Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 68


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟖

The school year was drawing to an end, and all that was left was to await the Crown Princess’ nomination, when Mrs. Amelie of the Duke Balten family barged into the Crown Princess’ chamber.

“Duchess Balten wants to see Sofia-sama and has come barging in. 

She’s stopped at the entrance to the Eastern Palace; what should we do?”

David, who received the report from the royal guards protecting the Eastern Palace, 

Told us with a puzzled look, causing me to stop working.

“Duchess Balten?”

Chris inadvertently looked over, and Chris too stopped working, making a bewildered face. 

Chris’ mother, and also the only daughter of the Duke Balten family, Mrs. Amelie. 

I remembered her looking dissatisfied at the night party, but

Why did she come to complain now?

“. . .Coming here all of a sudden to see Sofia-sama is too rude. 

Shall we have the royal guards send her away?”

Indeed, even a Duchess coming to the Eastern Palace without an appointment is rude. 

Though they want to send her away. . .

“You know, I was planning to send a summons to Duke Balten in a few days.

If we send her away now, 

She might make the excuse of not going because she was sent away when she came to the palace. 

. . .There may be a problem, but let’s meet her and hear what she has to say. 

Bring the Duchess here.”


Though we don’t want to meet, there’s a possibility of being faulted if we don’t.

After explaining this, David goes to instruct the royal guards outside.

“What will Chris do? Leave your seat?”

“No, I’ll stay here.

No matter what they think, I’m no longer a member of the Duke’s family.”

“Alright, I understand.”

After a while, a murmur can be heard from the corridor.

Can’t she walk quietly? I can tell that the lady is approaching.

When the royal guard opens the door to the crown princess’ room, the lady confidently enters.

As soon as she enters, I can detect the scent of her strong perfume.

I almost choke, so I reluctantly use wind magic to block the lady’s smell.

When I also block the smell from reaching Chris, Kyle, and David nearby,

I can tell that the three of them look relieved.

It seems that not just me, but the three of them also found the scent of this perfume too strong.

Silver hair, green eyes like Chris.

She is a slender, tall beauty, but she doesn’t look much like Chris.

“Good day, Sofia-sama.”

“Yes, Duchess Balten, what brings you here today?”

The lady greeted me with a bright smile, but

The other three continued their work, looking dissatisfied with her presence.

Perhaps she thinks that since the Duchess has come, everyone should attend to her.

However, pretending not to notice, I keep the documents in my hand.

I maintain the attitude that I will only listen to her during my work breaks.

“T, That’s right. Since Sofia-sama is still young,

It must be tough to learn the royal duties.

I thought I must teach you as a Duchess.”

“Teach me? You, to me?”

“Yes. First, you must host a tea party, Sofia-sama.

You must call the wives and daughters of lords who have mansions in the royal capital for tea.”

“A tea party. . .?”

Suddenly, what is she talking about? A tea party?

And a big tea party at that, calling the noble families’ ladies and daughters in the royal capital,

It would end up being a royal-hosted tea party, but

Does she understand what that means?

“That’s right. Normally, the queen or crown princess would teach such things,

But Sofia-sama has neither.

As someone who carries the royal blood,

As the highest-ranking woman among the nobles, I must teach you.”

“Royal blood. . .huh.”

If she’s someone who carries the royal blood,

I wish she would at least remember the role of tea parties in this country.

While I was dismayed, she seemed to misunderstand that I was quietly listening.

The lady’s voice gradually grew louder.

“As a noble daughter of this country, and as a lady,

Sofia-sama, you must learn at the tea party.”

“Do ladies and daughters teach such things?”

Even if I were to ask for personal guidance, I don’t think a tea party is necessary.

What on earth does she want to teach me?

“Well, you mustn’t say such things.

“Everyone has more experience than Lady Sofia, right?”

I understand that, but

The ladies who have lived as daughters and married as wives have a completely different life from me.

I know the topics of the ladies’ tea parties, but stories about husbands’ affairs, punishing mistresses. . .

And that’s not all, boasting about the ladies’ lovers. . .Do I need to hear that?

“I don’t need it. At least I’m too busy for such leisure.

Can’t you see? I’m working even now.”

As I show her the documents I was holding by fluttering them,

The lady exaggeratedly showed her surprise, “Oh my!”

“Sofia-sama doesn’t need to do such work.

What do you think Chris is here for?

Just leave politics to the consort.”


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