Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 71


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟏

Mrs. Amelie was escorted to the Duke’s house by the Royal Guards,

and then, two days after handing over the summons to the Duke,

The day came when Duke Balten was to visit the Crown Prince’s office.

Duke Helge Balten, with his blond hair and purple eyes and plump figure, was originally the second son of the Marquis family.

He was reprimanded by his grandfather for the tea party incident, and the former Duke deeply apologized for his wife’s actions.

The former Duke was serious and disliked luxury.

However, because the former Duchess was vain and arrogant, their marital relationship was bad.

The former Duke regretted having indulged the former Duchess too much,

And promptly sent her to the Duke’s territory and confined her to the mansion.

The daughter, who had been saying selfish things like wanting to be the queen or at least the second prince’s wife,

was given the choice to be disowned or marry, and was immediately married and confined to the mansion.

Helge, who was chosen as the son-in-law of the Duke Balten family, was obedient to the former Duke,

and it seems that Mrs. Amelie behaved herself while the former Duke was alive.

That was twelve years ago, and from the time when the former Duke and Duchess passed away,

Mrs. Amelie’s words and actions gradually became more extravagant.

She began to gather the ladies of the royal capital and hold tea parties at the Duke’s mansion.

She had new dresses made, prepared luxurious sweets, and brought the ladies under her control.

She was wielding power in social circles, thinking that everything was going smoothly,

and must be panicking at the news of going to Kokodia as an ambassador.

The Duke looked pale and seemed to be sweating, as he wiped his temple with a handkerchief.

“I have come as summoned.

Sofia-sama. . .uh, is this a matter about the ambassador?”

Duke, who timidly asks, makes me feel a little surprised.

I thought he would try to deceive as much as possible if it’s an unpleasant story.

“That’s right. Have you heard from your wife?

I want you to go to Kokodia with your spouse.

I don’t know for how many years. . .but you’ll accept, won’t you?”

“Uh. . .H, However, currently, there is no ambassador from Kokodia in Eugenis.

Is it not unnecessary for only our country to send an ambassador to Kokodia?”

I see. So Duke came with that approach.

Okaa-sama divorced and returned to Kokodia, and no new ambassador has been sent since then.

I know that.

“Just because they don’t send an ambassador doesn’t mean we don’t have to.

If a war were to break out, which side was responsible for causing the initial trigger,

We must avoid giving the neighboring countries any reason to suspect us.

We must be able to say that we are not at fault.”

“War?! Even though we are allies?!”

“What are you so surprised about?

Just because we’re allies, doesn’t mean war won’t break out.

We have allied with Kokodia before we fought them, haven’t we?”

I don’t know why he’s so surprised. We are repeatedly warring and reconciling with Kokodia.

Just because we are allied now doesn’t mean a war won’t happen in the future.

At that time, we must show other countries that we are not at fault.

For that, we must send an ambassador to Kokodia.

If Kokodia takes our country’s ambassador hostage and starts a war,

We can also appeal to other countries that Kokodia is the guilty party.

“But. . .if you are talking about war, all the more reason for becoming an ambassador is. . .”

“If you want to refuse, that’s fine too?”

When I told him that he could refuse, Duke’s face visibly relaxed.

He must really not want to go to Kokodia, or his wife told him to refuse.

“Is that so. . .Then, my apologies”

“Duke Balten’s taxes have not been paid, right?

Not just this year. Last year too. So, what’s going on?”


“Since I started working as the crown prince’s proxy,

Duke Balten’s taxes have not been paid, is that okay?

If the Duke’s territory does not pay taxes for three years, doesn’t it have to be relinquished?

David, am I mistaken in what I’m saying?”

“No, you are correct.

The Duke’s territory is given preferential tax treatment compared to others.

Therefore, there are stricter constraints.

If taxes are not paid for three years without any disaster, the territory will be confiscated,

And depending on the reason, the title may also be revoked.”

“Oh, I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken.

So, Duke, can you pay the taxes immediately?

There are only a few months left until the time to pay the third year’s tax.”

“No, well, that shouldn’t be the case. . .

I’ve also applied for subsidies, planning to use that subsidy for taxes. . .”

He seems to be flustered at the sudden mention of the Duke’s territory’s taxes,

But he explains that if he receives the subsidy he applied for from the Duke’s territory,

That money could be paid as taxes.

Indeed, the application has arrived, and with that amount of subsidy, he can pay the tax.

“That? I have been rejecting the application for about two years, haven’t you seen?

I’ve been properly writing the reason for rejection and sending it back.”

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