Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Soiree 2

What do you plan to do if you are told to cancel your marriage to the Earl of Weller at the royal palace-sponsored ball after being so embarrassed here? And you have even received a luxurious dress and decorations. Liddellina’s face turned pale with fear.

However, Friedrich scolds Yvonne’s words with a cold voice.

“Are you making a fool of me and my family? Liddellina and I vowed eternal love in front of a clergyman. Who allowed you, who lacks common sense, to call me by my first name? Why are you here at this ball if you have no sense of propriety? It’s insulting. Get out of here immediately.”

The surroundings fall silent.

Liddellina trembled at Friedrich’s pressure and watched the course of events with a fixed stare.

“Such…I am Liddellina’s cousin and sister-in-law. Friedrich-sama, aren’t we relatives?”

“Stop it! Please stop, Yvonne!”

Gilbert, who quickly comes to his senses, becomes pale blue and desperately tries to stop Yvonne. However, Yvonne is unaware of the gravity of the situation. On the contrary, she is angry and glares at Liddellina, her cheeks flushed. At that moment, the Viscount of Tunges rushed over, pushing people aside and panting.

“Well, who could have thought it was the legitimate son of the Tunges family. The Tunges family has also fallen.”

The viscount, who was much older than Friedrich, bowed down to Friedrich’s cold voice and dignity.

“My Lord Marquis, I apologize for my son’s foolishness…I’m sorry.”

He apologized in a trembling voice. Even the proud Viscountess of Tunges came with her face turning blue and immediately bowed her head and apologized, saying, “Please forgive us.” It was then that Yvonne finally noticed the atmosphere of the place and changed her expression.

“Why? Excuse me?”

However, there is no one to answer. Gilbert also keeps his head down, so Yvonne nervously looks around. The Viscount of Tunges opens his mouth without looking back at Yvonne.

“This girl has nothing to do with our family. It is a foolish mistake. I will cut ties with her immediately, so please forgive me.”

The Viscount discarded Yvonne as easily as he did with Liddellina. He said he had a child, but what will he do?

Yvonne collapsed and fainted on the spot. She always faints when things go wrong. This time might be an act. She doesn’t want to admit her wrongdoing and thinks someone will take care of the aftermath.

Amid the bowed heads of the Tunges family, Friedrich spoke in a heavy tone.

“I’ll ignore this time, but there won’t be a next time. Quickly take that unpleasant woman out of here.”

They quickly left, dragging Yvonne along with them.

Friedrich glared at the nobles gathered around him, and they hesitated for a moment, but then returned to the noise of the ball as if nothing had happened, with indifferent faces.

Surely tomorrow, this rumor would be all over. Liddellina didn’t feel like appearing at a social gathering again.

However, her feelings for Gilbert rapidly cooled. Until now, she had somehow felt that there had been some misunderstanding between them. But that was just Liddellina’s selfish illusion.

“Well, I have finished my greetings and business, so I will take my leave. You should still enjoy the night in the capital.”

Liddellina turned her eyes to the Marquis’s words.


What can you enjoy in this situation? Without waiting for a response, he turns his mantle for formal wear and leaves.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Liddellina mutters softly and hurries to chase after him.

Even though it was for the Marquis’s family, Liddellina had been in a desperate situation and he had helped her, so she had not said a single word of gratitude and had to apologize for her cousin’s rudeness. Or rather, she wanted him not to leave the venue and leave her alone as the new bride. Enjoying the cuisine served at the palace alone in this situation? It’s not a joke.

She quickly chased after him and came out into an unpopular corridor from the night venue. His feet, which made a crunching sound with military boots and walked with a wide stride, were fast.

“Please wait, my husband.”

Liddellina reached him, out of breath, and when she placed her hand on his arm, he was startled and quickly shook it off. Liddellina opened her eyes wide at the strong rejection.

Then he said, as if he was surprised.

“I’m sorry. I don’t like to make contact with people. Please don’t touch me without notice.”

His expression is hard to read, but it seems he is apologizing and there was no malice. However, it is certain that she was hurt.

“…Please tell me things like that in advance.”

Liddellina drops her shoulders and says dejectedly. The emerald necklace hanging down on her neck feels unusually heavy.

Maybe he doesn’t hate people, but rather dislikes. No, but could someone who leads an army and fights be such a thing? She is confused by his words and actions.

“So what do you need me for?”

The Marquis asks with a look of deep wonder, and Liddellina feels like she is about to cry, but somehow she manages to gather her strength.

“My cousin was rude earlier. I apologize. And thank you for your help.”

“I have only done what is naturally expected of me as a member of the marquis family.”

“Yes, I am aware. However, I still wanted to offer my apologies and gratitude.”

“You are very obedient. I have to go to work now, so I will be leaving. You can stay as long as you like.”

“I will also be leaving.”

Liddellina firmly stated. This situation was unbearable for her.

“Is that okay? I will be going to the territory after this, so I won’t be able to attend such glamorous evening parties for a while.”

It was not his intention to hurt Liddellina. She felt like something was missing from this person.

It was her first time meeting this type of person and she didn’t know how to interpret it. However, the answer was clear.

“No, I will be leaving. I am not comfortable in such a place. Of course, if it is my husband’s command, I will continue to participate. That is our agreement.”

“No, you can do as you please with the evening party. I just thought it would be a nice break before you leave for the territory. In the territory, it is closed off by snow and ice in the winter, and there is nothing in the capital that young ladies would enjoy.”

From the content of the words, it was possible to feel a faint sense of consideration, but nothing could be read from his voice or cold expression.

Liddellina walked cautiously down the hallway, keeping a distance from her husband. She didn’t want to ruin his mood, and if he really rejected her, she might get seriously hurt.

It would be nice if she could find a comfortable distance with him someday.

Liddellina thought this way and followed him down the hallway of the palace, where the shadow of the candlelight swayed.

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