Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 65


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟓: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

The next day, as I headed to the audience chamber again, there were the crown prince’s civil official David, 

As well as Jordan, a knight of the royal guard, who was also present as another witness.

Jordan, a Royal Guard, is the son of the Commander of the Royal Guard Augen, 

And is a knight who is said to become the Commander of the Royal Guard, following in his father’s footsteps in the future. 

Though he’s the second son of the Marquis family and over thirty, he only just got married recently.

I, Chris, and one from the shadows are always beside the princess as her personal guards, 

And the Royal Guards are in charge of guarding the palace corridors and the Eastern Palace around us. 

Jordan will be assigned to the audience chamber when the princess becomes the queen.

In other words, David and Jordan are in a position close to the princess. 

His Majesty chose these two individuals so that they wouldn’t be influenced by Eliza’s presence,

It seems His Majesty chose those who are ready to protect the Princess with determination.

I received a magic-sealing necklace from His Majesty and headed to the noble’s prison where Eliza was.

Upon entering, the place was more disordered than I imagined. 

Although called a prison, it’s a room where nobles temporarily stay, not much different from a regular guest room. 

The room is fully equipped, with knights always stationed inside and outside.

Yet, the curtains were torn, the writing desk and chair were knocked over, 

and something broken was scattered on the table.

Whether Eliza had raged, or she was restrained by a female knight, her hands and feet were held down. 

A cloth was wrapped around her mouth, and I could hear her groaning, unable to speak.

Her eyes were hollow yet bloodshot, and her face was red, possibly from her struggling. 

A strand of her hair was sticking to her cheek with sweat.

Was the deep sky blue dress she wore during the evening gathering considered disrespectful, or,

I’m not sure if it was because of Chris’ magic that she got soaking wet, but,

She had been made to change into a plain brown dress.

“. . . . . .What happened?”

When I asked a knight who was nearby, he answered, looking exasperated.

“It was quiet when we put her in the noble’s prison, but 

Suddenly she screamed and started raging. . .She began breaking things around her. 

Once she was exhausted, she’d collapse and sleep, but when she’d wake up, she’d rage again. . .”

Though it’s obligatory to assign knights to the noble’s prison, 

I thought it was strange to have this many knights gathered. 

There were four female knights and three male knights in the room. 

Maybe the usual number wasn’t enough to restrain her.

Including the three of us, there are eleven people in the not-so-spacious noble’s prison room. 

It might be the heat, but I want to change the damp air,

Though opening the window is not allowed. 

It seems better to finish what needs to be done quickly and leave.

“It is perhaps to prevent the cloth of the mouth from shouting. . . 

Since we need to talk a little, please just remove the cloth from the mouth. 

Eliza, if you feel like shouting, I will immediately cover your mouth with the cloth again. 

If you have something to say, do so without shouting. Understand?”

There was no apparent response from Eliza, but 

The groaning stopped, so I judged that she could hear and had the cloth removed. 

Even after removing the cloth, Eliza did not speak a word and just glared at us.

“Eliza’s punishment has been decided. 

We’ll put a magical-sealing collar on you. 

The three of us will be witnesses.”

“. . .Why? Why won’t grandfather come here?”

“His Majesty? There’s no reason for him to meet a criminal.”

Is she still expecting His Majesty to do something? 

When I told her he wouldn’t come, she bit her lip in frustration.

“Then call Sofia. 

I have to complain to her one last time.”

Does she still think she’s not in the wrong?. . .It’s just ridiculous.

How long will she keep calling Sofia the Ineligible Princess and belittling her? 

There must have been those who objected to Eliza at the academy.

“. . .Cold-resistant wheat.”

“. . .?”

“A water bottle that can be carried three times lighter. 

A barrier that weakens the wind so that the rice doesn’t fall in a strong wind.

A magic stone that can sprinkle water over a wide range.”

“. . .What’s that?”

“A warning that sounds when a magical beast approaches.

Arrangement of a knight’s corps that can be dispatched when the warning sounds.”

“So what, what is that!”

Perhaps annoyed by my reading out loud, Eliza raised her voice.

“These are things that Sofia has created for the common people.”


“While you were skipping your studies and lamenting your situation, 

Sofia was balancing the work of the crown prince’s proxy and her studies at the academy,

On top of that, she’s continually researching to make the lives of the common people a little easier. 

You keep saying that you are a princess, but 

Have you done anything for this country?”

Sofia’s actions have been making the lives of the common people easier. 

But it’s not just about making the lives of commoners easier.

The mortality rate has decreased, and productivity has increased, leading to an increase in tax revenue for the country. 

Sofia then uses it again to further enhance the country’s power.

Even if they don’t realize they’re using it, eventually they’ll notice something that Sofia has created. 

The people of this country are beginning to realize what Sofia has done for them.

. . .How much effort the “Ineligible Princess” is putting into benefiting the nation.

On the other hand, the rumors about Princess Eliza are fading. 

The expectations that were once placed on her are long gone, and Princess Eliza herself hasn’t done anything to warrant them.

The common people are not interested in the affairs of nobles who have nothing to do with them. 

It’s natural to be forgotten.

“. . .There’s no need for it.

I am loved by my grandfather. . .so. . .”

“You’re still saying that? Have you forgotten that you were told you have no relation to His Majesty?”

Even as she said it herself, she might have remembered that she doesn’t share blood ties with His Majesty, so,

It became apparent that Eliza’s complexion was deteriorating.

“But. . .I am the beloved princess, after all

I am the one to inherit this country. . .Otou-sama and Okaa-sama said so. . .”

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