Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 69


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟗

“Sofia-sama doesn’t need to do such work.

What do you think Chris is here for?

Just leave politics to the consort.”


“Sofia-sama’s job is to bear children, so she doesn’t need to do anything else.”

What? When I wondered what she was saying, I saw that she was serious.

Speaking of which, Mrs. Amelie was the only daughter of the Duke family, 

Mrs. Amelie could have become a female Duke.

However, the previous Duke decided to make his son-in-law the Duke.

. . .I don’t know whether it was because Mrs. Amelie was like that or the idea of the previous Duke.

All I could say was that I would be troubled if it were forced on me.

“Duchess Balten, that’s quite rude to Sofia-sama.”

Unable to bear it, Kyle, who was supposed to be working, interrupted.

He glared at the lady who seemed a little frightened, then smiled and said.

“Oh, come on, it’s true.

A princess, a queen, cannot do politics.

Women should just keep quiet and smile.

Sofia-sama doesn’t have to force herself, she can leave it to Chris.

Isn’t that right, Chris?”

Thinking that her son Chris would agree, 

She smiled at him as he silently worked.

“. . .What are you misunderstanding?

Kyle and I are just assistants to Sofia-sama.

We’re only supporting Sofia-sama in becoming queen; we’re not replacing the king.

Would you be quiet if you don’t understand anything?”

Not even smiling, Chris coldly brushed her off, 

The lady’s face turned bright red in an instant.

“What did you say!

Sofia-sama, is it okay! I will host a tea party!

If you listen to everyone’s talk, Sofia-sama, you’ll understand!”

“What about that? You know we can’t hold a royal tea party in this country, don’t you?”


With a surprised look on her face, I couldn’t help but be amazed that she didn’t even know that.

“Long ago, when the queen was alive, well, when your grandmother was alive,

There used to be royal tea parties.

It was because only the head of the family, the men, could attend the evening parties.

Women were considered improper to go out at night back then.”

When I asked David for confirmation, he quickly responded.

“That’s correct. The evening parties of that time were meetings between the king and the lords.

Except for a few female lords who were allowed to attend, no women were allowed.

At that time, the queen was hosting a tea party,

It was held as a gathering to listen to the requests of the ladies who could only attend during the day.”

Nowadays, nobles hosting tea parties is also difficult due to financial constraints after the war,

And an annual royal tea party was necessary.

“It was a place to hear whether there were any requests from the ladies who supported the lords.

But with no queen, it became difficult to host tea parties.

Then grandfather allowed the ladies to come to the evening parties as well.

At the evening parties, requests were heard from both the lords and their wives.

The lack of money in the local lords after the war was also one of the reasons the tea parties were abolished.

It was hard to come from the provinces to the capital to attend both evening parties and tea parties,

So large-scale royal tea parties were no longer held.”

“That’s exactly right, Sofia-sama.

However, you are not currently prohibited from holding personal tea parties.

If Sofia-sama wants to have a tea party with her school friends, there’s no problem.”

Understanding what I wanted to say, David nodded and added an explanation.

Mrs. Amelie seemed not to have heard of this and did not join the conversation.

“The only other thing that’s allowed is engagement selection tea parties.

Otou-sama didn’t have it because his fiancée was already decided,

And Uncle Eddie didn’t have it because he met aunt at school.

The only one who hosted an engagement selection tea party was Uncle Fritz.

Even though there was only a few young ladies, and I heard it wasn’t a big event.”

When the conversation turned to Otou-sama’s tea party, I could see that Mrs. Amelie’s eyes widened.

I continued the conversation, thinking that perhaps this is a subject that should not be touched.

“But you know, when Okaa-sama first came to this country as a bride,

There was a tea party hosted by the royal family.

Grandfather did not know that Okaa-sama was planning to host a tea party,

And Okaa-sama did not know that this country does not host tea parties.

Some Duchess said that the crown princess must host a tea party,

And Okaa-sama believed that and hosted the tea party.”

“Eh. Princess Idia hosts a tea party?

I did not know that either.”

I wonder if he really didn’t know, David looks surprised.

Mrs. Amelie’s complexion grew worse, but the conversation continued.

“It’s not recorded officially.

It was treated unofficially because grandfather did not give permission, but also,

Nobody came to that tea party.”

“What?! The crown princess hosted the tea party, right?

And didn’t you say that a certain Duchess told her to host it?”

“That’s right. A Duchess who told her to host the tea party was absent.

She apparently contacted them on the day, saying she was ill.

All the ladies and young ladies who were supposed to attend, sent messages of absence on the day.

. . .Okaa-sama never tried to meet with the nobles of this country again after that.

It’s only natural, isn’t it. . .Right, Mrs. Amelie? You remember, don’t you?

The one who told her to host that tea party was Mrs. Amelie’s Okaa-sama.”

“Eh. . .I wonder what happened. . .?”

“Oh. Weren’t you also supposed to attend, Mrs. Amelie?

It seems you were absent because you were ill.”

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