Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 58


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟖: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

“Kyle-sama. . .I’m Lulu from the branch family.

It’s an honor to meet you like this.”

“Kyle-sama, please accept me, Amia, as your lover.

You can do as you wish with me, alright?”

“Lulu, Amia, monopolizing him is impossible.

Kyle-sama is such a wonderful gentleman.

Shall we all be cherished by him together?

Kyle-sama, I’m Lilina. Shall we go to your room like this?”

I’m tired of the sweet voices and perfume.

The daughters of Eugenis and the Margrave’s subjects are all the same.

Avoiding the young women who try to touch me whenever they can,

I glare at my brother who’s watching with amusement.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I decline.

I don’t need any lovers. All of you, step back.”

Even when rejected, the young ladies still smile and laugh cheerfully,

Even my half-smiling elder brother completely baffles me.

Why do they think I would agree to this?

“I don’t care about your opinions.

I’m not fully convinced either, but it can’t be helped.

It would be a problem if there is no heir.

Just do as Father says. Understand?”

“I am now of royal status.

I have no reason to follow the Margrave’s orders.”

“What? Have you forgotten the debt you owe to Father?”

“Debt? He was the one who falsely accused Mother and caused her death.

I know. You were among those who cursed and killed your own mother.”

“. . . Hmph.”

When I was born, my eldest brother was seven, and my second brother was five.

Whether they understood what they were saying or not doesn’t matter.

Without defending our mother as adults all around accused her,

They joined in, calling her “lewd woman,” “traitor.”

Born into a frontier branch family and married into the Margrave’s family as her parents wished.

Giving birth to three sons, it should have been a trouble-free marriage.

But everything changed when the third son, me, showed royal traits.

Not only devoid of allies, she was cursed by her own sons.

With no consideration for her postpartum body, she was confined to a small room,

I heard that her life ended in misery.

“I won’t forget the hatred I experienced.

You even hurled stones at me to drive me away.

Despite leaving the Margrave’s territory as you desired, what’s your dissatisfaction?

I won’t associate with you again.

Get out of my sight.”

“But, Kyle. . .”

“Ah, you mentioned sending women to my room.

My room is the waiting area of the escort knight in Sofia-sama’s private chamber.

The moment you try to enter, you’ll be apprehended by the royal guards.

If you’re alright with that, attempt to sneak in at night.

But I’ll never comply.”

Hearing about the royal guards, the young women’s faces turn pale.

They might have come here on the Margrave’s orders, but this is the royal palace.

Even they must understand that the king’s authority here surpasses the Margrave’s.

After concluding the conversation, I glare at my brother who still attempts to catch up to me,

I swiftly return to the princess’ side.

The ice cream has melted.

I rush back to the rest area and place the dessert in front of the princess.

“Princess, my apologies for the delay.

There were two varieties of ice cream, so I brought both.”

“. . . Mm, thank you.”

. . .I thought she would be pleased, but the princess keeps her head down and avoids my gaze.

Concerned that she might not be feeling well, I approach the princess and kneel beside her.

When I examine her face, it’s flushed red, so I lay my hand on her cheek to check for a fever.

The next moment, my vision warps as I’m forcibly teleported, with the princess??

What? Forced teleportation? And the princess too??

I felt myself fall onto something soft, and when I looked around,

I realize it’s the princess’s private room’s sofa.

The princess should be unharmed since she fell on top of me.

At least I’m relieved that we are within the palace.

It’s good that we didn’t end up in an unknown place, just the two of us.

The issue of my guard duty aside, Chris and the others must be worried.

The shadows couldn’t even follow us.

It’s natural since she teleported without warning.

The royal guards at the party must be desperately searching for us now.

We can quickly notify them here. Let’s hurry.

As I tried to get up, the princess who was on top of me pressed both of my shoulders,

I ended up being pinned to the sofa.

. . . I can’t resist if the princess’s magical talent is this high.

Between this and the forced teleportation, what on earth is happening?

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