Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 90

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟎

The Margrave Ahrens’ territory became independent, and three months have passed since it became the country of Ahrens.

The eldest son, Herman, and the second son, Klaus, who came for talks as representatives of the king, 

Took back to Ahrens the contract given to them by Sofia for their return to Eugenis country.

After reading the contract and confirming the conditions for his return to the Eugenis Kingdom, the former Margrave Heinz,

Almost tore up the contract in a fit of rage, but Klaus stopped him.

Heinz thought he could return to Eugenis country unconditionally.

Even so, the conditions shown by Sofia were to abandon his current life.

For Heinz, who thought the support was a given, it was something he could not accept.

As a result, no talks have yet been held for returning to Eugenis country, and 

Ahrens remains in a state of isolation.

Sofia and the others intend to wait until they hear something from the Ahrens’ side.

It was expected that the people of Ahrens would suffer, but

If they were to reach out from their side,

Ahrens would never become independent.

In order to make them understand the real situation in Ahrens.

They had no choice but to cut off the support for now.

Nothing can be done, and only time passes.

In such a frustrating situation, a tea party was held for Eddie’s fiancée selection.

Four young ladies were invited as potential fiancées,

Immediately after the tea party ended, there were withdrawal requests from the homes of the three young ladies.

The reasons were the same for all three of them,

It was something like, “Since Diana-sama is present, someone like me. . .”

From the beginning of school, Eddie, who was third in Class A, and Diana, who was second, sat next to each other,

And often acted together with Arno, who was the top.

Through discussions about assignments and practical exercises, Diana’s intelligence and,

Being easy to talk to due to Eddie saying she resembles me,

It seems like they quickly became good friends.

For that reason, Eddie ended up talking only to Diana at the tea party.

I showed up briefly as the crown princess, but

Diana seemed to be supporting the socially inexperienced Eddie,

And the other young ladies seemed unable to insert themselves into their conversation.

It can’t be helped that the other young ladies withdrew.

To the young ladies, it must have looked like Diana was already chosen as the fiancée.

For Eddie, there were no other young ladies he liked besides Diana,

So even if they thought so, it didn’t seem to be a problem.

Uncle Fritz and Aunt Alina also seemed to like Diana.

Eddie is kind and serious, but a little timid as a royal family member.

Diana, who can firmly support him,

Was exactly what they had in mind for Eddie’s wife.

The second tea party invited only Diana,

And Eddie proposed to Diana on the spot, and she happily accepted.

Being the second daughter of the Marquis family, there was no problem entering the royal family,

So the engagement was promptly arranged, and they will marry once the two graduate from the academy.

Earlier than usual, I take a break in the small room of the crown prince’s chambers.

I take a sip of the tea Lisa made and talk to Eddie, who is sitting across from me.

Eddie, busy with his education as the crown prince, takes a break with me like this when he has time.

He seems to have come today to discuss future plans.

As always, Arno is next to Eddie.

Chris and Kyle are sitting next to me.

It seems Diana is not in the palace today.

“Then, after the official presentation at the evening party,

As the prince’s fiancée, Diana will also help with the work.

Can you tell her that?”

“Yeah, I think it’s okay.

Diana was saying she wants to help with Sister Sofia’s work as soon as possible.”

“Oh, that’s delightful.

I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to leave the work to the crown prince and princess eventually.

Ah, not right away. No need to worry.”

“I was worried. . .Yeah, if it’s slow, I’ll do my best.”

I’ve heard that the crown prince’s education is going smoothly, so I’ve been thinking about gradually entrusting him with some work.

I’m also starting to have Diana, who has become engaged, begin the education of the crown princess.

It will be after the formal presentation, but it would be easier if she could help with the royal work.

In order to reduce grandfather’s burden,

I’ve been gradually taking on the work of the king and queen.

Even so, grandfather’s burden is still great.

Renkin-sensei has said that he seems to be getting a little tired lately.

I want to let my grandfather rest as soon as possible.

While thinking about such things, Eddie and I discuss the future.

Once Eddie and Diana’s engagement announcement is over,

This busyness will settle down.

Then I might have the time to think about the problems that I’ve been shelving.

“That’s right. I’ll reply since it’s a good time.”

“A reply? To what?”

“Remember being recommended to make Arno a consort?”


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