Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 93


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟑: 𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞’𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕

Upon agreeing to the discussion, Klaus arrived at the palace a week later.

Bringing only a few guards, and not a carriage,

It seems he had descended the snowy mountain on horseback, during the coldest time of this season.


It might have been that the snow-blocked road was impassable for a carriage,

But descending the snowy mountain on horseback is quite a dangerous thing to do.

Why didn’t the accompanying guards stop Klaus’ action?


Normally, those around him or the Crown Prince Herman would stop him.

It did not seem like Klaus’ character to do such a reckless thing.



Klaus, whom I saw for the first time in nine months, looked a little thinner.

He might be tired, or even said to be worn out.

I led him to the reception room of the main palace as before, but the guards did not come in.

It seems like Klaus really wants to have a personal conversation with just me.


I decided not to bring in more people than necessary, and will talk with just Chris and myself.

Yuna seemed to notice that too, and left the room after placing tea on the table.


“. . .I appreciate that you accepted the discussion.”


“I cannot let you talk with Kyle alone.

I’ll be present as well. I’m Chris, becoming Kyle’s brother-in-law.


Chris was in the same room during the last discussion, but he had not greeted.

Because he was next to Sofia, I think he knew that he was a consort candidate.


When Prince Fritz adopted me, it was decided easily that Chris would become my brother.

Sofia seemed to see Chris higher than me.


Identifying himself as my brother here might be a slight to Klaus.

However, Klaus did not seem to feel the slight,

And he nodded without changing his expression and introduced himself to Chris.


“Chris-sama, I am Klaus, the next king of Ahrens.”


“. . .The next king? Is it decided?”


“Yes. I’ll explain that slowly. . .”


“Understood. Then, let’s sit down and talk.”


Klaus sits alone opposite where Chris and I sit.

Since entering this room, I have not spoken a word.

Chris was doing his best to get between Klaus and me.


Klaus doesn’t react at all to my silence.

Even though I think it would not be strange if he expressed dissatisfaction for not even greeting.


With slightly trembling hands, Klaus took the tea utensils and put them to his mouth.

He exhaled slowly, then began to speak.


“. . .Just the other day, my daughter was born.

I was chosen as the next king for that reason.

It will be officially decided after the spring.”


“After the spring?”


“Winters in Ahrens are severe.

For that reason, we do not name a child born in winter until the spring.

Many die before the spring.

Therefore, I will become the king after my daughter has been named.”


Ah, yes, there was such a custom.

When we were born, perhaps because there was support from Eugias, 

There were fewer children who died in the winter.

. . .I don’t know about this winter.


“I see. You will become the king after the child is officially recognized.

Did you come to see Kyle to report that?”


If it was a report of the child being born or becoming king,

It would be normal to report it to His Majesty or Sofia, not me.

I don’t know how to react, being informed.

Although she is my niece by bloodline, it’s too late for that.


Perhaps finding it hard to talk, Klaus took another deep breath.

He looks pale. So much so that I wonder if he is ill.

After a long silence, Klaus finally began to speak.


“. . . . . .My daughter was born with silver hair.”




“Kyle, like you, a lovely daughter with silver hair and blue eyes.”


A daughter with silver hair and blue eyes like me was born?!

. . .Will she suffer like me. . .to be scorned like that?

Remembering the situation I was in, I feel like everything is going dark before my eyes.


Chris seemed to be shaken as well, but Chris quickly recovered.


“Ah, yes. That possibility does exist.

When royal blood is mixed, it’s not strange for a silver-haired child to be born at any time.

Since Prince Klaus is the grandson of the late king’s younger brother, it wouldn’t be strange for his daughter to have silver hair, right?”


“. . .I hadn’t realized that.

I was averting my eyes from the fact that I was the grandson of the late king’s younger brother.

When a daughter was born between my wife and me, and that daughter had silver hair,

I finally understood how terrifying the thing I had done was.”


“You finally understood, didn’t you?”

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