Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 70


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟎

“Oh. Weren’t you also supposed to attend, Mrs. Amelie?

It seems you were absent because you were ill.”

“. . .That might have been the case.”

To the lady, whose face had turned pale as if she lost all blood,

I decided to make a request.

I was going to tell the Duke when I called him,

But if the lady talks about royal blood or duty, it will be just right.

“By the way, I had something to ask of Duke Balten and his wife.”

“Eh? A request, you say?”

“Yes. Diplomacy is being conducted by visiting neighboring countries, including Kokodia.

Uncle Fritz and the others are coming back.

We need to send an ambassador to Kokodia in their place,

And I’m thinking of having the Balten couple do it.”

“Eh? Us?!”

“An ambassador must be of royal blood or have royal lineage, you know.

Mrs. Amelie is of royal blood, right?

I want you to fulfill your duty as one of royal blood.

Don’t worry, being an ambassador is not a difficult task.

You just need to show your face in Kokodia’s social circles.”

By the agreement made when they became allies, they would exchange members of royal bloodlines.

Okaa-sama from Kokodia,

And Uncle Fritz, the second prince, from Eugenis.

It would have been fine to send Uncle Fritz back when Okaa-sama returned to Kokodia,

But they had him continue diplomacy, using Kokodia as a base.

“Th, that is. . .”

“Although Okaa-sama was from Duke’s family in Kokodia,

Since the Duke Samaras family is of Kokodia’s royal bloodline.

She married into this country without allies as a duty of one with royal blood.

Mrs. Amelie, being from the same Duke family, you can do it, right?”

“No. . . Eh. . . That. . . .”

“When Okaa-sama married into this country,Okaa-sama was taught about the social etiquette here,

I heard it was the previous Duchess and Mrs. Amelie .

If you go to Kokodia as an ambassador,

I think Okaa-sama will teach you the social ways there.

Now, with the Duke Samaras family’s elder sister-in-law having passed away,

Okaa-sama seems to be managing the Duke’s household.

Being the sister of Kokodia’s queen, she seems to be the center of social circles.

It’s good, Mrs. Amelie. You’ll be fine going to Kokodia.”

Giggling, Mrs. Amelie seemed to have reached her limit and collapsed.

David, holding back laughter, went to the corridor and brought a royal guard.

“. . .What will you do with the Duchess?”

“Can you deliver her to the Duke’s house?

Can you also take a summons and hand it to the Duke himself?”

“Was the talk of the Kokodian ambassador serious?”

“Eh? Of course! I can’t leave Uncle Fritz, Eddie, and Emillia,

The three with rights to the throne, in other countries forever.”

If I become the crown princess, Uncle Fritz’s position may be jeopardized.

It’s conceivable that other countries might attack, lifting one of the three.

I decided to call them back before that happens, and keep them in the country at least until Eddie comes of age.

“Understood. I will arrange it that way.”

“Yes, thank you.”

When I looked back, Chris burst out laughing, unable to hold it back.

Kyle next to him seemed to be struggling as well.

“. . .Now that Mrs. Amelie is gone, it’s okay to laugh, right?”

“. . .Hehehe. Since when were you thinking about the ambassador’s proposal?”

“Well, the Duke and Duchess wanted to quickly have Denis inherit the title.

I was thinking about if there were any good options,

Then, news of Uncle Fritz’s return arrived.

So, I thought, let’s have him take the place of a hostage.”

“Ah, I see. Do you think there will be a war with Kokodia?”

“It seems like it would be better to be prepared for that.

I think they hold a grudge over Prince Heines’ matter.

. . .If we send the Duke and Duchess Balten, I think Okaa-sama will retaliate,

Wouldn’t that clear up the mood a bit?”

“That’s possible.

Apparently, they were quite annoyed.”

“Just because she married from Kokodia,

I think they didn’t have to annoy her that much.”

“That’s not it. That person seemed to think she could become the queen consort.

Being a daughter of the Duke family, she thought she was the most beautiful.

In reality, she was quite disliked by the crown prince,

She couldn’t even become a fiancé candidate because she was the only daughter of the Duke family.

In the end, Princess Idia married from Kokodia for the alliance, right?

On top of not becoming queen, Idia was far more beautiful.

It’s just a case of resentment, isn’t it?”

“So that’s what it was.”

That’s why they were annoying Okaa-sama, who married from the enemy nation.

. . . Marrying into a place with no allies, disliked by Otou-sama due to a enchantment ring,

Not accepted by the ladies and daughters.

And on top of that, if her lover was killed. . .It’s not unreasonable to want to return home.

I’m sad that she didn’t love me, but I suppose it can’t be helped.

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