Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 74


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟒

The academy reached the end of the fiscal year and immediately went on a long break,

Sofia was nominated as the crown princess, and all the nobles were informed.

Since the former crown prince, Daniel, is “recovering from an illness”, and

Since Sofia is still only sixteen and not yet an adult, it was decided that the ceremony would not be held.

Different countries responded in various ways, some simply sent gifts of congratulations through their ambassadors,

Some sent the same princess as an ambassador, and some countries where several single royals came crowding in,

Dealing with all of them took up almost the entire long break.

Around the same time, Uncle Fritz returned to the country,

Eddie and Emillia also came to live in the royal palace’s main residence.

I met them once when they returned, but it was just a brief greeting due to extreme busyness.

Finally, when things settled down, Eddie contacted me wanting to meet.

He wanted to talk leisurely before entering the academy.

Although Eddie, who turns fifteen this year, has grown taller than me a few years ago,

He has grown even more since the last time we met, now towering over me by about a head.

With his blond hair and blue eyes, resembling Alina-sama, the second princess, more than Uncle Fritz,

His sun-tanned, robust face looks more like a squire than a prince.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had tea like this. Thank you for inviting me.

Aren’t you busy before entering school, Eddie?”

“I’m not that busy.

I was waiting for Sister Sofia to be free since she seemed really busy.

Emillia wants to see you too, so meet her later.”

That’s what he says, but Eddie is receiving crown prince education.

This is something that the second in line for the throne receives,

It’s not as rigorous as what Otou-sama or I received as the next crown prince,

But it’s training to be able to replace the crown prince if anything happens.

With my becoming the crown princess, Uncle Fritz has declared to renounce his right to the throne.

Therefore, Eddie, who became the second in line, is now receiving crown prince education.

Of course, Uncle Fritz received it when he was young as well.

Eddie, who had been living abroad, has been returning home several times in recent years.

Because Okaa-sama returned to the country, he became free to leave Kokodia.

Thanks to that, we can interact closely as cousins.

“Arno looks fine too. Don’t mind sitting next to Eddie, do you?”

“Ah, sure, without any reservations.”

When I called to Eddie’s escort knight, Arno, who was standing behind,

He smiled and sat next to Eddie.

Arno is the second son of Marquis Klein, Alina-sama’s birth family.

So, he’s Eddie’s maternal cousin.

He has the same blond hair as Eddie, but his eyes are green. Though, the difference is hard to tell without close inspection.

His physique is entirely different from Eddie’s still-boyish body,

But that might not change much in a few more years.

Uncle Fritz and the others have always lived in another country, constantly in danger.

Among them, Eddie, being the most targeted, had his nephew as his escort.

It might have been too risky to rely on someone from another family,

But probably they wanted to entrust their precious son to someone they could trust the most.

“By the way, Arno will also enter the school with me.”

“Arno too?”

“Yes. It seems they didn’t let him attend before for that reason.

So he can enter the school when I do.”

“Ah, escort knights aren’t allowed in the classroom, are they?”

I believe Arno is now twenty-two years old,

He has been following Eddie for ten years instead of attending school.

In this country, there’s a law that allows children to work from the age of twelve.

So, even though Arno is the Marquis’ son,

He has been guarding Eddie in other countries since the age of twelve.

At that time, it would be more like a chamberlain than an escort knight.

“I’m thinking it’s a bit late to enroll now,

But I’ll give up because it would be pitiful to leave Eddie alone.”

“I’m fine on my own, but it would be a problem if Arno lost his job.

I guess I’ll employ him as a chamberlain.”

“Yes, yes.”

I find the close relationship between the two always heartwarming.

It must also be because there were few reliable things in a situation where everyone around was an enemy.

Eddie and Arno appear more like close brothers than master and servant.

“Ah, yes. I came to tell Sister Sofia this.”

“Huh? What?”

“In the entrance exam results, I was third, but Arno was the top.”

“Oh, both of you did well. Congratulations.”

“Of course, since my age is this much higher~

It would be uncool if I weren’t at the top.”

He says with an embarrassed look, but just because he’s older doesn’t mean he can be at the top.

Considering the unfavorable environment, I think both of them have studied hard.

“That’s not true. Both of you did really well.

Being the top and the third is incredible.”

“Right? So, what about Arno, the third consort of Sister Sofia?”


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