Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 73


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟑

I enter the small room at the back of the crown prince’s chamber and sit on the sofa at the back.

Next to me, Kyle is seated, and Chris and David are sitting across from me.

Soon after sitting down, warm tea is placed in front of me.

“Thank you, Lisa.”

“Good work, Sofia-sama.”

While I’m working in the crown prince’s chamber, Lisa and Yuna are on break time.

But whenever I drink tea, either of them always comes to brew it for me.

I could just have a maidservant attached to the crown prince’s chamber, but 

Having any maidservant other than Lisa and Yuna nearby tires me out.

An already nerve-wracking job that often wears one down,

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it while staying on guard.

However, the number of my exclusive maidservants is not enough.

Even after Ruri graduates and becomes an exclusive maidservant, I need to increase it a little more.

I have to think seriously soon to reduce the burden on Lisa and Yuna. . .

“Even so, Sofia-sama, 

I was surprised that you didn’t punish Duke Balten and his wife.

I knew you had rejected the application, but 

Was this the reason you just sent the documents back?”

I was asked by David in a relaxed tone and felt that he had asked on purpose.

Probably a question for how to answer if asked by another civil official.

Was it because they were Chris’ parents that I overlooked their guilt?

Or was it that they were favored because they were the consort?

Maybe that’s it.

“Duke Balten and his wife have been controlling the social world for about eight years.

Since Uncle Eddie was exiled from the capital and there were no obstacles.

Then they started inviting the ladies to tea parties,

and it seems they taught them how to apply for fictional construction to receive subsidies.

If I punish Duke Balten and his wife for this matter, 

I have to punish all the lords who did the same.

I can’t possibly punish more than half of the central nobles.”

“Half of the central nobles! Is it that many?!”

“Mrs. Amelie hosts tea parties almost every week,

So for dresses, jewelry, and gifts, which lady wouldn’t be short of money.

But you never know what kind of harassment you’ll get if you don’t attend the tea party.

Many houses had no choice but to use such means.

Even though I noticed that it was a suspicious application all along,

It’s also Otou-sama’s responsibility to just sign it and finish it.”

“Is that so. . .that’s why you sent them out of the country so there would be no further impact.”

“Yes. It’s a serious crime, but not enough for execution.

But if they stay in the country, they will continue to influence other nobles.

If the couple is gone, other nobles will return to their original lives.

I will warn the other nobles. I will have them pay back the subsidies over a few years.

If they repeat the same thing from now on, they will have to give up their territory.

With just that warning, they will understand that Duke Balten and his wife became ambassadors,

and were exiled abroad as a substitute for punishment.”

“I see. . .I understand.”

David’s smiling face seems to say “well done.”

He probably knows without asking, but 

This is necessary because I have to talk about it.

I’m still fulfilling the duties of the Crown Prince Regent with the support of adults, 

This is what I feel at times like this.

“Give a warning and make a repayment plan. . . I wonder if it will end before the princess gets busy.”

“Busy me? Won’t the crown prince’s nomination end with just a notification without a ceremony?

Isn’t it not much different from now?”

“No, if you become the crown princess formally, gifts of celebration will arrive from various countries.

Allied countries will send ambassadors, and

Some royalty may come to meet you, along with a marriage proposal.”

“Oh, that’s what you mean. . .it may indeed be a hassle.”

In that sense, is it busy?

The need for a third consort will become known along with the notice.

Since Chris and Kyle are engaged, the question of why two will likely arise.

The Queen must also inform that she needs three or more consorts.

Eldest son of the Duke family and third son of the Margrave.

Just looking at these titles, it can’t be helped to think that if you’re royalty, you can be above them.

However, there’s no way someone who thinks like that will be made a consort.

It will definitely be refused, but refusing such a person can be a hassle.

“It might have been good to settle the matter of Duke Balten’s family before it gets busy.

Other families will likely calm down once they are explained the matter and sent a warning letter.

Sofia-sama, don’t make such a face that looks like you’re about to sigh.

. . .It may be troublesome, but I think it’s alright?”

“Eh~? Even if you say it’s so relaxed and alright. . .”

I complain to David, who is somehow smiling and saying it’s alright.

Even though David will be busy if it becomes hard for me,

Why does he seem so relaxed?

“When you actually meet Chris-sama and Kyle-sama,

Most people will easily give up.

Trying to stand up against something that you can’t possibly beat,

There aren’t many foolish royals like that.

I think they’ll gracefully give up and go home before they’re compared and embarrassed.”

“Ah, I see. I understand now.”

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