Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 67


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟕: (𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬)

Calling out to Dr. Renkin as he tries to leave the princess’ private chamber,

They brought him to the guard’s waiting room.

The princess, who had suffered from poor nutrition in her childhood and experienced delayed growth,

Still receives regular check-ups from Dr. Renkin even now.

Though Princess has been born with exceptional magical power, 

She has a tendency to use it to fix even minor issues.

Regular check-ups will continue to be necessary to avoid this habit.

“There were no problems with Sofia-sama, but is there something concerning?”

“No, I’m not thinking that something happened to the Princess but. . . 

Duchess Hambel has passed away?”

“Yes. It’s not an epidemic disease, but 

She lost consciousness three days after she felt feverish. 

She might have been weakened by the change of seasons.”

Eliza was sent to Kokodia, and the Duchess was deeply grieved upon hearing this. 

Half a month after hearing that news, the news of the Duchess’ death arrived.

I suppose the news of Duke Hambel’s death will come eventually, but 

The old man in front of me will likely remain nonchalant as always.

“I have a request for Dr. Renkin.”

“Oh? Chris-sama, the consort, has a request for this old man?”

“I want you to teach me about poisons and medicine.”

Maybe my request was surprising, as Dr. Renkin’s face showed rare astonishment. 

However, it was only for a moment, and his face turned serious, and 

I felt a chilling aura of hostility.

“May I ask why?”

“Princess will give birth in a few years at the earliest. . . 

And Dr. Renkin may not be around then. 

Dr. Renkin serves the king.

If something happened to the king, you would choose him over Princess.”

“Well, I won’t deny that. 

I’m the king’s doctor.

I care about Sofia-sama, but the king will be my priority.

Besides, I may not be alive when Sofia-sama gives birth. 

That’s also a reason, isn’t it?”

Even though I’m known to speak rudely, Dr. Renkin is indeed advanced in age, and 

I didn’t mention the reason that he might not be alive then, but 

Dr. Renkin himself voiced that reason.

“Such things do happen.

Princess is strong to some extent, and she can protect herself. 

But during pregnancy, it won’t be that way. 

She might not be able to use her magic then, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. The stronger the magic, 

the stronger the child’s magic may be.

Whether with Chris-sama or Kyle-sama, 

a child with strong magic will undoubtedly be born. 

Then the magic might be chaotic, and she won’t know if she can use it as usual. 

. . .It’s certain that Sofia-sama will be defenseless during pregnancy. 

So, you want me to teach you medicine for that reason.”

“That’s right. If I can leave it to Dr. Renkin, 

there’s no problem, but if we have to rely on another doctor, 

Princess would have to let strangers approach her when she’s most vulnerable. 

To avoid that, I want to be able to examine her from pregnancy to childbirth.”

Princess, who is wary of strangers, has never been examined by anyone other than Dr. Renkin. 

Although there are other doctors in the palace, she probably won’t allow any other doctor to examine her. 

So, I thought I should learn medical arts myself.

“. . .I understand the medicine. But the knowledge of poison. . .”

“When the Princess becomes queen, Kyle will support her from the front. 

I’ve decided to support her from behind. 

Dr. Renkin supports the king from behind, right?”

Protecting the monarchy is not an easy task.

It is necessary to safeguard the rights of the nobles while controlling their power.

This applies to royal family members other than the king as well.

Proper management must be conducted, and the number of royals must be maintained.

Prescribing medicine to Prince Daniel to prevent him from fathering illegitimate children,

Taking measures to disable Duke Hambel’s male function,

Killing the Duchess by making it look like a cold, all were the work of Dr. Renkin.

Perhaps, if the Princess becomes the crown princess, Prince Daniel might “die of illness”.

Unlike Kyle, I cannot choose to live as a lover or consort.

So, I have decided to live by supporting her from behind.

“Does Chris-sama have the resolve to support Sofia-sama from behind?”


“Does Sofia-sama know that?”

“No, she might realize it someday, but I have no intention of telling her.”

“Why such resolve?

It’s not something Chris-sama has to do.

You can just support her as a regular consort.”

I cannot support the Princess as a regular consort.

But, I won’t tell that to Dr. Renkin.

“It’s great to see Princess and Kyle live their lives, holding hands together,”

I believe that happiness comes from supporting them from behind.

So, what Doctor Renkin learned to support his Majesty,

Could you teach me?

I cannot make the Princess happy as a man.

I think that’s Kyle’s job, and I don’t want to do it.

Even so, I care about Princess, who is trying to protect this country, and 

Kyle, who is trying to make her happy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone to protect them.

Understanding my resolve, Dr. Renkin sighed and agreed.

“I’ll make time once or twice a week.”

“Thank you. I’m counting on you.”

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