Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: From the hectic wedding to the evening party

The Weller Marquis family owned a much larger and grand townhouse than the Drimore family. They headed towards the entrance by carriage from the gate.

Friedrich, who was supposed to be her husband, greeted her, but it was only a formality. He didn’t even smile and immediately took her to his office. She had prepared herself, but it seemed she wasn’t welcomed after all.

Liddellina was guided by the house steward and walked up the large central staircase in the entrance hall, down the long corridor with a high ceiling, and came to the front of the large double doors.

“This is Liddellina-sama’s room.”

When the steward opened the door, Liddellina saw a comfortable-looking sofa and chairs sitting around an intricately designed tea table. And in the large ceramic vase were large red and pink flowers that seemed to welcome Liddellina’s arrival. Then, she was shown to the bedroom, which had a beautiful bed with a canopy covered in layers of cloth. Liddellina was overwhelmed by the luxury and was confused.

(Are you welcomed by any chance…?)

After having some tea and taking a break, the fitting for the wedding dress began. It was a luxurious one with pearls decorating the pure white dress and satin fabric that shone. Liddellina was amazed by the pearls and diamonds. It was so expensive that she couldn’t believe she was going to wear it and felt like it was someone else’s.

After that, Liddellina received an explanation of the procedures for the ceremony, went to the temple to hold the wedding ceremony and greet the priests, and exchanged formal vows in front of the priests three days later. It was a simple wedding ceremony that didn’t seem fitting for the Marquis family, except for Liddellina’s lavish wedding dress…

Things were so chaotic that Liddellina couldn’t fully grasp the reality that she had become someone’s wife.

She was unable to adjust to the sudden marriage and the big change in environment. In this unfamiliar life, she felt like she was left behind.


The servants were all kind and hardworking, taking care of Liddellina, but she communicated with her husband through the steward. Was he really not interested in seeing his wife, or was he truly the eccentric person rumored to be?… In this uncertain state, Liddellina didn’t know how to behave in the mansion.

In addition, the terms of the marriage were strange.

The contract that Liddellina made with the Marquis was to take care of the territory while he was away and protect the territory and the servants from his demanding relatives.

Meals were naturally separate for husband and wife, and it was difficult to talk directly even when there was business, so communication through written messages was quite a challenge for 18-year-old Liddellina.

She was sad and hurt when she thought he might dislike her or be distant because he was her husband. If that was the case, it would be better to accept him as just her employer.

“In other words, something like the head of the servants…  I wonder?”

Liddellina muttered to herself as she drank her post-dinner tea.


Three days later, she participated in a night party held at the royal palace. It was also Liddellina’s debut. Friedrich gave her a champagne-colored, luxurious dress and a large emerald necklace decorated with diamonds that was fitting for a Marquis’s wife. It had sleeves that flared in the latest fashionable design.

The outfit and decorations looked great against Liddellina’s soft light brown hair and young grass-colored eyes.

The pearls and diamonds she received at the wedding were also wonderful, but she couldn’t help but wonder if it was okay to be given so much when she was in debt. These were the first things she had ever worn. Even the undergarments were smooth and comfortable.

Her maids styled her hair and put on her makeup, and she was praised with “Okusama, you look beautiful.” This calmed her nervousness and lifted her mood.

Then, the couple rode in the same carriage for the first time and headed to the royal palace. There was some business to discuss in the carriage, but the atmosphere was awkward and mostly silent between them.

Even when Liddellina expressed her gratitude for the dress and decorations, her husband just nodded and his response was weak. Liddellina’s mood quickly wilted.

Liddellina got out of the carriage and was escorted by Friedrich to the venue. His escort was a little awkward, and he seemed to be unfamiliar with women. In fact, he seemed to avoid getting too close to Liddellina and kept a proper distance between them. It felt like he was afraid of her, rather than disliked.

(… Could it be?)

Liddellina looked up at her tall husband with a puzzled expression.

He showed no signs of tension, but there was no gap in his appearance and she couldn’t find a single opening for conversation.

When they first met, he said he preferred a relationship where they didn’t interfere with each other. So was it forbidden to talk privately?

Liddellina quietly sighed at her husband, who was as closed off as a shell. She would be with him for a long time. Although she couldn’t be a normal couple with him, she had thought she wanted to shorten the distance between them, but it seemed impossible for now.

After greeting the nobles who were acquaintances of the Weller Marquis’s family, Liddellina was introduced to Sir Tony Andrea, who was a colleague and knight of Friedrich’s. He had served as Friedrich’s deputy on the battlefield and had a long association with him. Tony was a cheerful person, unlike Friedrich, and Liddellina thought that there must be various types of military men.

Then, she danced with Friedrich. He wasn’t a bad dancer, but his lead was somewhat awkward. She had heard that he didn’t socialize much. He seemed to be unfamiliar with dancing.

While Liddellina was thinking about this, he whispered something to her.

“I’m a soldier. I don’t know when anything will happen. If something happens, rely on Tony.”

When Liddellina looked up in surprise, the dance was over.

After that, he was immediately called to the royal seats. It seems that his achievements in the war two years ago are recognized and he is now trusted by the royal family. He is seriously talking with the second prince of this country.

By the way, this is the first time that Liddellina has come to the capital’s evening party. It was much more glamorous than she imagined and it felt like she had come to another world.

Before she could prepare her heart, everything felt like a dream because she got married without much preparation and the reality was vague and fluffy. Maybe that’s why. She didn’t feel as nervous as she thought, and there was little tension.

Since there was nothing to do standing alone, Liddellina moved to the wall. She received a drink from the servant and sat down, and since there was nothing to do, she nibbled on a fox-colored baked confectionery. The butter melts fragrantly in her mouth. She had never eaten such a delicious baked confectionery before.

She reached out for the appetizer on the next plate. Liddellina pounded her tongue because it was so delicious. Just being able to eat this dish was worth coming to the palace.

However, the ladies had been observing Liddellina for a while and no one approached her. It is rumored that she is the daughter who was taken away from her commoner stepsister by her fiancé, and then immediately sold to the Marquiss’ family. On top of that, there is a difference in status in their marriage.

Everyone seems to be measuring their distance from Liddellina. There are even rumors that she will be divorced soon. The socialites love gossip that surpasses what they hear. With a fan covering her mouth, they laugh and say “that girl is just a decorative wife” with a fake smile, and Liddellina begins to feel somewhat uncomfortable.


When she is called by name and looks up, she sees Yvonne. Hadn’t Yvonne said that she wouldn’t be participating in social events this year because of some mishap?

Either way, Yvonne is the last person Liddellina wanted to see after leaving her hometown.

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  1. Skite says:

    I’m going to guess Yvonne got pregnant in the capital, retreated to the countryside to hide it, then latched on to what’s his face as a rube who’d be willing to marry her after she slept with him once. It was acceptable, possibly even a triumph, when she had at least stolen the man from someone since that meant she had “won” something. But now she is oissed she had to settle and she can’t stand that her cousin went on to attain one of the highest rankings in the land and the most money, and she’s stuck with a goober from the countryside.

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