Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 54


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟒

“. . . I understand. I’ll break up with Eliza. I suppose I should marry Sofia, right?”


Prince Heines, whom I thought was quiet, raised his face and looked at me.

Reluctantly, he seemed to be assessing me with a disgruntled expression.

I’m just astonished that he’s still saying something like that.

Despite being watched with cold eyes by those around him,

He seems completely unaware and reaches out his hand to me.

“Well, not to my taste, but she has a pretty face.

I might as well marry her. There should be no complaints now.”

“I refuse.”

“What?! Why?! I’m offering to marry you!”

“I have fiancés named Chris and Kyle!

I don’t need Prince Heines!”

Ah, I was finally able to refuse.

As expected, Prince Heines falls apart when firmly rejected.

I saw his chamberlain supporting him from behind.

The chamberlain also seemed to realize the severity of the situation, his face turning pale.

I’m afraid of Eliza, who is the most likely to make a fuss in this situation, being quiet.

When I checked her condition, I could see her trembling slightly.

Her lips were bloodstained, possibly from biting them, and her eyes were faintly filled with tears.

“. . . I won’t forgive you anymore! Taking everything away from me like this!

Give it all back! My grandfather! My position as a princess!

Everything, everything was mine!!”

Just as I thought she screamed like a shriek, I felt magical power from Eliza, who swung her right hand.

“. . .Ah! Eliza! That’s no good!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

Palm-sized flames float innumerable above Eliza’s head.

This is bad. The magic is activating while it’s still incomplete.

If she throws it at us, it will scatter in various directions.

I was considering putting up a barrier, but people were densely packed around us.

If I put up a barrier now, it might bounce people off and injure them.

While I was wondering what to do, a mass of water fell from above Eliza’s head.

“. . .What?!”

Eliza was drenched by the splash of water, and the flames disappeared.

Eliza looked stunned but tried to produce flames again,

Before she can do so, thin ropes fly towards her and begin to bind her hands and feet.

Her mouth was gagged, and she rolled around, unable to scream or struggle.

“. . .Thank goodness. Chris, Kyle, thank you.”

“We expected this to happen.”

“We are escort knights, after all.”

Chris douse the flames with water, and then Kyle restrained Eliza.

The flowing sequence of movements even captivated the surrounding Royal Guards.

“Knights, secure Prince Heines and Eliza.”


At my grandfather’s command, the guards hastily seized the two.

Just as they were about to lead them down the corridor, my grandfather told the guards to wait.

“Ah, wait to take them away for just a moment.

Now that it’s come to this, it would be better to talk properly.

Years ago, Edgar was exiled from the royal capital for crimes like embezzlement, and 

During that time, the Duchess was also accused of the same crimes.

Upon investigation, the Duchess not only admitted their guilt,

She also confessed that Eliza was not Edgar’s child.”

“. . .What?”

Eliza’s eyes, soaked from the water, opened wide.

Against her will, her eyes opened, 

Stained with the color of terror.

When my step-aunt gave birth to Eliza,

I had heard from Chris that there were suspicions that Eliza might not be the child of my uncle, but. . .

I never thought it was true.

“Eliza’s father was the son of a merchant who was a classmate at the academy.

But even when I told Edgar, he wouldn’t divorce her.

I didn’t tell nine-year-old Eliza the truth.

I had forbidden her entry into the royal palace and thought I would never meet her.

She’s not of royal blood, and the status of a one-generation Duke is limited.

I thought there was no need to publicly hurt her by declaring this.

But if it comes to plotting to usurp the throne like this,

It should have been announced at that time.

My grandchildren are only Sofia, Eddie, and Emillia.

Eliza is the illegitimate child of the Duchess, not my grandchild.”

The room falls silent at the weight of the revealed truth.

In the midst of that, only Eliza murmured in a hoarse voice.

“. . .No. . .It’s a lie. . .Grandfather loves me. . .”

“Take her away.”

“. . .No. . .No. . .No way.”

The Royal Guard led Eliza, who was resisting, down the corridor. 

Afterwards, Prince Heines was taken away, supported by the chamberlain. 

Unnoticed by many, three young princes were following behind Prince Heines and Eliza. 

Whether it was to inquire about the situation or not, those three were also surrounded by Royal Guards and taken away.

“. . .Third Brother!”

One of them, Ilia, was calling to Kyle for help, but

Kyle, standing to protect me, didn’t look that way.

After everyone had left the room, grandfather clapped his hands to draw attention,

And spoke in a cheerful voice as if nothing had happened.

“Now, the trouble is resolved.

We must hold the evening party, or the goddess of the harvest will be angry.

Come on, drink, make merry, and celebrate!”

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