Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 83

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟑

A week since meeting Anna, the Margrave’s daughter,

I hadn’t dined with Eddie, as our schedules hadn’t aligned.

There was a report that Anna had been warned by the headmaster,

But it was also written that she didn’t seem convinced by it.

Since Anna is in a different grade, I’m not directly involved.

If anything, I have to leave it to Eddie, who is in the same grade.

I couldn’t believe that everything was going smoothly.

I was thinking that I would like to read Eddie soon and hear his direct report,

and I was planning to have tea together.

While moving through the courtyard’s connecting path for the next class,

Kyle, who was walking ahead, stopped as if he found something.

When I wondered what was going on, he was looking towards the courtyard.

“Kyle, what happened?”

“Over by that hedge, Eddie and Arno are hiding.”


When I looked in the direction he pointed, I could see the two of them in the hedge a little way off.

They seemed to be hiding their bodies in the tall hedge and peering over to the other side.

The royal guards who should be with them were waiting in a distant place.

It’s rare for the two of them to keep the royal guards at bay.

Even though it’s break time, it’s not even lunch break, so there’s no time to spare; what are they doing?

They seemed to be hiding from something, so we also sneaked closer.

As expected, Arno noticed us on the way.

With a face that said “this is bad,” he whispered something to Eddie.

Eddie, turning around, also made a face that seemed to say he was caught.

Were they doing something we shouldn’t have seen?

What on earth had happened?

I spoke to Eddie in a quiet whisper.

“What are you looking at, hiding here?”

“. . .Actually, when we were moving classrooms, Miss Anna almost caught us.

Miss Diana stopped her, but they started arguing.”


Peering through a gap in the hedge, 

I saw Anna and a blonde girl facing each other.

The blonde girl was Diana・Millecker, the second daughter of the Marquis Millecker family.

A tall lady with a mature face.

It seems like those two are having some sort of argument while facing each other, but

Anna looked like she was excitedly berating one-sidedly.

Ah. . .is this something bad for us to be here?

When I asked Eddie with my eyes, he nodded.

I wish I hadn’t seen it. . .

Even Eddie, who had hidden because he thought he should pretend he hadn’t seen it,

I also saw this scene. . .

I felt like sighing heavily, but there’s no helping it now.

Now that I’ve come this close, I can’t pretend I didn’t know.

I exhale a big sigh and verify the facts with Eddie.

“Why are those two quarreling?”

“Every day Miss Anna comes and makes noise in classroom A,

Miss Diana became fed up and started warning her. . .

What Miss Diana says is completely right, but

No matter what she says, Miss Anna won’t listen.

I felt bad for troubling Miss Diana, so

From yesterday, I asked the female knights to chase Miss Anna away if she came.

I thought it would be okay now, but

We were ambushed when we tried to move classrooms. . .

She wanted to skip class and go to the salon, but she wouldn’t listen.”

“. . .sigh. . .so she’s not listening to the headmaster’s warning.

What should we do? Even if we suspend her, she doesn’t seem likely to listen.”

“Yeah, that’s the thing. . .but it’s also too pitiful to expel her over this.”

I understand that feeling.

Even though I want to do something,

Punishing disrespect towards us royals is too severe. . .

If we carelessly warn, it could end a person’s life.

Especially gentle Eddie, he must hate it if Anna gets expelled because of him.

It’s still hard for Eddie, who’s been abroad for a long time, to act like royalty.

Right now, he seems to be lost on how to behave as a royal.

Even so, how should we calm this situation?

While I’m worrying, it seems Anna’s anger has reached its peak.


Why are you getting in the way of me and Eddie-sama!

Don’t you understand that marrying Eddie-sama is for his benefit?!”

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