Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 9


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗

When I woke up, the dress I had taken off and left wet yesterday had been dried and,

It had been returned to the closet in a clean condition.

Apparently, someone among the surveillance or guards that my grandfather assigned is able to use magic.

Thinking about it, there’s no way to surveil and protect someone without being seen other than magic.

I myself had no intention of using magic this past month, but,

I’m glad I didn’t accidentally use it.

No matter what, it would be too suspicious if I suddenly became able to use magic.

As usual, around noon, a servant bursts into my room, kicking the door open.

Without saying anything, he roughly sets down a tray of soup and bread on the bed,

Leaving without even expressing gratitude.

I intended to eat, but it seems today’s meal is rotten.

Perhaps this is revenge for what happened at yesterday’s dinner party.

The soup smells strange, and the bread is moldy and has turned green.

This is definitely inedible.

But if I leave it as it is, I’ll be blamed for leaving food behind.

Reluctantly, I open the window and throw it outside.

The exterior of the mansion is overgrown with wild grass, and no one passes by.

I poured the soup from the second-floor window, and threw the bread far away.

When I closed the window and returned, there were a table and chairs in the room.

On the table was a small basket.

Inside the basket were baked sweets and a bottle of milk.

There was also a small wooden cup.

It must mean that it’s okay to eat, but I wonder if this is also under my grandfather’s instructions.

I can tell where people are by the flow of magic, but right now I’m a powerless seven-year-old princess.

I looked around the ceiling as if searching, and thanked in a small voice.

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you. It looks delicious.”

A single knock sound responded to that voice.

Somehow that made me happy and I ended up laughing.

I must have been lacking human interaction to be pleased by such a trivial thing.

The baked sweets were crispy and seemed like I could eat them forever.

But since I’m not used to eating,

I became full after three pieces and one cup of milk.

I thought it would be bad if someone found this basket, so I hid it behind the bed.

I’ll eat the rest when I get hungry.

It’s about time to clean and do laundry.

As I walked down the corridor to go to the laundry room with the bed sheets removed, 

I was suddenly pushed from behind.

The momentum caused me to tumble over and over.

The male servant who pushed me was someone I had never seen before.

“You dirty child. Why are you here?”

“I’m going to do laundry, but why did you push me?”

“I was told to push you if I saw a child like you.”

“By whom?”

“I don’t know. But I know it’s someone high up.

You must have stolen something or done something else. Get to work quickly.”

Apparently not wanting to do anything more to me, he went away after saying that.

I was just glad I wasn’t stepped on and headed to the laundry room.

As always, the lower servants were spreading laundry there.

Knowing that they would splash water if I got too close, I deliberately approached them.

Close enough to catch their eye, but not in the way.

I folded the large sheets small and washed them by stepping on them, as I would get scolded if I spread them out to wash.

My hands and feet are chapped because of this.

I can’t use the royal family’s high-quality detergent.

I use the leftover detergent from other laundry, stomping on it again and again.

The water is cold, and the detergent that irritates the skin soaks into my feet.

I endured the pain and stomped several times, and then got splashed with water from behind.

“How long are you going to wash! Get out of the way; you’re annoying!”

There are other washbasins, and it doesn’t make much difference if I’m not there.

But it seems they find it annoying that I’m washing only the sheets.

The lower servants have a lot of laundry to deal with.

I picked up the sheets, still with detergent on them, and went to rinse them with water.

Carrying heavy water again and again, I rinsed off the foam.

Meanwhile, my wet clothes cooled, stealing my body heat.

It seems impossible to hang these sheets out to dry today.

Reluctantly, I wrung out the wet sheets and returned to my room.

I was pushed from behind again in the hallway.

This time my foot was stepped on, and the pain made me scream.

Apparently surprised that I screamed, those who pushed me hurriedly ran away.

. . . Speaking of which, up until now, I never raised my voice no matter what was done to me.

They might be thinking that it would be bad if they found out that they did something to me.

Upon entering the room, I take off my wet clothes and change into new ones.

The clothes left by the servant are not for children, and the long parts are simply cut with scissors.

I thought that I couldn’t even walk in the corridor in these clothes, 

I placed the sheets and wet clothes on the table.

By the time I noticed the gentle magical power, the sheets and clothes were dried and folded.

“T, Thank you.”

When I said thanks, there was a thud sound on the ceiling again.

. . . It seems that my grandfather has appointed a rather overprotective person.

I become worried if the person watching over me can endure this for a month.

I think that child abuse must be pretty hard to watch, 

I nibbled on the leftover baked sweets.

Eating twice in one day might be a first for me.

When I inadvertently muttered that, there was a click sound somewhere.

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