Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 56

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟔

“I will brew some tea.”

“Princess, which cake would you like?”

The royal family’s lounge is arranged as a semi-private room in the center of the hall.

As I recline on the sofa, Lisa brews tea for me,

Before Yuna serves the cake, she inquires about my cake preference.

The table is adorned with an array of colorful cakes, all looking delectable.

“Um, the black one, the brown one, and the one with nuts on it.

Ah, I’d also like to have a slice of that yellow one.”

“Yes, let’s cut them into smaller pieces so you can sample a variety.

Oh? There’s no ice cream here.

The chef mentioned wanting you to give it a try.”

“Ice cream? Oh, I really wanted to have some.”

I noticed numerous sweets that I’d probably indulge in, but there was a noticeable absence of ice cream.

The chef is keeping things interesting to ensure I can taste as much as possible.

It seems like he’s aiming to help me gain some weight since I’m still petite and quite thin.

The current head chef differs from the one who used to serve me rotten meals.

I’ve heard that most of the chefs were replaced due to that incident.

The meals prepared by the current chef are genuinely scrumptious and beneficial for one’s health.

They undoubtedly must be both delicious and nutritious, going the extra mile to include ice confections.

“Ah, it seems to be placed over there.

I’ll go fetch it.”

Kyle, who had scanned the hall, appeared to have located the ice cream and went to get some.

No nobles are permitted to enter the royal lounge without permission,

And Lisa, Yuna, and Chris, accompanied by the Royal Guards, stand guard to protect it.

It seems permissible for Kyle to momentarily leave his seat.

“Shall we indulge in the cakes while we wait?”

“Yes! Thank you.”

Yuna arranged several small-cut cakes on a generously sized plate.

Each cake was roughly three bites in size,

And each possessed a distinct flavor compared to what I typically enjoy.

“It’s delicious! Although, it does taste somewhat different than usual. . .?”

“It’s in preparation for the evening party, so the varieties might have been altered.”

“I see. There are some cakes I’ve never tried before, but they’re all delightful.”

As I continued nibbling, Lisa brought me the tea.

After taking a sip and regaining my composure, I noticed Chris wearing a serious expression.

Following Chris’s line of sight, I observed Kyle holding a plate of ice cream,

And it seemed like he was deeply engaged in conversation with someone.

“What’s going on with Kyle?”

“. . . those are probably individuals from the Margrave territory.”


“Their hair is black. . . the unmarried young ladies next to the man.

. . . It appears they are suggesting a potential mistress for him.”

“A mistress?!”

Upon rising from the sofa, I witnessed three young ladies surrounding Kyle.

All of them had black hair, indicating they hailed from the Margrave territory.

One lady, clad in a revealing dress, attempted to grasp Kyle’s arm but was deftly evaded.

Unperturbed, another lady on the opposite side engaged Kyle in conversation with a smile.

“Being a royal consort means not inheriting a noble family, but having the right to have a lover recognized.

If one is the legitimate heir, they can also marry as a main concubine.

This is because the consort’s child cannot become royal successor.

Since Kyle is not the heir, she would be a mistress,

But he will still have money and power.

Many young ladies would likely find this much better than becoming the later wife of an elderly man from that circle.

Such invitations of that nature will probably increase in the future. . .”

“A mistress. . .”

“It’s okay, I’ll be back soon. The ice cream will melt.

Princess, please wait while enjoying some cake.”

“. . . Yeah.”

I slumped back onto the sofa and put the remaining cake into my mouth.

The cake I had just thought was so delicious, I couldn’t taste it now.

The black cake I put in my mouth was somewhat bitter.

It felt sweet and probably tasted good, but I swallowed it down as if to finish it off.

“Princess, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.

I brought both types of ice cream because there were two kinds.”

“. . . Hmm. Thank you.”

The ice cream Kyle brought was in two flavors: strawberry and apple.

I looked at the ice cream placed on the table, but I didn’t feel like eating them and was in a daze.

. . . There are young ladies who wish to be Kyle’s lover. . . . . . .

“. . . Princess?”

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Princess?”

I heard Kyle’s voice close by, and when I looked, he was kneeling, peering into my face.

“Are you feeling unwell? Your face is red. . . Do you have a fever?”

I felt somewhat irritated by Kyle, who was checking my condition by pressing both cheeks with his hands,

And I grabbed both of his hands tightly. . . and flew.


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