Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 53

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟑

“Prince Heines, is that all you have to say?”

“Yes. I wanted to announce it to the nobles with my own mouth.”

While my grandfather was confirming in a low voice, Prince Heines answered with a beaming smile.

Thinking about that makes my head ache, but my grandfather grinned and Blessed the marriage between Prince Heines and Eliza.

“Alright then. As King Eugenis,

I will recognize the marriage between Prince Heines and Duke Hambel’s daughter.

And. . .as punishment for disturbing the evening party, I order you to leave the ballroom immediately.

Also, I will revoke Prince Heines’ study abroad permission.

You will return to Kokodia with Duke Hambel’s daughter right away.

I’ll send a letter to the king of Kokodia.”



Ignoring the surprised faces of Prince Heines and Eliza,

My grandfather continued to speak to the nobles in the hall.

“I was interrupted, but I’ll continue with my story.

Sofia here will soon turn sixteen.

She, is currently serving as the crown prince’s deputy because Her father, Daniel is in rehabilitation,

But when she turns sixteen, I will officially appoint her as the crown princess.”

A cheer spread throughout the hall.

It was quite different from Prince Heines’ kingly statement earlier,

And there were only favorable voices, such as “The kingdom is now secure.”

“And, Sofia will become the queen, so she will have consorts.

Let me introduce them. They are Sofia’s fiancés, Chris and Kyle.

Since they are adopted by my second son, Fritz, they are royalty at this point.

They will serve Sofia as consorts, escort knights, and attendants.

Chris, Kyle, stand by Sofia when she becomes queen and support her.”


Chris and Kyle, whose names were called, gave a knightly salute to my grandfather.

The glint on their flowing silver hair caught the light, and cheers rose from the young ladies.

“Wait, wait a minute. What are you saying!”

“Why is Sofia becoming the crown princess?!”

Just when I thought they were quietly listening,

Prince Heines and Eliza suddenly started making a fuss.

They interrupted my grandfather’s speech again,

Not understanding how severe the punishment might be.

I had to explain slowly and clearly.

“Prince Heines, Eliza, why do you two think you can become king and queen?

Just because you two are married doesn’t mean that will happen.

Eliza, didn’t grandfather tell you before?

When Uncle Edgar became a Duke, you were no longer royalty.

You are a Duke’s daughter, and even if you marry Prince Heines,

You can’t become royalty of this country.”

“What? Eliza isn’t royalty??”

It seems Prince Heines didn’t know that Eliza wasn’t royalty,

Perhaps he was deceived by her.

“That doesn’t matter!

I’m more suited to be a princess than the Ineligible Princess Sofia!

Since we’re both grandchildren of grandfather, it’s natural that the more talented one should succeed!”

“Are you still saying that?”

She hasn’t changed since she was nine.

Does she still think that will work?

As I was becoming exasperated, voices rose from all around.

“Sofia-sama is not an Ineligible Princess at all!”

“That’s right! She’s the second-highest in the academy and is so excellent that she’s even exempted from magic practice!”

“Miss Eliza is in the back seats of the B classroom!

She’s terrible at magic and always skips classes,

Why does she think she’s more talented than Sofia-sama!”

“That’s right! While she’s better than her father, the Duke, 

she’s incomparable to Sofia-sama!”

Voices are flying from all around.

Civil officials working in the palace, young ladies and young men attending the academy.

Nobles who submit petitions as lords, everyone is raising their voices to help me.

“. . . . . .can’t believe it.

I am Princess Eliza. Loved by my grandfather, kind-hearted Eliza who loves the people. . . .

Sofia, on the other hand, is a disappointment and useless. She is a poor soul with nothing to her name. . .”

“Are you still saying that? There’s no way the princess is useless.”

“What do you mean you love the people? What have you done?

You just whine to your parents but do nothing yourself.”

Eliza, shaking with rage, is coldly dismissed by Kyle and Chris.

“. . . I understand. I’ll break up with Eliza. I suppose I should marry Sofia, right?”

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