Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 103

𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠

An acoustic and barrier magic tool, apparently used for important meetings, is one such device.

I heard that this magic tool creates a large dome-like membrane around the place it’s set, absorbing sound and impacts.

Finally, it is time to capture that merchant.

I plan to watch from a distance. I want to confirm that the merchant is captured properly and feel relieved.

I don’t doubt Roa-sama and the others, but I want to see it happen and experience it for real.

Shiro and Emilia are to stay in the room. Emilia has no connection to the merchant and is frail, so it’s best not to expose her to such excitement.

Thor insisted on coming, and Marina wanted to come for the same reason as me, to feel reassured.

Somehow, we got permission to use a location at the edge of the school grounds.

As I waited, seated on a chair that Rene had laid a handkerchief on, the merchant appeared. It’s a single path to this place, and Chris is keeping watch.

“. . .Now then.”

In the midst of the barren land being cleared, a rough patch somewhere. Amidst the piled up tree roots and cut grass, Roa-sama turned around.

It was an imposing and beautiful smile.

“You will be attacked unilaterally now. . . but if you reflect on your life, there will be many things that come to mind.”

Before the cautious merchant could turn on his heel to flee, Edgardo blocked his path.



Rolf stepped out from the side and easily subdued the merchant.

Edgardo, holding something like a syringe, mercilessly injected it into the merchant’s arm.

“What, what is this. . .! What have you done to me!”

That was an antidote for the deadly poison from the collar of submission, actually an act to save his life. To the unaware merchant, it must be nothing but terror.

“Be quiet.”

Edgardo, unusually harsh in tone, emptied the contents of the syringe and tossed it aside carelessly.

His long fingers cracked ominously.

“You’re not planning to feign innocence at this stage, are you.”

A heavy punch from Edgardo, bearing his full weight, critically hit the merchant’s proud face.

. . .After that, I could only stand next to Marina, staring dumbfounded.

While Rene was pummeling with a wooden sword wrapped in thick cloth, Thor was kicking and punching, yelling something.

I was quite surprised when Roa-sama unleashed magic.

. . .Magic is really magic.

The first magic I saw after being reborn was like a game.

Roa-sama produced flames from his hands, Edgardo amplified it with wind magic, creating a tornado of flames trapping the merchant inside.

Arthur surrounded the inner flame tornado with ice, controlling the temperature and impact while shooting ice bullets at the merchant.

Rolf oversaw everything, restraining Edgardo and Thor when they went too far, all the while beating the merchant thoroughly.

The punch Rolf planted in the gut felt like an expression of his anger.

“Haah. . . Tianne-sama, you are truly beloved.”

“Mmm. . . yeah, I guess.”

I nodded, but honestly, I was too shocked to care.

I’m truly glad Emilia wasn’t here. She might have fainted from the shock.


That merchant I once despised so much, now I find myself a bit worried about him.

If everyone overdoes it here, we might not be able to hear any information.

Watching anxiously, the assault eventually ceased.

Roa-sama walks towards me and kneels before me as I sit.

“Roa-sama! No, it’s not right, please stand up!”

“Is there something you wish to do? Now would be the time to resist if you can.”

The merchant who had collapsed in a shabby state, turned out to be less injured than I thought. His arms were not one or two less as I had imagined, but he was completely intact and conscious.

But his face was swollen like he was stung by a bee, his clothes were tattered, and there were places where his hair was oddly short.

He was filthy all over and covered in blood.

“I have taken my revenge on the day I was attacked. Now, I hope the victims themself or their family can do as they wish.”

“. . .Alice, you are kind.”

Being gazed at by everyone with sparkling eyes, I felt uncomfortable and averted my gaze.

. . .When that merchant used to come to our house, he gave us a significant discount on his goods. It was a service only for the first time, he said, selling expensive and fresh items really cheaply.

To give an example from a previous life, it’s like selling 5 kilograms of branded rice for a thousand yen, along with cheap matsutake mushrooms and Wagyu beef for four people as a bonus. He did this twice a week, for over a month.

Even though I thought his gaze was unpleasant, the merchandise was genuine.

If it had been of poor quality, he wouldn’t have been called again, so he brought goods that were worthy of a noble’s house.

Although the merchant’s aim was disgusting, at that time, I beat him severely and drove him away, and now he is in this tattered state.

For me, that is truly enough.

So please don’t look at me with such eyes. . .!

My safety can’t be bought with money, but in reality, I am safe, and I’ve saved enough on food to afford a trip. . .!

“Nee-sama. . . are you really okay with this?”

“Of course. Are you satisfied now, Thor?”

“Yes. But. . . I still have to teach him the fear that Nee-sama felt. . .”

“I won’t stop you if that’s what you want, but this man, he will be tortured just as much as he has trampled on others. He won’t be allowed to die even if he begs for it.”

The merchant trembled with fear.

“But. . . Nee-sama.”

“I’m fine. What do you want to do, Thor?”

“I. . .”

Hesitating Thor was suddenly struck by something pink.

It was Marina.

She stumbled with too much momentum, and her head crashed into Thor’s solar plexus.

“Ugh. . .!”

“Sorry, so sorry!”

The impact made the glasses fall off. The ribbon that was tied to the braids came undone, and the hair spread smoothly.

Marina’s pink hair, wavy from the braids, adorned her.

An incredibly beautiful girl was there.

“Huh. . .”

Thor’s faint gasp, as he tried to say something, resonated unusually loud.

. . .I had just witnessed a moment of someone falling in love.

And it was my own brother.

“Don’t move! Your glasses have fallen off!”

Thor, hugged tightly by Marina, was blushing red.

What a thing! Thor’s love, a siscon’s beginning of spring!

Thor has always been concerned about Marina and probably liked her, but he put his love aside because of the merchant.

As soon as the issue with the merchant settled down, it turns out that the girl he was concerned about was an incredibly beautiful girl – a love story that would surprise even a romantic


“Uh, ugh. . .”

As Thor staggered back with a groan, there was a sound of something crushing under his feet.

“My, my glasses. . .!”

“I’m so sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. . .!”

“I know that. Thor wouldn’t do such a thing intentionally.”

Bathed in the bashful smile of the beautiful girl up close, Thor turned bright red and fell silent.

As everyone was surprised by Marina’s face, I stood up. It’s my turn to step in as their older sister!

“Marina, I’m sorry. I’ll prepare new glasses right away, so don’t step out of your room until then. Not even one step. If you want to become lovers with Thor, you must not go out.”

There’s a chance of being proposed to with incredible intensity.


“You must be tired, so get some good rest and take care. It might be hard, but please wear this cape when you go.”

I covered Marina’s face with the cape I had brought just in case.

“Thor, please take Marina with you. You’ll do it quickly, right Thor?”

“Nee-sama. . . But you are important to me.”

“You are important to me too, Thor. I love you, so I want you to be happy. Go for it, Thor!”

“. . . . . .Yes!”

With my fresh smile of accomplishment in the background, the two walked away snuggled up to each other.

Now, it’s time to deal with this man who’s groveling on the ground, groaning.

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