Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 63


π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« πŸ”πŸ‘

“Everything started with Queen Idia returning to Kokodia.

It seems that Queen Idia said. . . Sofia could never become the queen.”


“Eh? Okaa-sama said something like that?”


Why would Okaa-sama, who has had almost no interaction with me since I was born, say something like that?

Even though she should know that this country is a country where you can become a queen,

I wonder why she said such a thing.



“At Kokodia’s tea party, Idia supposedly said that Sofia is a princess who can’t do anything,

So her marriage partner will probably run the country.

The eldest princess who heard that, misunderstood that Sofia’s marriage partner would become the king.

Prince Heines thought that if he married this country’s princess, he would become the king.

So, it seems that he was talking about that at the academy.

I will be the king of this country.

Eliza heard that, and it seems she thought she would become the queen, not Sofia.”


“. . .Eeeeeh. Does that mean Okaa-sama thought I wouldn’t be given any real power?”


“Yes. Daniel was not given any real power as the crown prince.

So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Sofia wouldn’t be given any real power either.

Idia had already returned to Kokodia by the time you became the acting crown prince.

She probably didn’t know what happened after that.”


Certainly, the work of the crown prince that I took over around the age of twelve was not a big deal.

It seemed that grandfather handled the major requests from local lords,

So I had some doubts that it was Otou-sama’s job as the crown prince.


What grandfather was doing was not only the king’s job but also the queen’s job,

And he was doing almost all the work of the crown prince and the crown princess by himself.

Each one is a huge amount of work, yet he did all of it alone.

It just makes me think that it only shows how incapable Otou-sama was. . .



“Is that so. . .I can’t blame Okaa-sama for thinking that way.

But this is a matter of whether I, as the queen, hold real power or not,

It’s just a misunderstanding by the princess and prince.

I can only think that Eliza using that is foolish. . .”


Even though the order of succession to the throne had been explained over and over, Eliza didn’t believe it.

While Otou-sama is “recuperating”, I’m in first place, and Uncle Fritz is second.

Then there are Eddie and Emillia, and Eliza is not even royalty in the first place.

Despite being told over and over, it was Eliza who didn’t understand that.


“What will happen to Eliza?”


It was discovered that she was plotting to usurp the throne in front of most of the nobles.

Neither Eliza nor Prince Heines will get off lightly.

On top of that, she tried to strike me with attack magic. Execution is a possibility at worst.

She is not of royal blood, but it would be preferable to avoid executing someone who was in a position close to that. . .


“Even though the result was poor, the attempt to usurp the throne was carried out, so,

I thought execution was unavoidable, but. . .

Actually, Eliza is carrying Prince Heines’ child.”


“Prince Heines’ child! Is it true?!”


“She said her wrist hurt when we restrained her, so I had Renkin examine her just in case.

Then he said the flow of magic was strange, so we had her examined. There’s no mistake.”


Eliza carrying Prince Heines’ child. . .

Even if Eliza was found to be the illegitimate child of the Duchess,

She is still registered as a noblewoman.

. . .There should not have been a crown prince’s child born in Kokodia yet.

Handling this is too complicated, and it can’t be left in Eugenis,

Is there no choice but to leave it to Kokodia?


“We can’t just execute the blood of an allied royal family.

. . .Eliza will be banished from the country with her magic sealed.

Probably she will be imprisoned after being sent to Kokodia,

What happens after she gives birth will be left up to Kokodia.

I approved the marriage in my name, so I’ll have her escorted by Kokodia’s squad,

And have her sent to their royal palace.”


“Yes. . .Leaving it to Kokodia is best, I think.

There is also the punishment for Prince Heines, who aimed at another country’s throne,

As grandfather says, both will probably be imprisoned. . .”


Even though they aimed for the throne, the marriage with the princess to become king,

Such a foolish usurpation. . .It must be a headache for Kokodia too.

There’s a high possibility they will imprison Prince Heines for life and act as if it never happened.


“To put on the magic seal, a royal, civil official, and knight must flow magic together.

Sofia, will you stand by as the royal?”


“Will I be the one to stand by?”


This is probably the last time I will see Eliza.

When putting on the magic seal, three people’s magic is flowed to make sure there are no mistakes,

And to make sure it’s not easily removed.

To remove it, the same three people’s magic must be flowed, so

It can’t be removed unless something extraordinary happens.


Standing by as one of those three. . .

As I was wondering what to do, Kyle, who was behind me, raised his voice.


“Your Majesty, may I be the one to stand by?”


“Kyle. . .Indeed, I think you have the qualifications to stand by as a royal.

Why though?”


“I don’t believe Miss Eliza will repent.

She will only try to hurt Sofia-sama as much as possible at the end.

I don’t want to see Sofia-sama hurt by Miss Eliza’s words anymore.

May I be the one to stand by?”


“. . .Kyle.”


“That’s right. There’s no need for Sofia to be hurt any more.

Even though there was not a single bad thing about Sofia,

She was tormented so much.

You don’t have to be troubled by Eliza’s words anymore. Sorry, I didn’t think enough.

Kyle, I’ll leave the standing by to you.

I’m having the magic seal prepared now. It should be ready by tomorrow.

As soon as the magic seal is attached, we’ll send Prince Heines and her to Kokodia.”



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