Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 57

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟕: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

I once did shadow training and was also on night watch duty at a party,

But this is my first time attending as a member of the nobility.

Furthermore, being introduced as a consort candidate, the fiancé of the princess,

I entered in a truly nervous state.

I had anticipated the blunders of Prince Heines and Eliza right after the start,

And I felt relieved when everything around me became quiet.

I remembered the names of those who made insinuating remarks to the princess during the greetings,

And those who had shown condescending behavior.

His Majesty had been telling me to prepare for abdication over several years,

And this must mean to eliminate such people.

The young princess is to become the crown princess and then queen,

And those who do not want to change the old ways will be an obstacle.

Something must be done while His Majesty’s power can still be used.

It appears that the first target for elimination has been decided to be the Duke Balten family.

Though they are Chris’ parents, even I noticed that the relationship is not good.

The princess must have heard about it from Chris,

She seemed unable to contain her anger at how Chris was treated by the Duke family.

. . . If I were to meet my father and brothers here,

Even His Majesty might not have been able to stop the princess.

I can’t think they would come all the way from the Margrave’s territory just to attend the evening party.

They were dismissed, but it seems Ilia attended on their behalf.

No one from the Margrave came to greet us.

After completing the greetings from the nobility, His Majesty instructed me to allow the princess to rest.

She’s of royal status, yet she’s just a fifteen-year-old princess.

It’s understandable that she might feel fatigued if she continues to greet without taking a break.

I heard that cakes and pastries had been placed in the rest room for the princess.

I made my way to the royal family’s designated rest area within the evening gathering venue.

The princess sat on the sofa, visibly weary,

She sank deep into the sofa, her body leaning with little strength.

It appeared she had been sleep-deprived due to preparations in the past few days, and I wanted her to rest soon.

Lisa brewed tea, and Yuna prepared the cake,

However, Yuna noticed that there was no ice cream among the desserts in the rest room.

Even when she has no appetite, she always enjoys ice cream,

The head chef often serves it to her when she’s tired.

She seems content with the cake for now,

But I could tell that the princess was disappointed to find out that the head chef’s recommended ice cream was missing.

Although the head chef intended for them to be in the rest room, they were absent.

Perhaps an oversight occurred due to the sudden increase in the number of attendees.

Glancing around the hall, considering they might be on a noble’s dessert tray,

I spotted something resembling them near the cakes on a dessert tray at the far end.

“Ah, it looks like they’re placed over there.

I’ll go and retrieve them.”

I could have asked someone else to fetch them, but it would be quicker if I did it myself.

Chris is with the princess, and if the treats are in the rest room guarded by the knights, she should be safe.

Thinking this, I made my way to the far end of the hall to get them. As I picked up the plate of sherbet, someone addressed me from behind.


“. . . . . . .”

When I turned around, there stood my second older brother, who wasn’t supposed to be here.

Since he hadn’t come to greet me, I assumed he wasn’t attending the evening party.

It seemed he had brought people from the Margrave territory, and the young ladies beside him also had black hair.

“You came to the evening party. . .”

“I arrived late. I’ve just gotten here.

I came to see you rather than to participate in the evening party.”

His explanation convinced me. 

He must have been able to attend the evening party as he was, not knowing about Ilia.

If he had known that his brother was being detained for interrogation,

He probably would’ve sought out the details or raised objections.

Deciding that mentioning Ilia here might cause unnecessary turmoil, I chose to keep quiet about it.

“What do you want with me?”

“. . . A letter arrived from His Majesty to Father.

He was pleased to learn that you are not an illegitimate child.”

“. . . What?”

I had heard that a letter had been sent to Father to announce me as the princess’ fiancé.

The letter clarified that my grandfather was the former king’s brother, that the marriage between the former Margrave and the knight commander was only nominal.

My silver hair and blue eyes were traits I inherited from the former king’s brother.

Was he feeling some remorse upon reading that, or was he genuinely happy?

How could he say such a thing now?

As I remained bewildered and speechless, my brother continued talking, disregarding my reaction.

“Actually, neither my older brother nor I have children.

Despite being married for many years, we have no heirs. . .

Father expressed that in such a case, he wouldn’t mind if your child were to inherit.

I’ve brought along the daughters of the branch family.

Any of the girls would suffice. No, you can take them all as mistresses.

The directive is simply to father a child.”

“. . . What? You’re telling me to father a child?”

He had always despised and scorned me, never acknowledging me as his son,

And now he’s instructing me to conceive a child to inherit the Margrave title? Is he joking?

“Yes. Aren’t you elated?

Father has acknowledged you as his legitimate son.

These young ladies have been instructed to accompany you to your chambers.

Feel free to engage with them.

After a child is conceived, you can send them back to the Margrave territory.”

Seizing the opportunity presented by my anger-induced shock, which left me temporarily immobile,

The young ladies, previously positioned behind my elder brother, now encircled me.

“Kyle-sama. . . I’m Lulu from the branch family.

I’m honored to make your acquaintance in this manner.”

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