Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 2

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The tea party for Prince Stephan’s potential fiancée takes place the day after Lumina turns ten.

In other words, the day before, 18-year-old Lumina broke off her engagement, and the next day, 10-year-old Lumina attended a tea party where potential fiancees for Stephan were gathered.

Normally, Lumina would be declared the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Lumina was chosen as the fiancee because of her same age and because she would help the Crown Prince become more important by getting the Dukes’ support for Stephan.

It was, above all, Lumina’s strong wish.

This had always been the case until now.

But this time, Lumina is different.

Lumina sighed a little as she watched the maids preparing her for the tea party.

Sophie, her sister, who is two years younger, was not allowed to attend the tea party today.

Sophie’s father, Edwin, had decided she was too young to attend the tea party.

Lumina, who has spent her life in a loop many times, knows that Vivian, Edwin’s current wife and Sophie’s mother, did not agree with this decision.

Vivian believes that Sophie is the right fiancée for Prince Stephen.

That is why, despite the fact that Sophie was supposed to stay at home, Vivian dresses her up and drives her to the royal castle in the guise of Lumina’s attendant.

Sophie and Stephan then have a fateful encounter.

No matter how many times you interrupt them, they will meet.

So Lumina has no intention of interfering this time.

Lumina, who had beautiful golden hair tied up in a lovely way and wore a shiny butterfly hair ornament, decided.

——Let’s do what we’ve been holding back all this time.

Lumina’s light purple eyes sparkle as she decides to give up on Stephan.

As she and her family were being driven to the castle, Sophie looked around and smiled adorably.

For the first time, she thought Sophie was adorable.

——I had always hated Sophie.

——Sophie is unconditionally loved by His Highness Stephen.

——I envied her for that.

But now that she has given up on Stephan, Sophie has become just a sister to Lumina.

“Have fun, Sophie.”

Sophie smiled and nodded merrily.

Sophie’s brought her to despair many times.

But she had done terrible things to Sophie many times too.

I’m sure I’m the villainess in her mind.

Then I’m sure it’s mutual.

As I thought about it, I felt something drop into my heart.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Lumina gazed out of the window at the Royal Castle and thought she had never been so calm in a carriage before.

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Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time

Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I looped many times. My engagement broke up because I was selfish at the beginning and everyone despised me. I tried very hard to change my attitude because I felt it wasn’t good enough, but the engagement was broken anyway. And so on and so forth. No matter how many times I try, the engagement always gets broken. Isn’t fate a cruel mistress? Yes. The story of a young woman who, after being looped for the umpteenth time and having her engagement broken off, finally gives up.


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