Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 89

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟗

The color drains from the faces of the two as they speak, and I can’t help but sigh.

“Look, let me be clear.

When it was the time of the Margrave, the taxes were only ten percent.

Moreover, there was no collection for the expenses of the Border Knights.

Grains were even transported from the royal territory and provided free of charge.

The taxes coming from Margrave were zero; it was entirely a deficit on our part, you know?”

“”. . . . . .””

“Do you understand? It was that way because the Margrave was the late king’s younger brother’s son.

This also applies if the princess marries and results in lower taxes, so,

It’s not legally strange.

However, even in that case, it’s limited to fifty years at most.

We could have actually claimed for the extra years, you know.”

I can’t help but sigh as I explain one by one.

“I think you understand with all this explanation,

Even if Ahrens becomes a part of Eugenis, there’s no benefit for us.

Rather, the deficit disappears, so there’s no problem for us.”

“But, but. . .then the people of Ahrens can’t survive.”

That’s probably true.

The magical beasts and grains that were given away for free will disappear.

On top of that, it’ll be difficult to buy food from Millecker territory if the country changes.

How to prevent the people from starving will be a considerable challenge.

I understand it well since I’ve been taking care of Ahrens’ troubles all this time. . .

“Is that my concern?”

“Eh?! You’re going to abandon the people?”

“They’re citizens of Ahrens, right?

They’re not citizens of Eugenis now.”

Come on, don’t forget that they declared independence?

I tell them with a smile, and both seem to be at a loss for words, remembering.

“Right now, I must protect the citizens of Eugenis.

I have no reason to protect Ahrens using the taxes collected from those citizens.”

There might be a war with Kokodia soon.

If Ahrens alone is protected by the taxes of other territories,

Other lords won’t stay silent.

“. . .please. Let us return to Eugenis!”


They bow deeply and beg, but it’s not that simple.

“Please take a look at this.”

I hand over the prepared documents to the two.

Their faces turn to despair as they read them.

“If Ahrens returns to Eugenis,

The contract will change to this.”

“We can’t. . .we can’t agree to this contract. . .”

“This is the contract for the rest of the country.

There’s no reason to treat Ahrens special.

If you return, you will have to bear the same burden as other territories.”

They say it’s such a contract, but it’s the same contract as the neighboring Marquis Millecker’s.

Taxes are twenty percent of the harvest, half the costs for the border knights, expenses for the security knights,

Bearing the costs to send talented commoners to school to secure apothecaries in each territory.

If a war occurs, the burden of dispatching soldiers and food support.

There are other small things, but the main contract is like this.

“There is a special reason. . .isn’t there?

It’s the territory where Kyle was born!”

Prince Herman, the first prince, points at Kyle and shouts.

Klaus, the Second Prince who was coldly treated at the evening party, know that it was futile,

Hearing that, he averted his gaze.

“Kyle, are you referring to my consort Kyle?”


“Even if you are the first prince,

Isn’t it rude to call the royalty of Eugenis without an honorific?”

“Eh? Well, but he’s my brother, so. . .”

“That thing, is it?”

“Ah, no, I apologize.”

When Kyle was asked with a look whether he would answer for himself, there was a response that it was unnecessary.

It seems he doesn’t think it’s something he needs to deal with himself anymore.

“Kyle is Uncle Fritz’s son, and my fiancé.

He has no connection to the Ahrens country.”

“. . .Such a thing. Blood ties are not so easy. . .”

“Do you really think so?

Even with blood ties, I couldn’t believe it,

Is it you who insulted your mother and rejected your younger brother saying that?

“. . .!”

“Kyle has nothing to do with Ahrens.

Please do not say such a thing again.”

“. . .I apologize.”

I’m frustrated with Herman who looks regretful.

Doesn’t he regret what they’ve done?

He sent his mother to die, calling her a harlot and adulteress.

What does he think of that?

If he regretted it at least, he wouldn’t think of using Kyle.

“It will be difficult to decide just between the two of you here.

Take these documents home and give them to the King of Ahrens.

Our conditions will not change.

If you’re going to return to the Eugenis Kingdom after accepting that,

I will be open to further discussions.”

“. . .Understood.”

With dark faces, the two leave the reception room.

Only the second prince, Klaus, looked at Kyle once more.

He wasn’t glaring or seeming to want help.

I wondered what it meant for him to look at Kyle, and found it curious.

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