Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 109

𝐀 𝐂𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚

Traveling on a [magic tool] was more comfortable than I had expected.

After all, there was hardly any vibration. There were no sharp curves, nor was there the feeling of swooping up and down due to elevation changes.

I had been wondering why, and it turned out that this country had no mountains.

In my previous life, if I had thought of going far via highway, I would have passed through mountains and tunnels. Here, there are only gentle hills, so there’s no need to navigate winding mountain roads or ascend and descend mountains.

The moment everyone got on the [magic tool], they seemed to relax a little. It turns out Baldwin was driving.

“Baldwin. . . Do you mean Baldwin Somers-sama?”

The same Baldwin that interviewed me before working for the [Fourth Knight Order]?

A slim and handsome man, who seemed to be meticulous and had a hard time, that one?

Now that you mention it, since he was the one who created the [Fourth Knight Order] for Roa-sama, it makes sense that one of Roa-sama’s companions would conduct the interview.

As usual, I don’t know the finer details of Roa-sama’s circumstances. However, I’m glad to know that Roa-sama has allies everywhere.

“Baldwin loves to drive, and he handles carriages skillfully. This magic tool is also almost shake-free and comfortable, right? It’s not just the performance of the magic tool, but also thanks to Baldwin’s skill. . . Although Baldwin can’t ride horses, he is admirable in other respects.”

“I see. So, Somers-sama isn’t the one driving all the time, is he?”

“No, he leaves it to Shiro and Rolf as well.”

Baldwin, good at driving but unable to ride horses. . .

. . .I kind of get it.

Time passed relatively quickly over the two days, transferring items into the magic bag, eating the food I had prepared, reviewing the strategy, and making small talk.

Along the way, we received word that Rolf’s family was unrelated to Dyson, and Rolf was relieved. This meant we could expect cooperation from the Ouldra Count family.

It turned out that Dyson’s underlings had been studying poison on his own lands. They would do everything possible to avoid unnecessary speculation and false accusations.

We arrived at the mansion where Edgardo’s grandfather lived, close to midnight.

Baldwin was going to return to the royal capital, so we all thanked him.

The mansion we disembarked at was modest. It was hard to believe that it belonged to someone who had been ennobled for military achievements in a war decades ago.

It was many times larger than our home and obviously expensive, yet there was a sense of simple and sturdy grandeur in the unadorned facade of the residence.

We entered discreetly through the back door, and there was someone waiting for us.

What first surprised me was his height. Having heard that he was about 60 years old, I had imagined a grandfatherly figure, but he was just a bit shorter than Edgardo, who was around 190 cm.

His back was straight, and in the cold, his muscular arms, veined and brawny, were visible from his short-sleeved shirt.

Sharp eyes, a large and high nose. His mouth was tightly set. His white hair, peppered with black, was cut short, and there stood an active, muscular grandfather.

“Grandfather. I have returned.”

The nodding grandfather quickly knelt.

“Please forgive me for being the only one to welcome you. I’m glad you’ve made it.”

“Please raise your head, Grion.”

It appears that Edgardo’s grandfather is named Grion.


“I have heard about you from Edgardo and His Majesty’s messenger. However, I have made a vow to believe only what my eyes see. I hope you will forgive my impertinence, but I would like to see proof of your noble lineage.”

“Of course. We have hardly met, and I understand it is difficult to trust someone immediately.”

“Thank you. Then, may I request a song from you?”


“Please sing. Right now, right here.”

To the unusually dumbfounded Roa-sama, a very serious Grion.

To sing here?

In this dimly lit place, right after entering through the back door of the mansion, where light scarcely reaches? To perform a cappella in this silence?

“If it is that person’s singing voice, I will recognize it immediately. It is difficult to imitate that voice.”

Indeed, Roa-sama has a charming voice. If he sings sonorously with that low voice, it will surely be mesmerizing.

“━Understood. If that clears Grion’s suspicions.”

Roa-sama cleared his throat several times and then opened his mouth.


“Is this. . . opera? Probably a male solo.”


Roa-sama sings. Boldly, with chest puffed out, in front of the dark back entrance.

“I had no idea. . .”

Roa-sama is incredibly tone-deaf!!

This tone-deafness is evident even to me, who is not well-versed in opera! It’s amazing tone-deafness!

I can barely recognize what Roa-sama is singing, as it’s a song I’ve heard when I attended the opera as an activity for noble ladies.

Perhaps. . . just perhaps, it’s the most famous song from an opera about a tragic love.

It’s sung both at the beginning and the end, but when you hear it at the end, the impression changes drastically. The lyrics are the same, but the melody is different, arranged.

After finishing the song, Roa-sama looked at Grion with dignity.

“How was it?”

“Impressive. Was it the solo from Arsharge’s fifth movement?”

“. . .It was the first movement.”

“Indeed, a voice that no one can imitate. You have let me hear it for sure.”

Roa-sama ignored the correction, and Grion laughed. When he laughed, smile lines appeared at the corners of his eyes, softening his stern face.

“Welcome, Prince Linus. Consider this mansion your own, and make yourself comfortable.”

“. . .I’m in your care.”

Roa-sama’s face was a mix of slight dissatisfaction and relief at being accepted, a hard-to-describe expression.

It was so funny that I almost laughed, which Roa-sama immediately noticed.

“. . .If Alice wants to laugh, she should laugh. I am tone-deaf.”

“I didn’t laugh for that reason. Roa-sama’s face looked like a sulking child, which was cute.”

“. . .Being made to sing in front of everyone, I would make such a face.”

When Roa-sama was in the Fourth Knight Order, there was always a barrier, no matter how much time we spent together.

Since going to school and revealing he was the prince, the barriers disappeared, but he still seemed to try not to show weakness.

Now, he shows various faces and lets me learn many things about him, which makes me happy.

“I’m relieved to know that besides being negative, Roa-sama has no faults. Surely everyone follows him because he is Roa-sama. Being tone-deaf might even be a point that raises his likability.”

“. . .Is that so?”

“I think it’s better than someone without flaws. That’s my personal opinion.”

Looking around, Roa-sama saw everyone nodding and showed a slightly surprised expression.


“. . . . . .I see. I must be more grateful to everyone. Even so, it seems Alice thought of me as negative.”

“Because you always say I’m so positive. I get down just like anyone else.”

“Is that so?”


Surprised at Roa-sama’s astonishment.

Being always positive, has that trait not become a shortcoming rather than a strength?

Did I always appear cheerful to Roa-sama? I thought I had shown weakness and shared my worries.

“. . . . . .Miss Alice・Norchev?”

With just a single word uttered by Grion, the room fell silent as if he commanded the space.

In Grion’s eyes, there seemed to be a flame burning quietly.

“I apologize for interrupting our conversation.”

He immediately bowed in apology, and what came was a surprisingly gentle voice.

“No need for apologies. Though it is quite presumptuous of me, I was concerned about Prince Linus. Hearing that my grandson could be of help to Prince Linus pleased me, but I couldn’t be at ease without seeing it for myself. If this atmosphere is any indicator, all is well.”

“Yes, I am blessed with good companions.”

The gazes of the men intertwined, creating an atmosphere akin to that of a boys’ manga.

Emilia and I step back a little so as not to intrude. In times like these, the opposite sex can be a nuisance.

“Come, this way. Let’s have a little talk.”

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