Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 112

𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭-𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝 𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐥

Grion’s villa was a cozy building by the shore of a small lake.

Even though it’s compact, there are enough rooms for all of us to stay. I might be getting desensitized to think this way.

After seeing the royal castle and the school. . . when you see buildings of that size, everything else seems small.

The reddish-brown villa was surrounded by flowers, creating an overall charming atmosphere. Maybe it reflected the taste of Grion’s late wife.

The front door was open, and no one seemed to be around, yet it was well maintained, and the dining area was prepared with cups and warm tea for everyone.

“. . .They have prepared it so that we can move freely. I am truly grateful. Having a rare vassal like the Valka family, I am proud, Edgardo.”

“You flatter me too much.”

Edgardo bowed his head as if touched.

For now, we decided to sit down and drink the tea prepared out of kindness. It had a faint scent of herbs and warmed the body as we drank.

“Your Highness Linus, if I may.”

Suddenly, Rolf rose from his chair and knelt on the floor.

It’s impressive how he can do this so naturally and look so dignified.

“What is it, Rolf?”

“May I please go to the Ouldra house? I will explain the situation and surely gain their cooperation.”

“You are the right person for the task. Make sure to take the magical communication device.”

“I will depart immediately.”

“Understood. I am counting on you.”

“Leave it to me. The Ouldra house is excellent in these matters.”

Rolf lifted his face, giving a smile and a wink.

Receiving the perfect wink, Roa-sama nodded as if it was only natural. I still can’t quite catch Rolf’s winks, but Roa-sama is amazing.

“After everything is over, I want you to teach me how to wink. Make sure to come back properly.”


Roa-sama, can’t you wink?

I, I want to see. . .

Caught staring, Roa-sama shyly agreed to teach me.

“. . .I end up closing both eyes.”

“That’s cute.”

“Is it, though. . .”

Roa-sama seemed slightly unsatisfied, but quickly shifted hIS focus to see Rolf off.

I thought he would use the carriage we arrived in, but Rolf decided to go on foot.

“That carriage bears the Valka family crest. Using it would draw attention. Once I reach the city, I plan to use a rental carriage to go to the Ouldra territory.”

This place is in the midst of a little forest.

It makes sense, there’s nothing around a villa built here.

“Rest assured, Alice. I have trained for this, I’ll reach the city in no time.”

“Indeed, you’ve been running through secret passages all this time.”

“Don’t worry, the Ouldra house will surely become our ally.”

“It’s not that. . . I’m worried about your heart, Rolf-sama. . .”

I suspect they don’t talk about family much, so maybe they aren’t that close.

It may be best for Rolf to go and persuade them, but I’m concerned it might hurt him.

“. . .Thank you, Alice. But I must settle my own issues soon. It’s a good opportunity to have a family quarrel.”

It’s a lie.

Rolf couldn’t possibly do that while we’re trying to capture Dyson.

Even though I know, I couldn’t point it out. I couldn’t dismiss Rolf’s consideration and burden him further.


“. . .Please, be safe.”

“If it is Alice’s wish, I will gladly do so.”

Rolf, overly polite to the point of being ostentatious, bowed dramatically with a smile.

It was a relief to know that Rolf was not pushing himself too hard.

“Rolf, take care. If anything happens, I will come to strike.”

“Edgardo has things to do here, right?”

“I will go after I finish.”

“I am counting on you.”

“Really, be careful! This magic bag contains clothes and food.”

“Eye drops and powder to change hair color are also included. Please don’t forget.”

“Thank you, Rene, Arthur. I won’t make a blunder and forget.”

The magic bag was tied to the belt and hidden at the stomach. The simple shirt and trousers highlighted the length of his legs.

His legs were so long, it seemed they made up half his height.

“This is a letter from me. Please deliver it to Rolf’s family.”


“How long will it take to get there?”

“About a week, I guess. Shiro has a magic communication tool, right? I will contact you when I arrive.”

“Yeah. I’m relying on you!”

“Ouldra-sama, I pray for your safety.”

Finally, when Emilia called out, Rolf ran off.

Everyone stared in the direction where Rolf had disappeared, long after he was out of sight.

. . .It’s sad to think of Rolf, who has always been with us, now gone.

“Now, let’s make sure we have results to report to Rolf when he returns. I’m thinking of checking out the town a bit before going to the Valka house.”

“That’s a good idea. Grion-sama said he has prepared clothes. Shall we change?”

Thanks to Roa-sama and Arthur’s cheerful suggestion, the feeling of loneliness was slightly alleviated.

Roa-sama was allowed to use the best room on the second floor, which was very nice, and thanks to being with Emilia, I also had a very nice room.

“Alice, could you help me change? I’ve never changed by myself. . .”

“Yes. Since it’s a special occasion, shall I teach you how to change?”

“Yes, please do!”

Emilia’s eyes sparkled with excitement, but this day dress is something one could wear on their own.

There are hidden buttons lined up in the center of the dress, and one only needs to fasten them. The buttons in front are cleverly hidden with fabric and decorations, which is very cute.

“It’s simple! It might take some time to get used to. . . But this way, I can change whenever I want, without needing a maid to lift and lower my arms. . . It feels like freedom.”

Seeing Emilia so happy makes me happy too.

From my perspective, who has always dressed alone, being dressed by someone else seems convenient, but there must be times when it feels restrictive.

Especially corsets.

They are definitely tight, even when one thinks they’ve had enough.

“I’ll go change as well.”

The dress prepared for me is not a day dress, but a one-piece. It’s made of a slightly more expensive fabric than a commoner’s everyday wear, and it’s fresh to have my legs exposed.

The skirt is flared and swings at mid-calf length, covered by boots that come below the knee. If the skirt is too long, it immediately gives away that one is a noble.

With this, I should be unrecognizable as a noble in town!

After all, I am confident that I can blend into the city as a commoner right away!

“I have kept you waiting, Emilia-sama. Shall we go?”

With a bonnet on Emilia, it’s time to set off!

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