Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 4

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Stephan then goes around to greet the others and is now surrounded by several ladies.

Most of them are daughters of important noble families, and a few of them may have enough support.

Thinking so, Lumina stopped and rubbed her stomach to see if she had eaten too much.

——Let’s take a short walk.

As expected, Lumina, who was tired of looking at Stephan here, decided to walk to relieve her stomach and went to the garden of the royal castle.

Lumina looked around the Royal Garden.

The garden was like a maze, but Lumina knew her way around and did not get lost.

And then it happened.

Suddenly, she heard a sniffling cry, and Lumina slowly moved on to find a boy rubbing his eyes and sniffing to hold back his tears in front of the fountain.

As she stared at who it was, there was Sharon, a man close to Stephan who was expected to succeed as the next prime minister.

Though still young, Lumina thought it was probably him, but was shocked to find that he was crying with all the stern, well-built expressions she had seen so many times in her previous life.

That brusque man is crying.

Lumina was shocked and reminded of her previous life.

He had always been a fair man.

He chastised Stephan for becoming more and more attracted to Sophie, and he also chastised Lumina for her bad behavior.

He was fair all the way to the end, right up until the moment he called off the engagement, and she was struck by his complaint that the Crown Prince should not condemn the lady at a party like this.

Always impartial.


A man of good stature who aspires to be prime minister is likely to be popular with the ladies if not for his expressionless face.

Lumina is surprised to see him crying and walks up to him with a handkerchief in her hand.

“Well, if you don’t mind, may I help you?”

Sharon’s shoulders shook at the sudden voice, and he looked at Lumina with reddened eyes.

Sharon Dandoa, son of the Duke of Dandoa,—the current Prime Minister.

Lumina hands a handkerchief to Sharon, who stiffens up, thinking inwardly that Sharon was so cute as a child.

Sharon rolls his eyes and immediately blushes. He takes the handkerchief and hastily wipes the tears from his eyes.

“I am Lumina Larache from the ducal family. Is something wrong?”

Sharon blushed and said shyly.

“I’m Sharon Dandoa. Well… I’m lost… I’ve been wandering for quite some time now. I’m sorry to appear so pathetic…”

Lumina was a little surprised by these words and smiled.

“This garden is like a maze, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes. I was supposed to accompany His Highness, but I got lost… What about you?”

“I was just taking a walk in the garden. If you like, I can show you the way out.”

“Eh? You know the way out?”

Lumina nodded.

His surprised expression was adorable.

“This way, please.”

As Lumina started to leave, Sharon hurried after her. They effortlessly made their way to the tea party.

“You’re amazing!”

His smile surprised Lumina inwardly, and then an unexpected voice called out to her.

“Sharon, where have you been!”

Though inwardly unwilling to engage, the owner of the voice approaches.

“Your Highness, I’m sorry.”

Lumina wonders how she can rid herself of Stephan, who appears on the scene.

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  1. Ayunnisa says:

    i’m a bit confuse it’s said hsaron is a son, but the prince call it “miss” did he crossdressing?

    thanks for the chapter btw..

    1. Lol thanks.
      Yes Sharon is a he. シャロン(Sharon).

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