Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 64

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟒

I returned to my private room from the audience chamber, and the awkwardness with Kyle remained even after finishing dinner.

After taking a bath and heading to the bedroom, Chris, who seemed to have run out of patience, scolded me.

“Ah, enough already. Talk to each other properly before things get any worse.

Come on, Kyle. Escort the Princess to her bedroom and talk to her on the way!”


“. . .Alright. Come on, Princess, let’s go.”

“Y, Yes.”

I took Kyle’s extended hand, and we headed to the bedroom together.

I was already in my nightgown, and I wondered if it would be appropriate to talk in the bedroom, 

Kyle is probably used to seeing me in my nightwear, so I think it’s fine now.

Lisa and Yuna had disappeared, 

And even the presence of the shadows in the attic had vanished.

When we were left alone, Kyle fell silent again.

“. . . . . .”

“Listen, Kyle. . .I’m sorry about yesterday.

I was somehow irritated. . .

It might have been because I got drunk without realizing it, but. . .

I don’t even understand how everything ended up like that.

“Do you remember everything?”

“I don’t know if I remember everything, but I think I do.”

I believe I’ve recalled as much as I can, but 

I ended up falling asleep in Kyle’s arms, and,

I don’t know where exactly it ended, but. . .I remember causing trouble for a long while.

“. . .What made you so upset? You said you were irritated.”

“Maybe it was seeing Kyle surrounded by the young ladies. . . 

And Chris said they were probably hoping to be your mistresses.”

“Ah, you saw that.

Yes, something was mentioned about mistresses.”

When I sat beside Kyle on the edge of the bed, 

He pulled me up and sat me on his knee.

Being hugged from behind made me feel like I was being treated like a child, and it made me feel lonely.

“The young ladies surrounding Kyle at the ball were from the Margrave, right?

Did they come to the ball specifically to see Kyle?”

“It seems so. My elder brothers can’t have children,

It seems my father wants my child as the heir.”


“Though he didn’t consider me his son, 

The King’s letter revealed I’m the former King’s brother’s grandson, and now everything has changed.

He said to impregnate those young ladies and send them back to the borderlands.”

“That’s. . .terrible. . .”

Despising him as an illegitimate child and then saying something like that. . .

. . .Maybe that’s the way of the nobility, but I can’t accept it.

Even though they had neglected Kyle until now, trying to use him for their own benefit.

“Of course, I refused. I’m now of higher status than my father.

Even if I’m ordered to, there’s no need for me to obey.

I declined by saying that, so I don’t think he’ll come again.

“Really?. . .Don’t you need a mistress, Kyle?

Oh, not the Margrave’s people, just generally…”

Hearing that Kyle was popular with the young ladies made me feel uneasy in my heart.

Even if he had a mistress, I thought it wouldn’t change that he would remain my consort.

“I won’t have a mistress.”

“Is that okay? Don’t you want to do “that” kind of thing?”

Unlike Chris, who doesn’t feel sexual desire,

Kyle probably does, right?

I knew it wasn’t good to make him hold back because of me.

For Kyle’s sake, I knew I had to accept him having a mistress.

. . .But I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I didn’t want him to.

“Well. . .It’s not that I don’t think about it.

I do have feelings like that.”

Of course. Kyle’s a man, so that’s normal, right?

I have to accept it for him. . .right?

“But it doesn’t mean I want to do it with just anyone.

I intend to wait until Sofia is ready. . .in that sense.”


“It’s not that I’m waiting because Sofia is a child.

I’ll wait until you’re mentally prepared.”

“My heart’s ready?”

When I unconsciously turned and looked up, I was kissed on the forehead.


“. . .The fact that you’re surprised means you don’t remember what we did yesterday. 

You were happy when I kissed you like this many times.”

“I don’t. . .remember. . .Many times?”

“Yeah, you kept telling me to do more.”

Saying so, this time I was kissed near my temple.

I hear a smacking sound near my ear, and I feel unbearably embarrassed.

“See, you’re turning bright red with just this.

. . .It’s okay to take it slow. But, we are already engaged.

I want you to get used to me little by little.”

“. . .Yeah.”

On my forehead, the top of my head, both cheeks, Kyle’s lips, a bit stiff, were pressed.

I feel dizzy, confused that I’m being treated like an adult.

“You don’t need to look so worried. Slowly, okay?”

“Mm. . .”

Somehow Kyle seems like a stranger all of a sudden, and it scares me a little.

Noticing that, Kyle smiled softly and returned to his usual atmosphere.

It felt like the end as I was held in a side hug, embraced as if I was being wrapped up.

His large, warm arms felt good, and I relaxed and closed my eyes in his embrace.

“That’s enough for today. . .Good night.”

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