Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 55


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟓

Although there was a commotion at the start, the evening party celebrating the harvest was proceeding as planned.

It was decided that the punishment of Prince Heines and Eliza would be carried out after the party, and 

The two were confined to the guest rooms of the palace.

Thinking about how to respond to Kokodia gives me a headache,

But right now, I must make sure this evening party ends safely.

Sitting in the royal seat, I receive greetings from the nobles along with my grandfather.

Due to the order of historical precedence rather than by rank, those who are coming to greet,

Frequently seen faces in the palace, greetings begin with prominent families that produce civil officials and court ladies.

About a third of the way through the greetings, 

I sense a momentary murderous intent from Chris when looking at the couple coming to greet us next.

Hearing the couple’s introduction, I thought, “Ah, these people must be the ones.”

Helge・Balten and Amelie・Balten.

Duke and Duchess Balten, Chris’ parents.

The stocky Duke with blond hair and purple eyes, and the tall and beautiful Duchess with silver hair and green eyes.

Originally, the Duchess was the Duke’s only daughter, and Helge, the son-in-law, succeeded the Duke.

With a nasty grin, the Duke speaks not to my grandfather but to me. 

Just that alone feels unpleasant, but the content of the conversation was awful.

“Well, choosing our Duke’s Chris, Sofia-sama has high taste.

Chris has been famous for being beautiful and wise since long ago.

He will surely lead this country to prosperity on behalf of Sofia-sama.

It is the greatest honor for our Duke’s family!

We will support Chris fully!”

. . .This man, he called Chris a failure, didn’t he?

The Duchess, nodding beside him, preferred Denis over Chris,

And she left everything about Chris to the servants, didn’t she?

Do they intend to treat him as the Duke’s son, Chris, now that he has been chosen as consort?

About to retort, I am restrained by my grandfather’s hand.

Wondering why, I hear my grandfather’s voice, not hiding his displeasure.

“Duke, Duchess, what are you saying?

Chris has nothing to do with the Duke family now, does he?”

“. . .eh? Ah, we did hear that he became Prince Fritz’s adopted son.

. . . . . .but there’s the favor of having given birth and raised him. . . . . .”

“Is there? Chris.”

“No. There is no such thing.

I am the son of Fritz, my father-in-law.”

“. . . . . .!”

Without once looking at the Duke and Duchess, Chris answers calmly.

Satisfied, my grandfather nods.

“That’s right. Chris is Fritz’s son and also my grandson.

So, his status is higher than the Duke and Duchess.

. . . . . .Don’t speak so lightly in the future.”

“. . . . . .Understood.”

“. . . . . .!”

Whether my grandfather’s intention not to tolerate interference from the Duke’s family was conveyed, 

The Duke withdrew with a half-resigned face.

However, the Duchess, unable to hide her frustration, glared at me as she withdrew.

Although I regretted not being able to directly confront the Duchess, 

I was thinking of doing something about the Duke’s territory sooner rather than later.

“. . . . . .Grandfather, I plan to send a summons to the Duke’s family soon.

It might get a little rough, is that alright?”

“Yes. That house has many problems.

It would be better to deal with them before the change of power in Sofia.

Do as you like. Make sure to report afterward.”


As I quietly converse with my grandfather, the next noble comes to greet us.

Having obtained permission, I switch my mind and listen to the greeting.

The greetings are over, but the evening party continues.

I was told by my grandfather to take a break and headed to the royal family’s rest room.

When I entered the rest room at the back of the hall, Lisa and Yuna greeted me with smiles.

“Phew, there were more people than I thought.

And yet not all the nobles came. . . . . .”

“That’s true. Attendance at the evening party is not obligatory,

And some local nobles may not attend or may ask a proxy.”

“It can’t be helped that it’s not obligatory.

Coming to the palace must be tough.”

The vertically elongated Eugenis country’s royal capital is located in the south.

It’s far from the northern territories and the Margrave territory that sticks out to the northeast.

Traveling to and from the evening party takes about a week to ten days, and it’s difficult.

Many nobles leave their territories to deputies and live in the royal capital, but

Most of those in the Margrave territory don’t leave.

It was inevitable that Kyle’s father, who is the Margrave, would not attend the evening party.

I would have liked to see Kyle’s father,

But that can be arranged some other time.

Whether or not to call on him about Ilia. . .It depends on the investigation.

“I will brew some tea.”

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