Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 72


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟐

“That? I have been rejecting the application for about two years, haven’t you seen?

I’ve been properly writing the reason for rejection and sending it back.”

“What! Why the rejection?!”

“Because I can’t give subsidies for construction work that hasn’t been done.”

When I tilted my head as if to say, “Isn’t that right?” I could see Duke’s blood drain from his face.

Duke’s dark complexion turned even darker.

I want to finish the conversation before he collapses, but will he hold up until then?

While I was thinking that, I noticed Chris was healing the Duke.

. . .This isn’t kindness. Looking at Chris, he’s grinning.

He seems to be thinking that he won’t let it end with Duke collapsing.

“When I checked the applications going back about ten years,

Duke’s territory has had an unusually high amount of construction. And there hasn’t been any disaster.

Construction to prevent river flooding, building reservoirs for drought,

Planting windbreaks to prevent soil erosion. . .and much more.

So, a civil official was sent from the palace to check. What happened to the places where construction was done?”

“Wh. . .what? Checked. . .?”

“When we did, it was strange.

There was no sign of construction anywhere. It wasn’t demolished or lost.

The people in the territory said, ‘No construction has been done from the beginning.’

So, I have rejected the applications that have come to me for the past two years.

After all, I can’t provide subsidies for construction work that hasn’t been done, can I?”

It seems that Otou-sama used to approve them as they were applied.

But when I had it investigated because the content and the amount of money seemed too strange, it turned out to be all lies.

Apparently, the Duke and his wife have been overspending and even using the taxes.

I could have abandoned the Duke and confiscated his title and territory,

But Chris’ younger brother Denis was honest and had nothing to do with this matter.

So I decided it would be better to use this opportunity to send Duke and his wife away,

And let Denis take over as the head of the family and rebuild.

“. . . . . .”

“Hey, Duke. Can you pay the money? It’s not just two years’ worth of taxes.

I’m having it calculated now, but I’ll have you return ten years’ worth of subsidies too.”

“Th, that! It’s impossible!”

“But if you can’t return it, it’s embezzlement.

I’ll have to put the Duke and his wife in prison now.

Is that okay?”

“In prison! . . .Chris, say something on my behalf!

You were involved in the Duke’s business too, weren’t you?”

Unable to hold back any longer, he went to Chris’ work desk and began to plead.

Could it be that Chris will start saying he should be forgiven because he’s guilty too?

“. . .After our grandparents died, suddenly you two started spending money wildly.

Every tea party, there were dresses and gifts.

Surrounding each other with lovers, living in luxury.

When I was working as the next head of the family, I wasn’t making up fake constructions.

You guys found me annoying for interfering in your extravagance, and then you kicked me out because I was in the way,

After that, you were probably doing whatever you wanted without any limitations.

You probably kept Denis out of the management of the territory because you thought it would be bad if it was discovered.”

“Shut up, shut up! What good are you at a time like this!

You’re a failure!”

“Even if I’m a failure, what about you, who is about to be imprisoned?

Obeying your father-in-law and wife, sneaking off to your lover’s place.

Doing nothing but showing off proudly.”

“. . .! You!”

“Restrain him.”

The Duke, whose head was hot, tried to grab Chris’ clothes and strike him, but 

The royal guards restrained him.

Forced to stand, held from both sides.

His eyes are bloodshot, his breathing rough. . . Does he understand his situation now?

“So, Duke, are you going to prison right now?”

“. . .Please forgive me. . .Sofia-sama.”

“Hey, Chris is Uncle Fritz’s son and my fiancé.

You just tried to attack royalty, you know that’s punishable in itself, right?”

“. . . . . .”

Had he forgotten? A face that says he messed up.

Chris has been told over and over again that he’s no longer his son.

Why does he immediately assume that he can do whatever he wants?

“So, it’s a lot of money, but you can’t possibly pay it.

Therefore, if the Duke couple becomes ambassadors to Kokodia,

I’ll make sure you can pay from there.”


“Going to Kokodia means becoming hostages.

You’ll get hazard pay, and quite a salary as representatives of the country.

If you refuse, you can just stay in jail. What will you do? Will you accept?”

“. . . . . .Understood.”

The Duke, utterly exhausted, accepts and signs the documents.

The appointment letter to go to Kokodia as an ambassador.

The contract stated that the tax and subsidy repayments will be paid from the ambassador’s salary.

And, the documents stating that the Duke house will be inherited by Denis.

“Then, Duke will head to Kokodia right away.”

“Eh! Right now?!”

“Yes. After all, if you don’t go to Kokodia, you’re a criminal.

You can’t just go free. You’ll be under constant surveillance, under the guise of protection.

Oh, don’t worry, we’ll send the Duchess to Kokodia right away.

You can use the mansion Uncle Fritz used to use, so you don’t need to take anything.”

“. . .Ah. . .Ah. . .”

“Then, take care and goodbye!”

Smiling and waving goodbye, but the Duke never looks back,

He’s dragged away by the royal guards.

He is put into a carriage from the palace and set to head straight to Kokodia.

Another team is headed to the Duke’s mansion to send the Duchess as well.

No unnecessary things, meaning assets, will be taken out.

The repayment of past taxes and subsidies is the responsibility of the couple alone.

The new head of the Duke family, Denis, will not be obligated to pay.

“Hey, Princess. How long do they have to be ambassadors to fulfill the contract?”

“Um, twenty years. If both die, it’s canceled, so

I want them to live as long as possible and do their best.”

“If they die, it’s canceled?”

“Yes. After all, Denis and the Duke’s territory have no responsibility.

A serious Denis will become a good lord and support this country, right?”

“. . .Yeah, that’s right. . . . . .Thank you.”

“Fufu. You’re welcome.”

As I laugh at the unusually shy Chris, he strongly pats my head.

My hair gets all messed up, and Kyle hurriedly fixes it.

As the three of us laugh, David smiles and suggests having tea.

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