, Lumina thought she would not have been recognized without her putting in much effort.

But that is no longer the case.

——I’ve given up, so I’m free now.

Lumina smiled and followed the girls’ conversation with a smile as she slid the cake back into her mouth.

All the sweets are delicious, and because they are small in size, they go straight into her stomach.

More than that, Lumina became addicted to the infinite variety of sweet and salty foods. This made her want to eat everything.

It was then that…

Stephan appeared in the hall and greeted the ladies with a smile as he went from seat to seat.

Stephan finally appeared at Lumina’s table with a perfect princely smile.

Golden, silky hair, eyes like the blue sea.

Attracted by his gentle personality, Lumina fell in love with him dozens of times.

However, there is not a drop left in Lumina’s heart to love him anymore.

One after another, the girls greeted him with rapt attention, and finally it was Lumina’s turn.

Normally, the duchess would have been the first to greet the prince on such an occasion, but Lumina dared not do so. At the end, she gave him a brief, expressionless greeting.

“I am Duchess Lumina Larache. Thank you for inviting me here today.”

The ladies sitting with her looked at Lumina with a startled expression.

They had free seats and were conversing, but they had no idea that Lumina, who was not part of the conversation, was the duchess of a ducal family.

Stephen’s eyes widened slightly, but he soon returned to his usual smile.

“You must be Miss Lumina. I’m delighted to meet you. I hope you’re enjoying the tea party.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The conversation doesn’t last long, and Stephan looks a little troubled.

Supposedly so.

The royals have probably already decided that Lumina is their first choice for a fiancée.

The current Lumina would have seemed so objectively.

This time, Lumina has no intention of becoming Stephen’s fiancée.

So she simply told him.

“I sincerely hope you will find a wonderful fiancee.”

“That’s…Thank you.”

Stephan had an indescribable look on his face, but Lumina grabbed the sweet as if the conversation was over and put it back in her mouth.

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