Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 85

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟓

“Ugh! Why don’t you understand?”

“I don’t understand at all.

Because, I’ve never wanted the Ahrens territory.”

“Oh, is it okay for you to talk so defiantly?

I am the princess of Ahrens, you know? Do you understand?

If I report to Eddie-sama that you’ve been cold to me,

Ahrens territory might become independent, you know?”


Everyone there, except for Anna, must have felt like holding their heads.

. . .Even if it becomes independent, it’s only Ahrens territory that would suffer.

Everyone was speechless, and Anna, perhaps misunderstanding their silence, happily continued the conversation.

“If I marry Eddie-sama, I think Otou-sama will obey Eugenis country.

Ah, just because Brother Kyle is marrying the princess, that won’t happen, you know?

After all, Brother Kyle is disliked.

No matter what Brother Kyle says, Ahrens won’t obey.

He’s a betrayer who abandoned Brother Ilia, he’s no longer Ahrens’.”

Ah, the betrayal she mentioned was because he didn’t help Ilia.

Although he tried to help before and was rejected, she doesn’t seem to know that.

Little by little, understanding what Anna was saying,

Eddie asked to confirm.

“. . .Is Ahrens territory thinking of becoming independent?”

“I think they’re hesitating. I don’t think they’ll go back to Tyrnia,

But if they continue to stay in Eugenis country,

They might be resented by Brother Kyle, who has become the consort.

In that case, it might be better to become independent.

It’s much better than being persecuted.”

Ah – that’s not a strange thought.

The people of the Margrave territory probably remember what they did to Kyle.

They collectively abused and tormented an innocent mother, imprisoned her, and killed her.

They also kept Kyle confined in a room without even taking minimal care, teaching him neither swordsmanship nor magic.

Looking back, it’s not surprising if they’re resented.

So, Kyle, who’s actually not an illegitimate child but the grandson of the former king’s brother,

Tried to win him over hurriedly once they learned that he would become the princess’s consort.

No, not win over, maybe trying to subdue is more accurate.

They may have thought he would obey if ordered by his real father,

And he may have wanted to get his way in negotiations with the Eugenis country.

But Kyle completely disobeyed his father’s orders, didn’t help his arrested half-brother,

And has rejected any future involvement.

The people of Ahrens probably regret their actions only now.

And they must be thinking this.

That they might be avenged by Kyle.

I think it’s merely reaping what they’ve sown,

But young Anna might not have been told the details.

Ilia was also told by her mother that “Kyle hates the people of Margrave territory” and believed it.

Likewise, Anna must have been raised being told the same.

It’s not just bad education from her mother; probably, she’s been raised as a princess in the territory.

If she was brought up so preciously as a princess by those around her, it would be hard to doubt that.

But she’s taken on responsibility beyond what she can handle alone.

What to do? Can Eddie handle this?

As I was wondering whether I should go out and talk, the one who came out from behind was

“Anna. . .do you understand your position when you talk?”

Unable to hold back, Kyle steps up next to Eddie.

Finally recognizing that we were there too, Anna looked a little startled.

But that was only for a moment, and she quickly returned to her defiant stance.

“Of course I understand.

I know much more than the traitorous Brother Kyle.”

“So, you’re speaking as a representative of Ahrens territory?”

“That’s right!”

“Then why are you speaking so thoughtlessly?

If you declare independence here, there will be no turning back.

Once someone of the Ahrens family turns fifteen, 

They are considered eligible to act on behalf of the head of the family when they leave the territory.

This is the royal capital, a public place, and the royalty are present.

If you speak recklessly, it will be taken as the Margrave’s representative’s statement.

You probably don’t even understand that.”

Speaking of which, the Margrave does not attend evening parties, citing the distance.

Instead, his sons and daughters who are in the academy are allowed to attend on his behalf.

The academy is recognized as a public place, just like the evening parties.

Wait. . .the conditions for a declaration of independence are. . .the presence of three or more royalty and three or more nobles.

This is bad. . .There are four royalty and four nobles here. Even the royal guards are present!

If it’s declared here, we’ll have to accept it!

This is bad! I have to stop Anna before she says anything unnecessary!

“Wait! Don’t say anything more here!”

“You’re so noisy! If I say it’s fine, then it’s fine!

“What is it! I’m telling you I’m willing to marry, and you’re acting like this!”

I’ve had enough! I hate Eddie-sama!

Ahrens territory will be independent!!”

“. . . . . .Ahhh. Too late. . .”

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