Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 88

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟖

The declaration of independence was made, and on that very day, Anna was expelled from the academy and 

Was sent back to Ahrens.

Her belongings at the academy dormitory were packed by a female knight, and sent along with her by wagon.

At first, Anna resisted and was reluctant, but 

It seems she returned to Ahrens after being persuaded by a maid who understood the situation.

Suddenly, Anna was delivered by the Royal Guards,

At the same time, the Margrave was handed a letter from the King recognizing the declaration of independence,

At first, it seems the Margrave didn’t understand what it was about and didn’t pay much attention.

But when he realized it was true, he fainted and fell.

He probably never expected his daughter at the academy to declare independence.

Thus, the Margrave Ahrens territory became independent, and it became the nation of Ahrens.

I had anticipated it to some extent, but the response from the Ahrens country was quick.

Probably after Anna was delivered, 

They must have left without much delay.

Kyle’s two older brothers came to the palace as representatives of Ahrens’ country for negotiations.

They became the first and second sons of the King of Ahrens, 

So they will be in the position of the first and second princes.

Because they sent a royal proxy, 

The discussion was not with grandfather but with me.

Sending a royal proxy when we didn’t send a king wouldn’t match our status.

The crown prince’s room was small, so the meeting took place in the main palace’s reception room.

We are headed to the place where the two of them are already being guided.

When entering the room, the two of them stand up from the sofa, bow deeply, and wait.

Black hair, black eyes, and a large, well-trained body.

Though the color is different, it’s clear that the two of them resemble Kyle and are his brothers.

Neither of them try to raise their heads. . .Sigh, that’s what’s going on.

But it’s too late now.

When I sit on the opposite sofa, I speak to the two who are still bowing their heads.

“Let’s start the discussion.

Please take a seat, both of you.”

Not ‘raise your heads,’ but ‘let’s start the discussion.’

Understanding the meaning, the two sit on the sofa as they are.

“. . .Sofia-sama, nice to meet you.

We are here on behalf of our father, the Margrave.

I am Herman, the eldest son, and this is Klaus, the second son.

Until a child is born, the Margrave cannot be replaced.

As a result, either Klaus or I will inherit the position,

The next Margrave won’t be decided until a child is born.

So, we have come here both as proxies for the Margrave.”

I remember hearing that at the evening party.

That neither of the brothers has had a child yet.

So they haven’t decided who will inherit, so they came together.

“Nice to meet you. I am Sofia・Eugenis.

I am the crown princess of Eugenis country.

You two are not proxies for the Margrave, but proxies for the King of Ahrens country.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to attend the discussion.”

Yes, I am here because it is a discussion between countries.

If it is different, there is no choice but to send them back as they are.

“Um, about that matter!

I apologize for my younger sister’s rudeness!!

We intended to marry the daughter born to the stepmother off to a branch family, so

She hasn’t been educated much.

Even my father has been indulgent with his younger step-wife, and has allowed her to have her way. . .

I would like you to pretend that my foolish sister’s remarks never happened.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Why is that!

My sister is only a first-year student at the academy and has just turned fifteen?!”

“It’s because it’s determined by the law.

When King Ahrens was a Margrave, he made a contract with King Eugenis.

Since Ahrens is far, it takes time to come to the royal palace.

So it was recognized that when someone from the main family who is over fifteen years old comes to the royal capital, they act as Margrave’s representative.”

“. . .Th, that’s true, but. . . she’s my sister. . .to go that far with the young lady. . .”

“If it doesn’t come to a discussion with the young lady, the same applies to me.

Even though I am the crown princess, I’m no different from a student before adulthood.”

“. . . . . .”

I have been authorizing official documents since I was at least twelve years old.

I won’t let anyone say that a fifteen-year-old student has no rights.

“Is there nothing that can be done?

We only want Ahrens to be recognized as a Margrave territory of Eugenis country as before. . .”

“That’s impossible too.”


Even if you are both surprised.

“The contract with the Margrave territory had ended from the beginning.

You were supposed to be considering whether to remain in Eugenis country, return to Tyrnia,

Or become independent.

We can only protect it as the territory of the royal younger brother for fifty years.

After that, it will be treated the same as other territories.

Even if you return to Eugenis country in the future, we cannot treat you the same as a Duke.”

“. . .How exactly will that change?”

“For example, we will dispatch the Border Knights, but we will not participate in the extermination of magical beasts.”


“If the Border Knights exterminate a magical beast, it becomes the property of the country.”


“We cannot give you the royal granary’s grain for free.”


“Taxes will be doubled from now on.”

“No way!”

I sigh at the two, whose faces get worse every time I speak.

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