Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 104

𝐄𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐩𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐧

Rene, who had been observing the merchant, shook his head slightly.

“It seems that harming the merchant does not trigger the collar of submission. Do you feel any discomfort in your body?”

Even when an antidote is administered, there seems to be some sort of change.

Even though it won’t result in death by poison, I’ve heard that one might experience nausea or numbness, with some minor effects of the poison manifesting.

Rene glared at the silent merchant and kicked him lightly.


“No, there’s nothing. . .”

It appears that Rene is also very angry with the merchant.

As someone who had been granted many discounts, I feel somewhat uncomfortable. If I were to stop this, I would receive even more admiring glances, but I remain silent.

We must leave the merchant in a condition that allows the other victims to inflict pain if necessary; I’ll intervene if it comes to that.

“Do you know that what you are wearing around your neck is a collar of submission?”

“Yes. Ugh. . . Ack!”

As soon as the merchant nodded, he began to claw at his throat. His face paled as he realized poison had been injected, and eventually, the merchant’s hand movements slowed.

“Ugh, ack. . .!”

“The first injection was an antidote to an instant-death poison. Now you know how very kind we are, don’t you?”

“What is. . . your purpose?”

“We want you to spill everything you know. You probably don’t have much information, but if you want the antidote, you’ll have to betray Dyson and join us. Become a double agent.”

The merchant is in agony, perhaps another dose of poison was administered under Dyson’s name.

After a few minutes, the merchant, looking utterly drained, turned to us with a face that no longer held its former freshness.

“We’ll take care of you so you don’t die, don’t worry.”

. . .I know.

Rene’s face, usually so cheerful, is the face of someone plotting something.

When Arthur has a pasted-on smile, he is very angry.

Rolf’s usual radiant smile is frightening when he’s serious.

Edgardo, calmed by Rolf, has subdued his murderous intent towards the merchant and is silently swinging a wooden sword at a rock, staring at the merchant.

And then there’s Roa-sama, with a chilling gaze I’ve never seen before.

. . .What should I do?

Am I out of place for thinking I’m getting a bit hungry?

I was relieved to see the merchant beaten up.

The merchant will not be free from now on. He will be monitored until Dyson is captured, and then it’s off to jail, never to be released.

“. . .Roa-sama. Thank you for allowing me to witness this. May I go ahead and prepare dinner?”

“Of course. Any more of this would probably be too stimulating.”

“What would you like for dinner?”

Roa-sama thought for a while, then said shyly.

It’s quite adorable when the muscular Roa-sama blushes.

“. . .I want to eat the first thing that Alice made when she came to the knights.”

“Leave it to me!”

I leave the scene to everyone else and ask Edgardo to accompany me back to the room.

It’s probably also meant to cool down the excited Edgardo. After being silent for a while, Edgardo asked hesitantly.

“. . .Are you really satisfied?”


“I’m a bit worried because Alice has things she endures.”


After some hesitation, I felt embarrassed but decided to confess.

After receiving a substantial discount and then beaten and chased away, when I told him about my past, Edgardo looked blank.

“Please keep it a secret from everyone else. . .! I’m embarrassed!”

Edgardo, who had been walking in a daze, grimaced.

“Ahaha, ahahaha! It’s just like Alice to have such reasons, I’m relieved! But I think it would have been better if you had beaten him up more.”

“No way. . .”

Edgardo, who’s laughing so much, would be surprised if he heard the amount of the discount.

“Is that so. If Alice is fine with it, then I won’t worry anymore. Just a while ago, I was truly furious, thinking it wouldn’t be too much to break his arms in a few places.”

“Wouldn’t that make people suspicious?”

“That’s what I thought, so I stopped. I think I’ve already injected all the poison from the collar of submission, but I’ll control him with fear without telling him that.”

“That’s acceptable, isn’t it?”

“I believe so.”

Edgardo, who had casually explained the situation to Shiro and Emilia, went back to Roa-sama.

Emilia looked at him with eyes full of respect.

“To forgive such an inhuman person. . . Alice, you are a wonderful person.”

“. . .. . .Ah, ahaha. . .. . .”

I could only laugh.

Shiro seemed to have somewhat realized it, as he was trying to hold back his laughter. He didn’t want to shatter Emilia’s illusion and started to put all his effort into comforting the worried Emilia.

Beside the lovey-dovey couple, I silently ate pie. Having been around men so much, this was a rare occasion for me.

About an hour later, Roa-sama and the others returned. They looked refreshed.

We all sat down and drank the tea Chris had prepared.

“That merchant, after all, didn’t have any significant information. We plan to use him to disseminate false information.”

It’s sad to part ways with Thor, Caroline, and Marina, but I can’t stay here any longer.

Besides, even Thor would be embarrassed to deepen his relationship with Marina while his sister is watching. Without me, they are supposed to get into a better atmosphere.

I should tell him to let me know first if they become lovers. I’ll celebrate his departure from being a sister complex. And it will be grand!

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