Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Soiree 1

Yvonne wears the latest fashionable dress despite the Drimore family’s debts. Liddellina clenched her own dress in frustration because she was sold to the noble house for that reason.

However, she suddenly returned to myself and wondered. Is it okay to tighten your body with a corset when you have a baby in your stomach?

“Poor girl. Being abandoned at the evening party, even though you just married Friedrich-sama, things are not going well for you.”

Yvonne’s face twisted with a sense of superiority. She was contemptuous of Liddellina, who married into the noble house because she was a noble.

“Yvonne, I brought a cake.”

Gilbert came there.

“Thank you, Gil.”

However, Gilbert stiffens when he sees Liddellina sitting in front of Yvonne. Yvonne must have intentionally targeted this timing. That’s like her.

“Your husband doesn’t even bring you food?”

She asks with a worried look.

“My husband is very busy with work.”

When Liddellina answers calmly, Yvonne clicks her tongue and frowns.

“Ara, you mean to tell me Gil’s not busy?”

Until now, she had shown no interest in Liddellina beyond mocking her as a country bumpkin, but now that she has decided to marry a Marquis, she has become persistently obsessed.

“I didn’t say that.”

She answers in as calm a tone as possible.

She doesn’t know what touches her nerves. If you cause a fuss in a place like this, it will be a shame on top of shame. Even so, she doesn’t want to make a big deal of it because there are already curious gazes around me.

“You just said it. Hey, Gil, you heard her too.”

Her cousin makes a fuss to attract attention. She’s impressed that she has survived in the social scene with such a personality.

“Sister, please don’t do that here.”

She said it quietly but clearly. She can’t cause a fuss and cause trouble for her husband so soon after getting married.

“You’re jealous because Gil doesn’t love you, so you’re trying to make me jealous.”

How can someone have such a selfish and arrogant thought? She absolutely doesn’t want to be like her, taking away other people’s things and satisfying a sense of superiority.

“I’m not jealous at all.”

She has to clearly deny it because she is a new bride. She suppresses her angry feelings and speaks as calmly as possible.

Then Gilbert steps in front of Yvonne.

“Liddellina, I understand your feelings, but I’m the one to blame. So, please don’t stimulate Yvonne. It’s an important time now.”

(What do you understand?)

His words and gaze are filled with compassion as he protects Yvonne, stabbing Liddellina’s heart.

Just a little while ago, Gilbert was the only ally of Liddellina. However, if he becomes confused here, she will be caught in Yvonne’s mercy. Liddellina tried to straighten out her feelings.

“Isn’t it because you made a fool of her by saying she was an actress’s daughter?”

Liddellina opened her eyes wide at Gilbert’s unfamiliar excuse. She had heard that Yvonne’s mother was an unsuccessful actress in the past, but she was not particularly interested. Did he leave Liddellina for that reason?

Liddellina never thought of her older sister as a threat and made a fool of her. Gilbert believed Yvonne’s lie without even confirming it with Liddellina. He must have been instantly captivated by her urbanity and flamboyance.

Although she has known Gilbert for a long time, she wonders why she couldn’t even build a minimal trust relationship with him. What was she lacking…

However, now is more important than that, how to calm this place down. Liddellina is already a member of the Weller noble house. She must behave in a way that does not shame the family name. Her heart screams with pain, but she somehow swallows it and raises her face, which was about to bow down, and firmly looks at the two of them. However, for some reason, they are looking in another direction.

“What’s the fuss?”

Friedrich’s cold voice was heard. When she noticed, he was standing behind Liddellina.

“Ah, Friedrich-sama, Liddellina is still thinking about her fiancé Gil, and it’s bothering me. she don’t know what to do.”

Yvonne’s statement was frightening.

Is she planning to shame Friedrich, who saved the Drimore family from debt?

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