Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 110

𝐆𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐧’𝐬 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐭

Moving through the deserted house, I arrived at the reception room.

“Prince Linus, ladies, please take a seat.”

Roa-sama sat down, and Emilia followed suit, so I quietly sat next to Emilia.

The others stood as if to protect Roa-sama. Grion settled deeply into the sofa and closed his eyes tightly once.

“. . .I apologize for not preparing tea. I thought it would be better to keep our presence here as unknown as possible.”

“Your concern is unnecessary. We are grateful for your cooperation.”

“You flatter me. I will do my best to be of service to Prince Linus. For that purpose. . . I would like you to indulge in an old man’s reminiscences for a bit.”

Grion turned his eyes to Edgardo, who stood behind Roa-sama. Seeing Edgardo nod without hesitation, Grion seemed to make up his mind as well.

“This is a tale of a young man from a war now past. Due to my military achievements in skirmishes before the full-blown war, I was able to elevate the Valka family to nobility.”

“I’ve heard. Grion, with overwhelming power, you trampled the enemy and gave no quarter, preventing the sparks of war. It was an ennoblement for bringing peace to the conflict.”

“Yes. A young man with nothing but strength, fortunate through the aid of those around him.”

Searching for his next words, Grion let his gaze wander over the table.

“A beloved wife, a beloved son. . . I was happy. Hearing my son innocently say he wanted to be like me, I told my wife the story over and over again that night. . . without knowing that my son would truly follow in my footsteps.”

“Life. . . an imitation?”

“My son began to imitate my actions over time. At first, I found it endearing, but soon it felt excessive. His preferences in food, his sword training, even the way he spoke and his mannerisms. . . I pleaded with him that he didn’t need to do that, that he was our beloved son even without any medals. . . but my words did not reach him.”

“I see. . . such a thing.”

“My son grew up insisting he would marry at the same age I did. There was also a wish from the family of his partner, and he married at the same age as I had. I was relieved that he did not force his behavior on his wife. . . but after a while, my wife. . . passed away.”

It was the same illness that afflicted my mother.

This illness progresses slowly, so it’s rare to have a sudden farewell when they were fine the day before.

Counting the remaining time, it’s tough for both the person and those around them to face an illness that gets worse but never better.

“I was in grief. . . my son also mourned deeply. He threw himself into imitating me as if to escape, and I tried to stop him, but with the loss of my wife. . . I.”

Recalling that time, Grion bit his lip hard. His clasped hands whitened with the force, trembling violently.

“I. . . came to be constantly at odds with my son, and the mansion was enveloped in a gloomy atmosphere. My wife and I wanted our son to live as he wished. We never wanted him to walk the same path as me. The more I spoke, the more stubborn my son became. . . I chose to distance myself. I thought that if I cooled my head in this villa, which my wife loved, while mourning her death, we could eventually have a calm discussion. . . That was a mistake.

My son refused to meet with me. Since I had passed on the headship, I could no longer freely enter the mansion. Our relationship improved a little after Edgardo was born, but still. . . it didn’t go well.”


It’s unclear what kind of person Edgardo’s father is or what he thinks.

From Grion, one can feel the affection for Edgardo and his father. I think Edgardo, who seldom speaks of it, does not dislike his father.

It seems he is afraid, yet he hasn’t given up on receiving love; that’s the impression he gives.

“I’m embarrassed to say, but I cannot predict how my son will react upon hearing that I’m cooperating.”

“I’m grateful for the difficult things you’ve shared with me.”

Roa-sama first expressed his gratitude, placing his hands on Grion’s, which were clasped painfully tight.

“What does Edgardo think? Would it be bad to engage with Ian through Grion’s introduction?”

“. . .It would be better for my father if I sought his cooperation before approaching my grandfather. However, Prince Linus need not worry about that. In the face of a royal usurpation, my father’s feelings are trivial.”

Edgardo’s father’s name appears to be Ian.

I have heard of Ian Valka, but I know nothing of his persona.

“Ian is also one of my important subjects. Indeed, if I disregard Ian’s feelings and command him, things might proceed smoothly. But, I do not want to miss the opportunity to untangle the entwined threads of the Valka family, even if it’s considered leniency.”

Roa-sama gave a wry smile.

“I rarely have the chance to discuss matters with my father anymore. I might be trying to save an illusionary self by projecting my unfulfilled desires onto the Valka family. If you think my judgment is wrong, please advise me. I will gratefully accept it.”

Shiro promptly raised his voice without hesitation.

“What are you saying! From what I’ve heard just now, there’s no guarantee that Ian-sama will cooperate willingly when it comes to Grion-sama. Even if it takes a little time, let’s first ask Ian-sama for cooperation. After that, let’s request Grion-sama’s cooperation through Ian-sama.”

At times like this, thanks to Shiro who can express his opinion, the atmosphere in the room eases. It becomes an environment where anyone can speak, and Arthur follows suit.

“I agree with Shiro. It’s better to approach Ian-sama without revealing that we’ve met Grion-sama. In a few days, we should receive a report on the Valka family investigation.”

“Right. I don’t think Ian is colluding with Dyson, but we cannot neglect this matter.”

Grion, with his rugged hands stroking his chin slowly, begins to speak thoughtfully.

“. . .Next week is the anniversary of my wife’s death. On this day alone, Ian will also welcome me into his home. My wife was beloved by many. Before I knew it, people who were close to her began gathering on the anniversary of her death.

If the results of the investigation from His Majesty arrive by this day, I can propose cooperation directly.”

“I am thankful.”

Roa-sama bowed deeply, and Grion laughed heartily.

“Don’t worry about it. If Prince Linus is present, my wife would be pleased. Until then, please use the villa. It would be bad if it were known that you were at my residence, even by chance. Since it’s already late at night, please rest. I have given the servants time off, so I cannot offer satisfactory hospitality.”

“You’re doing this to keep me out of the public eye, aren’t you? I’ll gratefully take this time to rest.”

Due to the limited guest rooms, Emilia and I shared a room. Grion apologized, but to sleep in a fluffy bed inside a house is more than enough for me.

Roa-sama was prepared a single room, but it seems he will sleep with someone else just in case. After saying goodnight to everyone, Emilia and I enter the room.


“Since you said it was okay to use the shower, I will take a shower, but what about you, Emilia-sama?”

“I will do the same.”

While letting Emilia go first into the bath, I prepare sleepwear for both of us.

I take out some tea from the magic bag and drink it while waiting for Emilia to finish, then it’s my turn to go to the bath.

“What, what is this. . .! A magic tool that cleanses the body and hair just by entering it! Amazing! May I use it?! Really?!”

My excitement peaks, and I lie down in the magic tool shaped like a bathtub.

The magic tool, crafted in white and gold, adorned with flowers and a rounded shape, is very cute.

As soon as I lie down, warm water and bubbles emerge, washing over my body. As I close my eyes and savor the comfort, something completely covers my head.

My hair gets wet with the warm water and is shampooed.

“Ahhhh~. . . Paradise. . . paradise. . .”

Gently washed down to the scalp, and even treated with conditioner. Then it moves on to washing my face, followed by immediate moisturizing. Lying down, my body and hair are dried off, and cream is applied.

“It felt so good. . . I want it, but it’s really expensive, isn’t it. . .”

Now that I’ve tried it, I understand why it’s pricey.

The shampoo and face wash were selected especially for me. My hair is silky and shiny, and I now have a moisturized, beloved body.

Excited, I return to the room and can’t help but passionately discuss with Emilia the greatness of this magic tool.

“Magic tools are convenient. The nobility say that professionals should do everything, but after trying it, it was really good.”

Happy with those words, I talk about Prep-kun and Cooker-kun, but to my dismay, I get a bit of a pullback. Sad.

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