Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 84

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟒

“Enough already!

Why are you getting in the way of Eddie-sama and me!

Don’t you understand that marrying Eddie-sama is for his benefit?!”

The negotiation with Diana broke down,

And the emotional Anna’s loud scream could be heard.

Although the reason why marrying Eddie is for his benefit is incomprehensible,

She must seriously think so.

As Kyle had anticipated,

Perhaps she misunderstands that the Margrave’s territory is a rich land.

The neighboring Millecker territory is much richer,

But she probably hasn’t realized that.

Diana, who was being berated by Anna, didn’t raise her voice in response,

She was responding calmly and coolly.

Because of the appearance of petite Anna and tall Diana, 

It looks like an adult being complained at by a child.

It seems she’s unshaken by whatever she’s told,

As if she’s trying to talk sense into a child throwing a tantrum.

“So, I want you to tell me the reason.

I can’t understand how the talk of you marrying Eddie-sama came about.

After all, Eddie-sama’s engagement candidates have already been decided, you know?

Ahrens’ name wasn’t among them.

So saying such things is not good for you.”

Ah, so that’s what it is.

From Diana’s perspective, since Eddie’s engagement candidates have already been decided,

She’s worried that the one to be hurt by misunderstanding will be Anna.

If she makes a fuss about marrying and isn’t even invited to the engagement tea party,

It might be thought that Anna had some problem and was dropped from the candidates.

However, Diana’s concern is not getting through to Anna at all.

Whether Diana’s words were surprising, Anna replied with genuine bewilderment.

“That’s strange.

Why isn’t my name among the engagement candidates?

It’s impossible that I, as an Ahrens, wouldn’t be chosen.

The talk of Eddie-sama’s engagement candidates being decided is a lie.”

“Why do you think you’ll be chosen just because you’re an Ahrens?”

Diana probably truly doesn’t understand what Anna is saying.

This is the correct thing from the standpoint of common sense.

Diana also tilts her head, looking puzzled.

“But I am the only princess of Ahrens.

Even Otou-sama will grant me anything if I ask.

If Eddie-sama marries me, Ahrens will obey Eddie-sama.”

“Yes, you are the only daughter of Ahrens’ territory, that’s true.

I understand that, but how does that benefit Eddie-sama?”

“Are you stupid? You still don’t understand after I’ve explained this much?”

Ah, it seems futile to let them talk any further.

Anna, who seriously thinks that Ahrens’ territory has value, and

Diana, who knows it has no value.

If they continue to talk like this, their opinions will never meet.

It’s not good to let the neighboring territory’s daughters quarrel further.

Considering the future, I must properly make Anna understand.

If she doesn’t get it, I may have to send Anna back to Ahrens’ territory.

“. . .Eddie, let’s give up now.

If they quarrel further, it won’t be just the daughters’ problem.”

“. . .Yes, it can’t be helped, can it. . . . . .

Sister Sofia. I will stop them.”

I was thinking of stepping in, but Eddie says he’ll stop it.

I am worried if it’s okay, but it is indeed Eddie’s problem.

If he wants to handle it himself, I’ll leave it to Eddie.

“I understand. I’ll ask Eddie.”

With those words, a determined and serious expression was set, followed by a nod.

“Miss Diana, that’s enough.”

Eddie speaks to Diana in a slightly louder voice.

Anna, who noticed Eddie from behind the hedge, smiled brightly.

“Eddie-sama! You came to help me!

I just don’t understand what this person is saying anymore!”

Rushing over to hug Eddie,

Arno quickly stepped forward, stopping Anna with his hand.

“Don’t get close to Eddie-sama.”

“What? What’s the matter with you? You’re in the way! Move!”

It’s just my imagination, but I guess in Anna’s mind, Eddie came to help her, 

And she was happy to try and hug him but was interrupted by the bodyguard. 

She doesn’t seem to notice that we are following behind Eddie.

Finally, Diana seemed to notice, and she bowed deeply to me.

Her flawless and elegant behavior shows why she was chosen as the second prince’s wife candidate.

“You may raise your head.”

Approaching Diana, she raises her face and smiles slightly at my words.

That smile looked a little troubled.

“Miss Anna, I want you to stop.

Could you please stay away from me from now on?”

“Eddie-sama, why?

Haven’t I told you many times?

Marrying me would be good for you, Eddie-sama?”

“It won’t be.”

I silently applaud Eddie’s sharp retort.

I thought the gentle Eddie couldn’t be cold to the young lady, but

It seems he has learned to speak up a little.

“Ugh! Why don’t you understand?”

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