Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 91


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟏

“Remember being recommended to make Arno a consort?”


Not only Eddie and Arno, but Kyle and Chris who were beside me are also surprised.

Kyle seems to be choking on his tea, coughing desperately.

Huh? I think there’s no need to be that surprised.

“Princess. Are you going to answer now? Isn’t it too soon?”

“Huh? Yeah. I think it’s better to do this quickly.”

“W. . .Well, that may be true, but. . .”

Chris’ face changes strangely.

I’m trying to have a serious talk, so I wish he wouldn’t interfere.

“So, Arno.”

“. . .Yes.”

“I can’t make you the consort candidate.”


Everyone is shocked that I refused.

Ah, they must not have thought I would refuse.

That’s right. I have no complaints about Arno, and 

I don’t think anyone else would be suitable as a consort other than Arno.

So, they probably didn’t think I would answer so quickly, and,

They certainly didn’t think that I wouldn’t choose Arno as a consort.

Eddie seems the most surprised and is about to stand up to protest.

“Why is that?!”

Arno is excellent!”

“Yeah, I know. I think he’s really excellent.

On top of that, he’s undoubtedly skilled in swordsmanship and magic.

He’s also well-versed in other countries’ affairs, and his character is not a problem.”

“Then! Why! Is there someone else other than Arno?”

“No. It’s not because there’s someone else.”

“Huh? Then, why?”

That’s right. Arno is indeed excellent.

It seems wasteful to refuse him here.

But the reason to refuse is just one thing.

“Because, Arno.

If you become my consort candidate, you can’t be Eddie’s escort knight, can you?”


Eddie and Arno look at each other as if they just realized it.

Chris and Kyle seem to understand that one phrase and nod in agreement.

“You can’t still be Eddie’s escort knight if you become a consort, right?

Even if you were my escort knight, you can’t serve other royalty.

Arno, can you leave Eddie?”

Arno silently shakes his head.

“Can Eddie manage without Arno?”

“. . .Maybe not.”


Eddie can live confidently because Arno is there, right?

Even though Arno knows that Eddie might be in danger,

It’s impossible for Arno to stay by my side, away from Eddie, right?

Seeing both of them nod honestly, I think I made the right decision to refuse.

They’ve been together all this time.

Even for the reason of becoming a consort, I think it would be impossible to separate.

Besides, I can’t leave Eddie alone.

I can be at ease because Eddie has Arno.

I couldn’t even think of entrusting him to other escort knights.

“I see. . .Arno becoming a consort means that, doesn’t it?

I hadn’t thought that far.

If Arno were to become Sister Sofia’s consort, he could be of use,

That’s what I thought, but. . .”

“I’m happy about your feelings, Eddie. Thank you.

But, Arno is already useful as he is, so it’s okay.”


“Eddie and Diana are not only members of the royal family, but also,

After marriage, they will also work as my attendants.”

Of course, Arno, who is the escort knight to protect both of you, will be together too.

All three of you will help me with my work. Please take care of it, okay?”

“Y, Yeah! Of course! Right, Arno?”

“Yes. If that’s the case, I’ll be happy to!”

In the end, I turned down the offer to become a royal consort, 

But upon reflection, I realize that he is already contributing effectively as he is. 

Moreover, he can still gather information about other countries’ situations without needing to become a royal consort.

Seeing the two of them looking happy even though I refused,

I thought my judgment was not wrong.

“Fufu, good. It will be helpful if I can get the three of you to assist me.

Right, Chris. Kyle.”

“Yeah. I was surprised, but if that’s the case, there’s no problem.”

“That’s right. Since it’s not enough to have only Kyle and me as close aides,

It would be reassuring if Eddie and Arno were there.”

It seems that Kyle and Chris also agreed.

I was a little worried because I decided without consulting the two,

But I’m relieved that this answer was not wrong.

I have to look for the third consort from scratch, but it can’t be helped.

I have a few more years to become queen, so there’s nothing else to do but look for it patiently.

There was a reason I was able to come up with an answer so quickly.

Looking at Arno, who is guarding the engagement tea party,

I thought it was impossible to separate the worrywart Arno from Eddie.

After all. . . no matter how you look at it, he looked like a worrying mother.

I wonder if there are young ladies who will think that’s fine.

Finding a match for Arno might be quite challenging.

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