Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 111

𝐏𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐚

After a good night’s sleep, I headed to the dining room on the first floor with Emilia, only to find that everyone was already gathered.

It’s not early morning, but neither is it very late. I hadn’t thought I’d be the last one, so I hurried a bit.

“Good morning, no need to rush. We ourselves just woke up.”

“Good morning to you all, I apologize for being late.”

“I’m really sorry for being late!”

Grion was already seated. I regret organizing my magic bag and accidentally moving my alarm clock to another magic bag.

“Don’t worry about it. My wife often told me that. Ladies take time to get ready. And it’s a man’s duty to wait.”

I was relieved that Grion laughed it off without seeming to care.

“There’s a problem, though.”

The cheerful atmosphere faded, and Grion’s expression turned serious.

“. . .We’re unable to prepare a decent meal. It’s a strict secret that Prince Linus is here, so when we gave the cooks time off, we couldn’t ask them to prepare food.”

“Understood. I’ll bring something out right away.”

There’s food I’ve prepared in advance, though not much, still in the magic bag.

After excusing myself to check the magic bag, I found plenty of fresh bread, beverages, and soup.

It’s a tomato-based soup with shrimp, meatballs, mussels, and a variety of vegetables. The shrimp are large enough for frying, and the mussels are sizeable, making the dish look quite festive.

“We have bread, beverages, and soup. Shall I fry some bacon and eggs too?”

“How thoughtful! Bacon is tempting, but using up more food might give away that we’ve had guests. . .”

“Then, I’ll bring what we have. There’s plenty of fresh bread, so everyone can fill up on that.”

“My thanks. I neglected preparations expecting the meal to be brought, sorry about that. If this were a battlefield, that mistake could have been deadly.”

I can’t fathom how that would be, but Grion looks as if he’s gripping his fist in regret.

I set a steaming pot of soup on the table, along with a basket crammed with various breads. I didn’t forget the butter and jam.

I laid out the dishes and cutlery and then faced a dilemma.

I’m not quite sure about the proper placement of formal cutlery and dishes. I have a general idea, but since my time in the Fourth Knight Order until now, I’ve eaten informally, even having the lord knights carry meals.

I’m missing that specialized knowledge of how exactly to place which cloth.

“Thank you for the meal, Alice. Let’s gratefully partake. I’ll carry what Alice has prepared, so don’t worry.”

“Roa-sama. . .”

“If it weren’t for Alice’s management, we would have eaten everything on the way here. Alice’s cooking is delicious, after all.”

Rolf’s wink pops cheerfully.

“We’re used to all this, so don’t worry about it! Come on, let’s help out and eat quickly!”

“Alice, please sit down and eat with us. Telhar-sama, please join us as well.”

Edgardo smiles, seemingly a bit calmer. Shiro quickly stands up and places the basket in the center for everyone.

“It’s okay for everyone to take what they like and eat! That’s what Grion-sama and I decided.”

“Eating tomatoes is somewhat ‘tomat-oh’! Right?”


Arthur’s usual demeanor brings a sense of relief.

Telling puns means that this place is safe and is proof that Grion-sama is not easily angered.

Once bread and soup were distributed, everyone sat down and began to eat after saying “itadakimasu.”

The bread in hand was walnut bread. The fluffy bread with crunchy walnuts was delicious.

The soup was hearty, and a full plate seemed enough to fill one’s stomach. The soup had a slight tanginess, with the flavors of shellfish and shrimp dissolved in it.

The onions melted in the mouth, the carrots were tender, and the meatballs were satisfying to eat. It was reassuring to see Emilia eating as well.

Inside the magic tool, Emilia seemed to be in poor health and did not eat much.

Probably, the makeshift bed did not suit her. When sleeping together, she would often turn over, unable to sleep.

If this were home, we could replace the bed, but given the situation, she had no choice but to endure the makeshift bed.

For the record, I slept soundly. I wonder if Emilia would notice a bean under thick mattresses and duvets.

It highlights my own insensitivity.

After eating plenty with everyone, we relaxed with tea after the meal. Emilia’s complexion improved, which was a relief. Surprisingly, Edgardo was the most concerned about Emilia.

Perhaps because it was Grion’s house. Shiro was likely worried as well, but he did not show it and took care of Roa-sama.

Emilia did not complain either, maintaining an expression as if it were natural. Her ability to separate public and private matters was admirable.

“A carriage has been prepared for you. The road to the villa is not well-maintained enough for magic tools to pass through. I apologize for the inconvenience. . .”

“Do not worry. I am grateful for the prepared carriage.”

“I have sent servants I trust most to the villa. An elderly couple, I have instructed them to serve as discreetly as possible.”

“I appreciate it again and again.”

Grion’s house stood alone a little away from the city. Still, it attracted attention, so we decided to sneak out through the back door.

We declined Grion’s kindness to see us off and quickly boarded the carriage. As the back door closed, we saw Grion bowing deeply, disappearing behind the narrowing door gap.

The carriage was probably the one Grion always used.

Inside, it was decorated in subdued colors, not flashy or luxurious, but each item was of quality and well-crafted.

The carriage interior seemed to be arranged with long sofas facing each other, similar to trains from a past life.

Emilia and I sat across from Roa-sama, with Edgardo and Rene sitting to the left and right.

“If Emilia and Alice both go out to town, Emilia will be incognito as a noble, and Alice will be her maid. We’ll have one person escort them.”

“If it pleases Prince Linus, I am happy to serve.”

“I do not wish to put the lady in danger, but. . .”

“Men and women gain different things. That is why we are here, so please use me to your advantage.”

“I am grateful, Emilia. I owe Alice a lot as well.”

“No, I am the one who has always been helped by Roa-sama.”

Bowing deeply.


“I was surprised to learn that Roa-sama is Prince Linus, and although my words come late, thank you for advancing the development of the cure for my mother’s illness. We are truly happy. Every day, my family lives with hope.”

“That is. . . merely my self-satisfaction. I could have done it much earlier.”

“If the research was advanced for my sake, my importance would increase, and it would have put me in danger instead. Being under the control of Dyson and targeted by other nobles, survival would have been unlikely.”

Emilia smiled broadly.

“Nevertheless, the development of the medicine was secretly progressing. Prince Linus is naive in such matters. If you feel guilt, please spread the word once the cure is complete.”

“. . .Yeah, I will do that.”

Roa-sama’s face, which had been tense, slowly transformed into a smile.

In reality, the two who appeared to be at odds had a bond that only they understood. I always thought Roa-sama was alone, so seeing such a scene makes me smile.

Suddenly, Roa-sama looked this way. Those deep, clear green eyes that I’ve become accustomed to at school, stared straight at me.

“Your mom’s condition hasn’t worsened, so please rest assured. I’m really happy to hear that from Alice. . . I really am happy.”

Come to think of it, Prince Linus decided to support the special medicine for the sake of someone important.

My dad said otherwise, but I always thought it was for Emilia.

Surely not. . . no, I can’t be that presumptuous. That would be too conceited.

Struggling to endure the slightly pink atmosphere, I desperately searched for a topic of conversation.

After all, in the carriage, all eyes were on Roa-sama and me, and while Roa-sama seemed unaffected by being the center of attention, it was unbearable for me.

“Uh. . . at the villa, I will also help with cooking.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

The conversation halted. The pink air did not dissipate much.

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