Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 62

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟐

I was unexpectedly summoned by my grandfather, and it was well past noon.

When I took Chris and Kyle to the audience chamber, several civil officials and knights were waiting.

It seems that the people who had interrogated Prince Heines and Eliza were here to report.

As we entered the room, my grandfather immediately called out to us.

“Ahh, you’ve arrived. I heard that Sofia was feeling unwell, but are you alright?”

“. . .Yes, I’m fine now.”

It seems that my hangover had also been reported, and it sounded like he was smiling a little.

It feels like he finds the story of his granddaughter’s failure charming.

. . .For me, I’m quite upset about it.

When I glance at Kyle, he quickly looks away.

It’s been like this since we met after breakfast.

It doesn’t seem like he’s angry, but he doesn’t know how to respond.

“So, yesterday, after arresting Prince Heines, I immediately sent the knights to the detached palace.

I told them to arrest the Kokodia squad leader if he resisted, but

How did the other side respond?”

In response to my grandfather’s question, one of the knights steps forward to answer.

“Sir. When we explained the situation to the two Kokodia squad leaders,

They consented to the search of the detached palace without resistance.

When we searched the room used by Prince Heines and the chamberlain’s room,

We discovered a ring with enchanting effects in the chamberlain’s room.”

“An enchantment ring, is it? Was it used?”

“When we asked the chamberlain, he said that Prince Heines had tried to use it on Sofia-sama, but

It had no effect, so he removed it.

Nevertheless, it is still a valuable magical tool,

So he said he was keeping it to bring back to the country and examine.”

Eh? He was targeting me? With an enchantment ring?

“An enchantment ring, indeed. . .”

“What do you mean ‘indeed’?”

While I was surprised and listening, my grandfather seemed to have anticipated it and muttered so.

When I asked him back, he made a sour face, as if he had remembered something unpleasant.

“. . .Queen Idia tried to use it on Daniel when they got married.”

“What? Okaa-sama used it on Otou-sama?”

“Yes. . .Just like I gave Sofia the prince’s proof,

I had given Daniel something with the same effect.

That’s why the enchantment didn’t work, but. . .”

The prince’s proof. As I touch the necklace, I feel a gentle magical sensation.

A stone that would react if enchanted.

. . .Ah, I see.

That’s why I couldn’t help but dislike Prince Heines.

Wait. . .then. . .

“Grandfather. . .Because of the effect of this necklace,

I came to dislike Prince Heines so much that I even hated talking to him.

Could it be, the reason Otou-sama hated Okaa-sama was. . .”

“That’s right. By the time he realized it, he hated her so much that nothing could be done.

Queen Idia didn’t understand why she was disliked, either.

It’s impossible to fall in love knowing that you’re disliked.

They disliked each other. . .and there was nothing to be done.

But, thinking it would be bad if Kokodia found out,

I didn’t tell Queen Idia about the prince’s proof.

That’s why, when I found out Prince Heines was coming,

I thought he might use the enchantment ring again.”

That’s why he gave me the necklace before Prince Heines arrived.

If he wanted to marry me and become king, he wouldn’t care about the means.

Thanks to that, I felt nothing but disgust from the beginning, and I was spared any danger.

“Because he couldn’t feel the enchantment’s effect on me, did he target Eliza instead?”

“It seems that it was Eliza who approached Prince Heines.

Prince Heines thought Eliza was a princess.

Moreover, Eliza seemed more competent than Sofia,

And he seemed to believe the story that I adored Eliza.

After being explained that Eliza has no right to the throne,

And understanding that Sofia will become queen,

He completely lost heart and stopped speaking altogether.”

“Did Eliza deceive Prince Heines?”

“More like she led him to believe.

It doesn’t seem like she said she has the right to the throne.

The daughter of the third prince, the king’s granddaughter, Sofia’s cousin; none of that is a lie.

There’s no doubt she spoke so that Prince Heines would misunderstand.”

Certainly, that is not a lie.

But if she claimed to be the Duke’s daughter, it would immediately be known as a lie.

So she intended to deceive Prince Heines from the start.

“Did Uncle Edgar and the others instruct her to do so?”

“I thought so and had it checked,

But Edgar and the others were in Hambel territory, and had not been in contact with Eliza.

Isabela has not returned to Hambel since enrolling in school,

And hasn’t sent a single letter to Edgar and the others.

I can only think she acted on her own.”

She wasn’t in contact with her parents?

I thought uncle had not given up, 

and were using Eliza to return to the royal capital.

Since she was thinking and acting on her own, no one could have stopped her. . . .

“Why did Eliza target Prince Heines?

And why did Prince Heines misunderstand to that extent. . . .”

Why did she go so far to get close to Prince Heines?

If she thought she would become queen, there would be no need to marry Prince Heines.

“The trigger for everything was Idia returning to Kokodia.

It seems Idia said. . .Sofia will probably not be able to become queen.”


TL: Idia is Sofia’s Mother

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