Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 86

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟔

“You’re so noisy! If I say it’s fine, then it’s fine!

“What is it! I’m telling you I’m willing to marry, and you’re acting like this!”

I’ve had enough! I hate Eddie-sama!

Ahrens territory will be independent!!”

“. . . . . .Ahhh. Too late. . .”

I wanted to stop it before it came to this, but it was too late.

Because Miss Anna declared loudly, it seems the other students heard as well.

There are those peeking out from the classroom window.

I can see the headmaster coming toward us, looking flustered.

It can’t be undone now.

Having spoken in front of so many people.

If we deny it just because we wish to, it would become a significant problem.

No choice. Now I must accept the declaration of independence.

“. . .Sofia・Eugenis.

As the crown princess of Eugenis, I have heard you.

From now on, Ahrens will be treated as an independent country.”


Everything around me nods in acknowledgment.

Anna, seeing this, is stunned.

. . .Will the day come when she understands what a grave thing she’s done?

“Urgh! What’s the meaning of this! I don’t care anymore!”

Feeling somehow it’s not good to be here,

Anna runs off somewhere in a hurry.

The headmaster arrives as she passes.

His face is clearly pale, perhaps having heard the earlier words.

“Sofia-sama! What was that all about?!”

“. . .Anna・Ahrens declared independence, so I accepted it.”

“. . .Is that official?”

“It is official.

Unfortunately, the conditions have been met.

Having been declared in such a public place,

We cannot deny it simply because we wish to.”

I explain to the headmaster, holding back a sigh.

Now that it’s come to this, we must proceed calmly.

The headmaster seems to have made the same judgment, changing the subject.

“Anna・Ahrens will be expelled.

Since she is no longer a noble lady of Eugenis,

She will need permission from the king and study abroad procedures to stay at the school.

Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, that’s fine.

I will report to His Majesty.”


The headmaster runs off in a hurry, probably to process the paperwork.

I call the royal guards and issue different instructions.

“Send Anna・Ahrens to Ahrens country.

Pack all her belongings from the dormitory, and depart today.”


“A female knight must accompany her on the carriage to Ahrens.

Make sure she’s delivered safely.”


The royal guards rush off.

After issuing the orders, I sigh deeply.

Turning around, I see Eddie with a tearful face.

“. . .I’m, I’m sorry. I couldn’t refuse her properly.”

Sigh, it’s not Eddie’s fault.

In that condition, anything said to Anna would have been in vain.

And the fact that Anna declared independence…

“It’s not your fault, Eddie.

Chris, Kyle, you deliberately provoked her, didn’t you?

You intended to make her declare independence?”

“Ah, you caught us.”

“I only spoke the truth.”

“Really! You should have told me earlier! I wasn’t prepared!”

With Chris grinning and Kyle looking indifferent,

I realized something was off since Chris, who would usually intervene, said nothing.

Chris could have surely withdrawn before getting into that state.

Seeing Chris holding back laughter, I understood what was happening.

These people planned this behind my back.

Douglas and Ruri must have known too, as they averted their eyes.

Arno also looks uncomfortable.

It seems only Eddie and I were unaware.

Ah, Diana appears uninvolved, looking surprised.

“Eh? What does that mean? Oh, did you make her say that on purpose?”

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