Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 94

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟒: 𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞’𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕

“You finally understood, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Finally, I did.

I reviled, tormented, and drove to the wall my dear mother, calling her a traitor,

. . .It was my brother, father, and I who killed my mother.

I judged my blood-related younger brother to be tainted, ignored him, threw stones, and kept him away.

I thought it was for protecting Ahrens, I thought it was justice.”

“So you admit you were wrong.”

“My wife didn’t betray me.

My daughter, even with her silver hair, is undoubtedly mine.

But still, those of Ahrens look at me with suspicious eyes.

Thinking my wife betrayed me.

There are even some who think we are cursed.”

“Why such a thing? 

They knew that you were of royal blood, didn’t you?”

“That’s because. . .my father hasn’t made it public to the citizens.

That Kyle and we are the grandchildren of the royal brother.”

“What? You’re saying it’s still not made public?”

“Some were informed.

Even in my mother’s birth house. . .but they probably don’t want to admit their wrongdoings.

They didn’t make it widely known.

Even if they hear that father was the child of the royal brother, there are those who still want to believe he was the child of our grandfather.

Many admire our grandfather, who was once the commander of the border knights.

Even now, if told that we do not have our grandfather’s blood, they probably wouldn’t want to believe it.”

I see. Even if they wanted to make it public, they couldn’t.

The influence of our grandfather, the former commander of the border knights, was that strong.

“. . .I knew that our grandfather was treated like a hero.

That it was a matter of pride that we had our grandfather’s blood.

I guess it can’t be helped that they don’t want to admit it, knowing the truth.”

“. . .Prince Klaus, Kyle knew this fact from early on.

However, the reason he didn’t tell you was,

Because he knew you would be hurt if you knew.

Despite being protected to that extent by the brother you abused,

What do you think about what you’ve done?”

“. . .I understand. I know that I’m saying pathetic things.

When my silver-haired daughter was born, I finally realized.

How atrocious what I and we did was.

I’m sorry. . .I know it can’t be undone now.”

I couldn’t speak to Klaus, who was bowing his head deeply and continuously apologizing.

Now, after being apologized to like this, what could change?

“Prince Klaus, what are you apologizing for?”

“I’m sorry. . .I know it’s too late.

I’m not asking for forgiveness, I don’t think I can be forgiven with something like this.”

“Then why did you come to do something like this?

Did you come to talk to Kyle about this?”

“No, that’s not it. . .I’m sorry, I got sidetracked.

I will become the king of Ahrens in the spring.

I intend to accept all the conditions written in the documents handed to Sofia-sama,

When I return to Eugenis country.”

“You’re going back to Eugenis country again?”

“Yes. But, as it is now, even if I return, it will be ruined.

I. . .I’m thinking of destroying Ahrens once.”


“I intend to break all of Ahrens’ values,

And make them recognize what was right and what was wrong.

I plan to remove father, stepmother, Ilia, and Anna from real power and make them take responsibility.”

“Can you really do that?”

“The grain is already running out. The damage from the magical beasts has started.

Voices are being raised, asking who will take responsibility.

Including the fact that I hid that I was the child of the royal brother, everything will be made public.

Even the fact that my innocent mother was killed, and that my blood-related brother was oppressed.

I’ll explain to all the people of Ahrens, without any secrets, that it’s an unprofitable territory.

A territory that is unwanted by either Tyrnia or Eugenis.

Otherwise, Ahrens won’t survive.”

“That might be true, but won’t there be tremendous backlash?”

“It will come. But, I’ll take responsibility for that.

I know it won’t make up for what I’ve done to my mother and Kyle.

But, I can’t stay like this. . .

The guilt of what I’ve done is heavy. . .I feel like I’ll be ruined if I don’t do something.”

“. . .I think it’s best for Ahrens’ future, but 

What does Kyle think?”

He must have thought there’s no use in blaming Klaus any further.

The way Chris looks at me has softened.

I don’t think he’s forgiving, but I feel like he’s saying it’s enough.

Yeah, maybe it’s enough.

“When I return to Eugenis, 

If the people of Ahrens can recognize it properly, that would be good.

It’ll be tough, but why doesn’t Prince Klaus try it the way he thinks?”

“Yes, is that so? . . .Thank you.”

As if light was shining into the darkness, Klaus made a dazzling face,

I thought for a moment that Klaus might have been a victim too.

It’s because the five-year-old Klaus was convinced by the adults.

It’s not that he hated his beloved mother and wanted to hate her.

Ahrens might change with this.

It’s still the coldest time, and there’s time until they return to Eugenis.

I don’t know how much damage will occur in the meantime,

But it’s also true that it won’t change without pain.

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