Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 8


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖

“. . .Grandfather, I’m sorry.

I’m feeling unwell, can I go back to my room first?”

“Ah, that’s fine. Make sure to rest. Understand?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I leave without looking at my uncles’ faces.

The servant who brought me here has already gone somewhere.

Normally, some people must accompany me when I return to my room.

I’ve always been left alone because I return after grandfather leaves the room.

Among the flustered servants, I went back to my room alone as usual.

“What’s going on!”

I thought she came earlier than I expected, but it seems only Eliza has left.

Maybe she also said that she would leave first.

When she kicked open the door of my room, she approached me sharply.

“What do you mean, ‘what’s going on’?”

“Why are you calling him grandfather!”

“Yes. . .Grandfather told me to call him that.

He said so during today’s meeting.”

“You’re lying! After all, he told me to call him ‘Your Majesty’!!”

“That’s because, Eliza, you’re not royalty.”

Even though my grandfather told me earlier, she still hasn’t realized.

Being removed from the royal family means not being treated as a child or grandchild.

She has become a subject and must be treated as a noble.

Since the crown prince and his wife and the second prince remain in the royal family,

The third prince, who has become a Duke, will not ascend to the throne.

That’s why they must behave as subjects, but. . .

Eliza continues to rage, tearing her hair in anger,

Despite being two years older and taller and maturing faster,

I wonder why her thinking is so childish.

She should have received education as a young lady.

In the past, I recall her throwing things, but there is nothing in this room.

If there’s nothing, Eliza can’t throw it.

Ah, I see.

The few things that were in this room were broken that way.

Eliza complains even though it’s her fault there’s nothing to throw.

The people watching to report must be surprised.

She behaves so well in public.

No matter how I look at it, I can’t feel the grace of a noble lady in Eliza.

Sofia before remembering her previous life may have been worse,

But now I can remember the manners of when I was the Count’s daughter.

I could handle Eliza like a princess,

But I decided to let her rant as usual.

“Good thing?! You may be a princess, but you’re a losing princess!

You’re not beautiful, your hair is messy, your body is like a bone, and you have no knowledge.

Do you think you can become a queen like that?

There’s no way!”

“. . . . . .”

I can’t think that Eliza, who says so, can become a queen either.

Eliza, who is angry with her emotions, is distorting her face ugly.

Eliza’s dull chestnut hair and brown eyes are not the colors of royalty.

Her figure seems to be developing, so her chest might grow larger,

But I don’t think that will be advantageous.

Certainly, Sofia is thin and her hair is frizzy and looks gray,

But originally it was silver with blue eyes, the same color as grandfather.

This is not the same color as the crown prince or the second prince; both are blond with purple eyes.

I heard that both resembled their deceased grandmother.

So what about the uncle with chestnut hair and brown eyes? I hear he looks like his mother, the concubine.

The concubine also died soon after giving birth to my uncle,

So grandfather has been working without a wife since then.

He probably wants to love Eliza as a granddaughter,

But if he allows Eliza’s attitude. . .it would be a big problem.

I wonder what grandfather intends to do after hearing the report. . .

“Hey, are you listening?”

Splashed with water on my head, I woke up.

I was spaced out and didn’t really listen to Eliza’s talk.

The only dress is soaked through, the floor is drenched all the way.

Since there’s no carpet in this room, if I leave the wet floor as it is, it will dry.

What should I do? Washing the dress is impossible.

If I take it to the laundry room, I might be mistaken for stealing it.

“It’s cold. . .”

“Heh heh, it serves you right.”

“. . .Today, I said I’m not feeling well,

so Renkin-sensei might come for a check-up later.”

“…!! Tell me that sooner!

Okay? This happened because you were clumsy and got drenched with water yourself, right?!

Don’t you tell on me! You understand?!”

With that, she left the room.

I sighed and took off the dress, wiping my hair and body with a cloth,

and changed into my worn-out usual clothes.

Just saying it doesn’t mean Renkin-sensei will come, I should go to sleep already.

I’ll think about the wet dress tomorrow.

My aunt and uncle, if they hear from Eliza that Renkin-sensei is coming, he won’t.

It’d be bad if the mark from kicking was seen after all.

Just in case, I lock the room and crawl into bed.

From tomorrow. . .How long will it take for evidence to gather?

Once enough has gathered, I might be able to use magic to protect myself.

With all that happened, my tired body fell asleep quickly this time as well.

In my dream, I was lamenting the aches of an old body in my witch era,

Compared to that, I laughed at how much better my current body is after waking up.

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